Infolinks review Google Adsense alternative or companion

Infolinks is one of the best in text advertising network out there.But with time it has become more than an In text advertising network.It has added many new ad formats to its kitty.I have used Infolinks for quite some time.In fact it was first advertising network used by me on this very blog.It was the time my blog was not mature enough for Google Adsense application approval.

After getting approved by Google Adsense I did not dumped Infolinks.I used it along with Google Adsense with good effect.My Adsense earning were not impacted at all.In fact I was making good amount using both together than using one of them alone.

I am writing this review based on my experience with this advertising network.

Infolinks Signup and Approval

The sign up and approval process is easy and quick.Nowadays it has option of sign in using your Facebook account as well.Earlier this option was not present.It does not have great traffic requirement.New websites with less traffic early on can get approved.This does make earlier to monetize your content initially.

Infolinks ads format

Infolinks have several ads format as mentioned below

  • InText — Keywords on your Infolinks enabled page is marked with dotted line or double line.The ads are displayed if visitor hovers mouse on these marked keywords.The ads are non intrusive and does not take any place on your website.
  • InSearch — These ads are displayed only to visitors arriving at your site from search engine.A ad matching search query of visitor is shown at bottom of the page.
  • InTag — These ads are displayed at the end of your content.In case you have comment area after content then it gets displayed in between content and comments area.You can customize the place where the ads should be displayed.The ads are text links in horizontal single or double line related to your content.The ads are displayed if visitors hovers their mouse on these links.
  • InFrame — Most of the times your page content is in middle of your web browser.The sides are blank spaces or filled up with background image.This blank space on each side of page content and web browser is utilized by Inframe ads from Infolinks.These ads are displayed on this blank space.So these ads are visible to visitor all the time but does not hinder visitor from reading your content.

Below are the images of these four ad formats.This will give you an idea of these ads types.

Intext ad format image you can see the box with Infolinks written on it.It is the ad displayed after visitor mouse hovers over the links.This is a demo ad real ads will vary.In all images only demo ads are shown.

Intag ad format image you can see a number of links and at the end Infolinks written.Box similar to above displays after hovering on these links.

Look at the searching for basketball tickets written over the frame at the end.This is Insearch ads.It gets displayed only to search engine traffic.The text after searching for is replaced with your search term in search engine.

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You can see basketball ads on side of page in last image.It is Inframe ads.

Intext ad format Intag ad format
Infolinks Intext ads Infolinks Intag ads
Insearch ad format Inframe ad format
Infolinks Insearch ads Infolinks Inframe ads

Infolinks performance and payment options

The best thing about Infolinks is that it works for traffic from all parts of World.Having said that traffic from USA does have higher eCPM compared to other country.Majority of traffic to this website is from India.You will make money from Indian traffic and eCPM on an average is above $2.This makes it decent performing advertising network for Indian traffic.

Below is minimum payment threshold along with payment method.I have also pointed out my preferred payment option as well to help you make decision.

Payment Method Minimum Payment
eCheck/Local Bank Transfer $50
Wire Transfer $100
Payoneer Prepaid debit card $50
PayPal $50
Best Method eCheck/Local Bank Transfer

It offers eCheck/Local Bank Transfer facility to Indian publishers as well.

Infolinks Publisher dashboard

Infolinks publisher dashboard is very user friendly.You can easily activate or deactivate any one or all of above ads format in a single click.You need to add Infolinks ads only once to your website.The code does not get changed after activating or deactivating the ads format or customizing any of the ad format.We will see later in the post about adding ad code to your website.

Infolinks earnings report is fairly detailed.You get information like Total Page Views,Total Ads viewed,eCPM and your earnings.You get see the reports for a custom time period as well.The only thing Infolinks is missing is the way filtering the report/earnings by ads format.This would have allowed publishers to gain insight about different ads format performance.

Infolinks with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is no doubt best CPC advertising network.Most of the webmasters use Google Adsense as primary income source.They do not use other advertising network along with it due to strict Google Adsense terms and also fearing decreases revenue due to click sharing.

But Infolinks provides publishers with ad solution which works well along with Google Adsense.The ads are entirely different from Adsense.Also Infolinks ads are Cost per view ads.This means you can make money without getting any click.So there is no question of click getting split between Adsense and Infolinks.

I have been using both advertising network on this very blog without issues.I have tested these two advertising networks alone and together.There is not much difference in performance.My earnings with both advertising networks were not impacted.So I continued using them together.Using both advertising network together yield best results for me at least.

