Impresspages cms review and tutorial from WordPress user

ImpressPages CMS is one of the most promising CMS (Content Management System) using PHP and MySQL technology.It is very simple and powerful.It is relatively new CMS but offers great promise.If you are starting with your new website then have a look at this beautiful package offering drag and drop functionality.

I recently tried this content management system on my local machine.I was looking for a CMS other than WordPress which can be easy to use and powerful as well.Below is my experience about this content management system.

Impresspages advantages

I would like to cover this topic first.The reason is it will give you idea about power of this CMS and you can make your decision accordingly.While working with it I saw below features worth mentioning

  • Drag and Drop functionality.You can drag the content type on the page and edit the parts of content type according to your need.This helps you create a page with mix of content types according to your needs.
  • 15 types of default content types (images,video,text,photo with image,file,HTML code,rich text). These builtin content type provide tools required for building all types of websites
  • Plugins to support E Commerce , popular searches and blogs functionality
  • Builtin HTML Sitemap.You can see the sitemap just by clicking on the sitemap icon on the page.Sitemap is automatically created by ImpressPages CMS
  • Builtin Cache system
  • in built Search with in the CMS
  • inbuilt RSS support
  • Multilingual support.This is inbuilt into the CMS so the integration is easy
  • Simple easy to use.
  • Video tutorials

Impresspages disadvantages

There are some disadvantages of this CMS which may turn off your decision of selecting it.It also overshadows above advantages to some extend.Being WordPress user I have luxury of thousands of free theme and plugins.But ImpressPages does not have that many developers right now.So there is lack of plugins and themes.

  • Lack of plugins.There are 10-15 plugins available.
  • Lack of themes only couple of themes available.
  • Installation of plugins depend on folder hierarchy.This sometimes creates problem in installation but can be resolved easily.
  • Lack of extensive documentation.Video tutorials are available but that does not cover all the cases.
  • Relatively new CMS.
  • Apache is fully supported but Nginx is not tested to great extend.
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Impresspages installation

ImpressPages has one of the easiest installation process (It is better in this aspect from WordPress famous 5 minute install process). To install ImpressPages follow below procedure

  • Download the software from the website
  • Extract the package (.zip file) in root directory of your webserver (www) directory
  • open the web browser and type your domain name /install (i.e if your domain name is then to install type in browser window
  • Apache Rewrite module should be enabled (check this). If it is disabled then you will get Internal Server Error.This is because the CMS creates .htaccess file.If you cannot enable the module then go to the .htaccess file and comment the lines with Rewrite as prefix.You will not be able to use search engine friendly url.
  • Choose the language on first screen
  • See that the system requirement list match on second screen
  • Enter database details
  • Enter website details
  • The CMS is installed
  • You can now login to administrator area or view the front end of the website

ImpressPages plugin installation

ImpressPages CMS plugins installation process is very easy.Below is list of important ImpressPages CMS plugins for

  • E Commerce
  • Blogs/News
  • Forms
  • Quiz
  • Download counter
  • Popular Searches

You can extend the power of the content management system using these plugins.Follow below procedure for plugins installation

  • Download the plugin from ImpressPages CMS
  • Extract the plugin into the directory ip_plugins (under your root install directory of ImpressPages).
  • Log into the administrator area
  • From the administrator dashboard go to the developer tab
  • You will see install button after the plugin name
  • Click on the install button to install the plugin
  • During the install process there can be one error. ImpressPages follow strict folder structure (it searches for plugins.ini file under the install sub folder of the plugin). Now if you extract the plugin and wrong folder structure is created you will have to remove the top folder (to correct the folder structure).
  • For example if you have extracted the Blogs/News plugin then a folder is created under which you can see the sub folder display_content and readme file.You go to Developer–> Modules section you will get error and will not see the install button.
  • It gives message that plugins.ini file does not exist along with the path it searches (fully qualified path). To resolve this issue you have to copy the display_content sub folder and paste it into ip_plugins directory.Now follow the process to install the plugin.It will work this time.
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This is very easy and promising CMS.The variety of content type and drag drop functionality makes it one of the easiest and powerful CMS out there. It is very matured compared to age of the CMS. If you are planning to get started with a website then you can check out this.It might match with your requirement.

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  1. Only real problem for us is doesnt have lot of themes and No great theming tutorials..i hope it will change with time…

  2. only real problem with IP is no proper theming tutorials..ther are third party theming tutorials which are not very straight forward..Community needs to get involved more into it…

  3. Thanks for your valuable input…Concrete5 is indeed getting attention of webmasters recently..

  4. i have been using it on my Local host…even the theming for this CMS is very easy…only problem i see like most of the new CMS systems is the problem with Themes and could also try Concreate5

    My test for IT…..maycart dot in

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