5+ Best In Image Ad Network Make money from images

What is In Image Advertising?

Advertisement is an important way to make money online.With growing content different advertisement methods came into picture.Images and Videos are growing at great rate today.If we take example of blogging then most bloggers use one or more images in their post.

Images does complement blog posts or web page content beautifully.Images relevant to web page content do increase visitor interest.Some niche like travel,Nature and Wildlife rely heavily on images for effective content creation.However technical and Business niches are also using images with great effect.

Example In Image ad from Taggify.net in image ad network

In Image Ads
In Image Ads example

Due to increase image usage need for advertising network targeting images was felt.Blogs with photo centric content wanted to make money from images.Due to both of these requirements new ads networks came into picture.Most of the advertising networks like Google Adsense, Chitika and others display ads on your web page.But In Image ad network display ads within images of your web page.

The benefit will be if the visitor sees the image or scroll over image then ads will be displayed within images.So there is higher chances of in image ads been seen by visitors then banner ads on other part of your website.This works well if you have image centric website.

In Image Ad network advantages

In Image ads are displayed with images on your web page.So they do not occupy any extra space on your website.So your website does not look too populated with ads.

In image ads are compatible with Google Adsense ads.As they are different in nature then Google Adsense ads.There might be other ad type offered by In Image advertising network which might conflict with Google Adsense.But in image ad types are safe.

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For image centric websites visitors are less interested in content other than images so ads within images does get visitor attraction.These ads will have higher chances of getting clicks than ads placed elsewhere.

Few In Image advertising networks come up with Social Sharing tools.Social Media buttons (Facebook,Twitter) are displayed with in your image.This helps visitor share the image on social media easily.

List of In Image Ad networks

There are many In Image Advertising networks in market.The number is rising each year.I have included advertising networks which in my opinion works.But earning from a ads network depend on many factors.So you should try them on your website and see which one works for you.I have also reviewed some of the networks mentioned below.So you can read the detailed post to get an idea about features offered by them.

In this post I am outlining some important features to help you make initial decision.After making initial decision you can read the detailed post to get more information.


Luminate is dedicated in image advertising network.They have only in image ads product offering.They offer some cool features like

  • Social Sharing buttons within image
  • Ads within images
  • Products within images

The minimum payment is $10 only.The best part is they do not have strict traffic requirement.So new websites can get approved with ease.I have tested this advertising network along with Google Adsense on this very site.They are fully compatible with Adsense (all the products).They also are better than other ads network in terms of variety of image ads solution.

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You can read this post for detailed review of Luminate.


GumGum has become one major in image advertising network.Initially they did not had strict traffic requirement but nowadays they have.The minimum payout is $50.They primarily offer CPM ads.So if you have image centric website with good traffic then you can expect decent earning from them.There main focus is on USA traffic so do not work well for other traffics.I have tested this advertising network on this blog.The ads are decent.

You can read this post for detailed review of GumGum.


VibrantMedia is a leading name in advertising industry.They recently acquired ImageSpaceMedia.ImageSpaceMedia was an in image advertising network.So with this acquision they have added in image ads in their product line.The traffic and other requirements are pretty tough to get through for new websites.But they do offer different products as well along with in image ads.The minimum payment threshold is $50.I have not tested them on this site.


Taggify is new player in advertising world.They offer great number of products.In Image ads is one of the products.The traffic requirement is not strict.So new websites can get approved easily.The minimum payment threshold is $100.According to their website all of their products are compatible with Google Adsense.

They also won Start Up Chile award ack in year 2010.They do offer variety of in image ads type

  • Cute Ads
  • In Display Ads
  • In Image Ads

They also offer passback tags so you can use other advertising network codes if they do not have ads.This ensures good fill rate and earning.I have tested this advertising network on this website along with Google Adsense.

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You can read this post for detailed review of Taggify.


Affinity offers In Image ads as one of the products.This is still in beta stages and application are reviewed individually before approving them.After signing up Affinity you have default advertisement types enabled.You have to apply for In Image ads.They do reply with prompt whether your application is approved or not.They are not dedicated in image ads network.They have less variety than Luminate and GumGum.I have not tested them on this website.The minimum payment is $50.I also have experienced slow load times using them.


Admedia offers in image ads.They also have lot of other monetization solutions.They do not have strict traffic requirement.It is easy to get approved.The minimum payment threshold is $100.They are not dedicated in image ads network.They have less variety than Luminate and GumGum.


Each ads network can have different performance for different publishers.You it is better to test them on your website and found out which one works for you.You can also add names of advertising networks which worked for you.Hope you make money from images.

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  2. Adtomatik is also an ad network. I’ve been using it for a year and the result couldn’t be better. The best service. I totally recommend it.

  3. Thanks for the post, I would recommend checking out “Imonomy” and updating your article a bit.

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