I will like to add one important point here.Infolinks Intag ad format does have slight similarity to Google Adsense Text Links (horizontal ad sizes example 468*15 and 728*15). You can use them together on same web page. But to avoid any problems I am not using both of them together on same web page.You can use two rows Intag configuration to use them both on same page.The doubt above is only for single row Intag ads.

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Infolinks Ad code speed

Infolinks ad code is JavaScript code.It loads after page load and is very fast.You will not see any delay in your page load time.This does help publishers use it along with other advertising network and still keep their website fast.Speed is an important for better ranking and visitor experience.So on this front it scores well above other advertising network.

Infolinks Referral Program

As of now Infolinks does not offer any referral program.They do had a refer and win double of your earning kind of program recently for limited period.This might be one area they can work on.Publishers will like to make extra money referring this advertising network.

Adding Infolinks ads to your website

As mentioned above Infolinks offers JavaScript based ad code.You need to install on your site once.There is no need to update the code after making changes to different ads format or enabling or disabling any ad format.

Infolinks offers plugins for popular content management systems like WordPress,Drupal and Joomla.You can use official Infolinks plugin if using any one of above content management system.But it is advisable not to use plugin for this simple task.

You need to add this ad code above tag of your </body> tag of your website.In case you are using any content management system like WordPress this results in editing theme file.It is good to disable ads for admin user.

To disable ads for admin user if you are using WordPress embed your Infolinks ad code as shown below

<!--?php if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { }else { ?

your infolinks code here

<?php } ?>

You can download Udinra Adsense Alternatives plugin for WordPress free of cost.You can disable or enable Infolinks ads for logged in user.This will help you prevent occasion self click on ads (which might cause Account de activation).Apart from In text advertising network you can use other advertising networks as well.For details read this.This is best method to put the ads on your website (I may be biased but you can check it).

Increase your Infolinks earning tips and tricks

I will like to share tips used by me to increase my Infolinks earning and at the same time maintain good user experience.I am not using maximum number of Google Adsense ad units permitted as per terms and conditions.This has worked well for me.It helps me maintain good user experience by not being ad heavy site and at the same time have good earning as well.

Infolinks Intext tips

Infolinks offers at max 12 links per page for intext ads format.I have earlier enabled 12 links per page to make most out of it.This will increase earning as most will think.But it is hard to have 12 good paying/decent paying keywords on same page.So enabling 12 links per page will force Infolinks to show ads for some less paying keywords.

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This lowers down the eCPM.I have been using three links per page with good effect.You can use up to six links per page.I have tested 6 links per page.There was not great increase or decrease in earning.So I settled with three links per page.

Infolinks Intag tips

By default Infolinks Intag ads are displayed after the content.One thing is worth mentioning here about nature of Intag ads from Infolinks.They cover whole area exposed to them.More ads show up if large area is exposed to them.

Lets understand it with an example.If you placed the code in area which is 450 px wide.Then number of ads displayed is 3 for example and if you have placed the code in area which is 900 px wide then you will see 5 to 6 ads for same piece of code and performance you are able to display more ads.This fact should be considered while placing the related tags on your website.

Generally the content area of page consist of sidebar as well.So if you are placing the ads in content area then sidebar area remains underutilized.You can show more number of ads if the tag if placed above sidebar.This way you are giving content area plus sidebar area to ads.For this very reason it is best to place related tags below navigation bar or title of page.

Other best option is to display the related tags within the post content.This increases chances of visitor hovering mouse on these ads.

So you should try to put ads in above mentioned places and see the results.You should keep the ads in in one place for one week to make a decision.The option working best for you should be used.

Below is the procedure to place ads in above mentioned places

  • The procedure assumes that you have already placed Infolinks code on your blog.If not then please do so before proceeding further.
  • Copy the code.The infolinks code is embedded within <p> and </p> tags as shown below
<p><input type="hidden" name="IL_RELATED_TAGS" value="1"/></p>


Infolinks without taking any prime real estate of your page does offer decent revenue.You can use it with Google Adsense.Combining the two helps you increase your earnings.The fast ad code helps keep your site speed.

I am not using all the products offered by Infolinks as mentioned above in ads format section as I am also using Adsense.But in case you are not using any other advertising network then it is better to use all four ads format.This will increase your earnings.

So sign up for Infolinks and start making money.

