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What is IBPS PO exam?

Bank Probationary office (Bank PO) is a lucrative career.Earlier you need to fill up form for each bank separately.This was problematic for Candidates.They had to fill up form for each bank.This is why IBPS PO exams was created.Most of the public sector Banks are recruiting based on IBPS PO exams.By public sector banks I mean Government banks.Only SBI is conducting separate exams.

Every year IBPS comes with notification for PO recruitment.It is generally published in months of July or August.After notification you can fill up the application form.In next section I have covered eligibility criteria.So read that and if eligible then only fill up the form.After filling up the form you can download admit card for CWE (common written examination).The dates of written exams ,interview and admit card download are already given.

IBPS PO exams are divided into two parts.The first is written test.After clearing written test candidates appear for Interview.In this post I will cover every detail about IBPS PO written exams.I have covered IBPS PO interview in separate post.You can read the post and download interview questions answers and tips from this link.I have also covered SBI Bank PO interview and written test in different post.You can read download documents of SBI PO exams from this link.

IBPS PO Exams Eligibility

Recently many candidates have asked questions about eligibility criteria.Many candidates after clearing written test come to know that they are not eligible.So I have covered eligibility criteria in this post.Candidate should have completed Graduation on or before 11th August 2014 for IBPS PO 2014.So your mark sheet and provisional certificate should have date before this.If not then you are not eligible to this year IBPS CWE PO examination.

Second most problematic section is Age limit.For this year IBPS PO exams your date of birth should be between 02.07.1984 and 01.07.1994.This is for General candidates.For SC and ST candidates the dates are 02.07.1979 and 01.07.1994.For OBC candidates (non creamy layer the date is 02.07.1981.For SC ST and OBC candidates you should provide valid caste certificate as per Government of India.

These are most generic eligibility criteria where candidates make mistake.In case you have confusion about eligibility criteria then do let me know.You can write your query using the comment section at bottom of this article.

IBPS PO Preparation Tips Video

IBPS PO Planning and Preparation tips

IBPS PO exam format

The first step in preparation for any examination is to know about format of exam.You can plan your preparation if you know format of exam.IBPS PO format have changed over the years.So you should always look at current year format.I have shown current year IBPS PO exam format in below table.

Section Questions Max Marks
Reasoning 50 50
English 40 40
Quantitative 50 50
General Awareness 40 40
Computer Knowledge 20 20
Total 200 200
Total TIme 120 min

In last year IBPS PO exam there were 250 questions.The total time limit was 150 min.Each section contained 50 questions.But for IBPS PO 2014 they have changed the format.Less stress is given to English,General Awareness and Computer Knowledge.The time is also reduced to 120 mins from 150 mins.So you have 2 hours to answer 200 marks.

Also previous year apart from this objective test there was 25 marks descriptive test.In that you have to write an Essay or Letter in English language.The duration was one hour.But descriptive paper is not included in current year exams.So you can leave the descriptive paper preparation and concentrate on objectives only.

IBPS PO exam syllabus

From above table you can see that Quantitative Aptitude,Reasoning,English,General Awareness and Computer Knowledge are main topics or subjects you need to prepare.But nowhere the syllabus is mentioned.Actually there is no syllabus as such for IBPS PO exam.We can define a syllabus only based on previous year question paper pattern.I am outlining paper pattern and syllabus you need to cover.I have also prepared question papers along with answers with these points in mind.So you can download model papers using download link and get an idea of IBPS PO exam question paper pattern.

Quantitative Aptitude syllabus and question types

  • Time and Distance,Time and Work – 4 questions
  • Ratio and Mixtures – 5 questions
  • Percentage,Profit Loss – 6 questions
  • Partnership,Clock,Pipes and Cisterns – 5 questions
  • Permutation and Combination – 5 questions
  • 10 question based on data given example problem is given in above papers
  • 10 questions on series,fractions and arithmetic operations

Reasoning syllabus and question types

  • 10 questions on Diagrams and pictures
  • 15 questions on puzzle type problems download above documents from details
  • 5 questions on Arguments
  • 5 questions on arguments and conclusions
  • 10 questions on Alphabets,patterns,arrangement

English syllabus and question types

  • 20 questions from Comprehension.It includes Antonym and Synonym
  • 5 spot error in sentence problems
  • 5 sentence rearrangement
  • 10 preposition and fill in the blanks

General Awareness and Computer Knowledge

Computer knowledge covers basic questions about computers.The topics like Internet,Microsoft Office packages and other day to day computer knowledge (bit of hardware knowledge). The questions are basic ones only.General Awareness focuses on Banking industry and also covers key news as well.You should read current affairs (more focus on banking).If IBPS PO exam is in May then read important news of before April.The paper is set approx two months before the exam.Questions focus mainly on Banking reforms and recent Banking related announcements.Government Yojanas impacting Banks are also hot topic.

