IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking fastest way

What is IRCTC Tatkal ticket ?

Most of you would be aware of Tatkal booking scheme of IRCTC.But I will like to discuss it here in detail.There is still some confusion regarding the IRCTCT Tatkal booking scheme.Most of the trains have some seats under Tatkal scheme.These seats cannot be reserved before a specific time period.

You can book Tatkal ticket only after 24 hours ahead of train departure time from 10 AM.For example a train is scheduled to depart from Station A on Tuesday.You can book Tatkal ticket for that train after 10 AM on Monday.You cannot book ticket before that.

Booking IRCTC Tatkal ticket is very difficult due to

  1. Limited number of available seats
  2. Huge number of people trying to book ticket
  3. Time taken to enter details like Passenger information.
  4. Captcha sometimes does not load.You need to refresh it.Time is also consumed in entering captcha.
  5. Tatkal booking time just 24 hours ahead as mentioned above

Also you do not get any refund for cancelled confirmed Tatkal tickets.So you should be extremely sure before booking any IRCTC Tatkal ticket.

IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking fastest way

I have also faced issues while booking Tatkal tickets.Many times I was not able to book confirm ticket.Despite having good connection and decent typing speed I was not able to do so.This problem triggered me to find a better way to book Tatkal ticket.I am providing step by step details of the fastest method

Step 1

This method works in Chrome web browser.So if you have not installed Chrome web browser then install it.You can install it using this link.After installing Chrome browser open it.After opening it click on this link.You will have to install this Chrome Addon (Ticket Master).You can install this addon by clicking on the plus button on right hand top corner (as shown in the below image).

Google Structured data testing tool
Ticket Master Chrome Addon

Step 2

After installing the addon you will see a new icon on top right hand corner of your Chrome browser.You need to click on that icon.After clicking you will see below screen

Ticket Master Start Screen
Ticket Master Start Screen

Step 3

On the above screen click on New Ticket option.After clicking on New Ticket a new tab will open in your Chrome Browser.The tab will have heading Ticket Master.There will be three sections in the tab as mentioned below.I will explain each section in detail.

Step 4

The IRCTC login details section displays two options User Name and Password.You need to enter your IRCTC user name and password.

Ticket Master Login details Screen
Ticket Master Login details Screen

Step 5

Next you will have to enter the train details.Each field is self explanatory.Here if you are booking IRCTC Tatkal ticket then select ticket type as Tatkal.You can also book General Ticket as well.In that case your ticket type will be General.The train details screen is shown in below image

Ticket Master Train details Screen
Ticket Master Train details Screen

Step 6

Next you will have to enter Passenger details.I have shown the Passenger details section below.It is same as that of IRCTC.So you will not have any issues.Remember if you are booking IRCTC Tatkal ticket then you should enter the ID card no for one of the passenger.After entering all the details click on the submit button.This will save all your changes.

Ticket Master Passenger details Screen
Ticket Master Passenger details Screen

Step 7

After saving your changes if you click on Ticket Master icon you can see below screen

Ticket Master Ticket List Screen
Ticket Master Ticket List Screen

This screen shows all the tickets you created and saved using step 2 to step 6.You can create as many ticket list as you want.In a single ticket you can only select one train.So you can create separate tickets for separate trains.All the tickets created will be displayed on this screen.Now we will move towards booking the ticket.

Step 8

If you click on any ticket list shown in above image then below screen is displayed

Ticket Master Ticket Booking Screen
Ticket Master Ticket Booking Screen

On this screen you can see three buttons Book Now,Edit and Remove.The functionality of these buttons are

  • Book Now — Click this button to book new ticket using this addon.It automatically open a new tab with IRCTC,logs you in and enters passenger details.You go straight to the payment option selection screen.After this you will have to proceed as you do normally.So the time consuming effort of entering login details,selecting the train,Entering passenger details and entering captcha details are taken care of by the addon.
  • Remove — This button removes the ticket from list of ticket.
  • Edit — In case you want to make changes in the created ticket then this is the option.You can edit ticket details with this button.

Step 9

You should start ticket booking with this addon exactly at 10 AM.If you are using it too early then chances are that IRCTC time is not 10 AM.In that case it would not allow you to book IRCTC Tatkal ticket.So you should execute this script exactly at 10 AM or couple of minutes before it.


Above method is fastest way to book IRCTC ticket.This addon also has good amount of positive review.So it seems to be reliable as well.I have not tried it to book a ticket.I had a demo run before writing this post.You can try this at your end and share your experience.

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  1. Thats really amazing dude. Thank you so much for the valuable information on tatkal ticket booking.
    Here i would love to mention one thing that.. recently irctc has changed some rules and regulations for booking. thank You.

  2. Hi Esha,I have a problem regarding IRCTC app.I’m using Iphone 5s and i didn’t found any helpful app for my phone.Can you suggest me any good iOS app ?

  3. Hi ESHA,Thank you for providing tutorial on how to make tatkal ticket booking.I was doing a tatkal ticket but id dint know how to do it but i think i can do it now..thank you

  4. Hello everyone,

    Every second matters while booking tatkal tickets. So save time for filling form by using

    Works with Android Mobile too

    Advantages: Automatically fills all the forms

    How it works?
    1. Open
    2. Install Chrome Extension/Mozilla Firefox Addon
    3. Refresh the page after installing the addon/extension
    4. Enable form and fill the details.
    5. Save & Open IRCTC page.

    Now you will notice that data will be automatically filled.

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