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  1. Hi,
    Such a nice post. Your writing is too much delighted me. I have a website for a long time but I can’t understand how can I earn more. Now your article gives me a full idea about Google Adsense and infolinks be used together. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. If you are still wondering if you can make good money with networks that place ads online, the answer is a big “Yes.” I am sure that as you read this review you may be wondering if this is not just another scam. I am happy to inform you that as far as making money with website advertising goes, Infolinks is one of the best you can bank on. With these facts at your fingertips, you can join other users to benefit from the opportunities that Infolinks provides.

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    Sisterads advertising Network

  4. Hello,

    I am Shanaya, just recently got started my career in blogging and I am still looking for adsense approval, but in the mean time, I want to earn some bucks, if I can, I recently checked about many adsense alternatives, and found that Infolinks can be a good choice, but I have few queries,

    Whether Infolinks works well with sports blog? as I am a sports journalist and now, started few sports blogs.

    If yes, then, How much I will be able to earn?

    Looking for Quick response.

  5. Indeed a Great post.

    But according to me, none of the adsense alternative can give the revenue as much as Adsense can give. I tried infolinks and I had worst experience with it. After having huge amount of traffic, I was able to make only 100-200$.

    Because my blog was banned by Adsense. If this wasn’t happened then that traffic can surely make around $2k+.

    That’s why infolinks is far away from Adsense in terms of generating revenue.

    Well this was my honest review about Infolinks.

    BTW Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. If Adsense is not good then Infolinks will not be either. Adsense CPM is greater than Infolinks or for that matter any other ad networks for Indian traffic. Infolinks does gel well with Adsense and can be used as secondary monetization option.

    I have used Infolinks in past and got paid as well

  7. Hello,

    Great Review of Infolinks, but I have some question sin my mind regarding Infolinks.

    As I am looking for a secondary way to monetize my website, Does Infolinks do well with Adsense? And also, my majority traffic is Indian, will Infolinks pay good for Indian traffic?

    Urgently want 2nd monetizing method as Adsense is not doing good with Indian traffic, also the CTR is low.

    ~ Rubel

  8. Yes it can be do you see ad views,eCPM etc in your report and earning showing as 0.You can also get in touch with them as well.But they do pay so do not panic

  9. I am using Adsense and Infolink both in my blog.
    After getting approval from Adsense the next day i have seen the clicks of viewers and some earning from Adsense Add.
    My question is From starting to till date My Infolinks account does not showing any earnings, Can anyone say me why ?
    Also infolinks report shows daily 30 to 50 add views in my report ?
    Is this possible to not receive any earnings due to less no of Add viewers ?

  10. Well written Review about Infolinks 🙂
    Currently I am earning some good bucks from it but its not easy for only Indian Traffics,anyhow we have to drive some best traffics from US,CANADA,UK for earning in $$$ per month.


  11. Perfect, uncut review about Infolinks. Thanks a ton.

    I use Infolinks mostly in my Micro Blogs as I found it really robust ad network to use. What important thing to know about it is – If you’re perfectly blending the ads within your content / site then you can actually get good profits through Infolinks.

    People usually say they’re not earning good with Infolinks, but the thing is they are not actually able to tweak it smartly and that’s the thing why most people stuck with Infolinks.

    It’s great indeed. And highly recommended to use.

  12. Please read this post to increase your Infolinks earning.Adding too much of their ads will decrease earning so do not over use them

  13. Hello , Thank you for such a great review . I have used infolinks in my sites for 1 years but earned about $6 only . My experience is not good with infolinks . You can see my earning report here

  14. Can I use infolinks and adsense togethere on my blog/site? You said you are suing both but where is the infolink ads on this page?

  15. Thank you very much, after reading your review i am decided to go for infolinks. I also want to ask you one thing how did you placed social sharing buttons at the end of this post. If it is without using plugin let me know the procedure and sharer urls.

    www dot dailyindiadeal dot com and guruofmovie dot blogspot dot in/

  17. Hi Esha,
    I read your blog for Ad Network Reviews. You Write really a good detailed reviews based on your experience. I am looking for a good CPM AD Network for Indian Traffic. As My blog traffic is from India Only. But i did not found any good CPM Ad Network. Can you suggest me any good CPM AD Network.
    Thank You

  18. Hi, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for this great review of Infolinks! You offer up some excellent tips to your readers. I’m glad to hear that your experience with us has been so positive. Keep up the good work and happy blogging 🙂

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