IBPS PO exam tips

Time Management and Time Distribution

As you might have noticed above the number of questions are more than time allowed in min.You get less than 1 min to answer a question.So proper distribution of time is important for each section.Each question has equal weight-age in terms of marks.But some sections like Computer Knowledge and General Awareness can be solved in less time (assuming that you know the answer) compared to other section.

So time management and proper time distribution is very important for IBPS PO written exam.The second important thing is order of attempting the sections.Some sections like Reasoning and Quantitative do exhaust your brain.Other sections like Computer knowledge and General Awareness are not that exhausting.It is better to attempt non exhaustive sections first.This keeps you brain fresh while attempting these sections.

Sectional Cut off

Third important point is sectional cut off.For example if I get 45 in one section and 10 in other I am not qualified.I may have more marks than other qualified candidates.Often candidates do forget this during IBPS PO written exam.I have seen few candidates who scored nearly 80% in one section but failed in other section.So clearing sectional cut off in all sections should be first and foremost thing you should do in IBPS PO written exam.

Normally 48% is considered as sectional cut off marks in any section.So your first aim should be to clear the sectional cut off.IBPS has also introduced concept of TWSS (Total Weight age standard score).They create a minimal TWSS score based on performance of candidates that year.You should score above TWSS to get an interview call.So your first aim is to clear sectional cut off and second is to score as much marks as possible.

Question Selection

Fourth important point is each question has same marks.It is not important to give preference to one question than other one.You should avoid time consuming questions in first attempt.If you have solved similar questions before than attempt them.Easy questions should be attempted first and then complex ones.Sometimes one question eats uo too much time and you have to leave few easy ones.This is really important.

Answer marking in Answer sheet

Fifth important point is marking the answers.There are couple of strategy.Some like to mark the answers as they solve it.Some marks the answer in one go at last.Marking answers one by one do consume seconds switching from question sheet to answer sheet.In second method you might make mistakes marking the answers due to time constraint.It is also tough to keep track of all answers.

There is chance of making mistake in marking answers if you have left couple of questions in between two answered questions.In my opinion the best way is to combine both process.Ideally you should mark all the answers after completing a section.This gives you idea about number of questions answered in a particular section.You can come back to sections with less number of answered questions later on.This is important for sectional cutoff.Also the number of answers to be marked in the sheet will also be less.So there will be lesser chance to make mistake.

Negative marking mistakes

IBPS PO written exam has negative marking.Negative marking means one fourth of marks in deducted for every wrong answer.For example out of 10 questions if you have 5 correct answers but two wrong answers then your total marks is (5 – 2* .25) = 4.5.This is really important.In above example if you have left two wrong questions then you would have crossed cut off marks (48%).

So it is very important not to guess answers.Sometimes candidates mark answers of 10 to 20 questions as A or B or C or D.This does backfire.If you have answered decent number of questions to clear sectional cut off then there is no need of all these.Instead of guessing and marking answers try one or two questions which you can solve and are in section you answered less.

IBPS PO exam planning

Above we saw points to consider in IBPS PO written exam.Proper planning and practice is important to incorporate these tips during exam.You should divide time between the sections and stick to those timings.I have made a general time distribution for all sections below.You can modify the same to fit your requirement.Total time given for all sections is 120 min.We will divide this time between sections not equally but based on certain rules.I will mention those rules in detail after below table.

Section Questions Cutoff Time
Reasoning 50 24 40
English 40 20 22
Quantitative 50 24 40
General Awareness 40 20 12
Computer Knowledge 20 10 6
Total 200 98 120

You can see in above table 8 minutes are still left.You should attempt sections in which you have answered less than sectional cut off in these 8 min.In case you have attempted all sections well then attempt those sections or questions which you can answer in these 8 min.I have dedicated more time to Reasoning then to Quantitative.The reason is these sections are time consuming.The other sections like Computer knowledge and General Awareness do not involve solving a problem.They will not take much time if you know the answers.

You can modify time according to your strength.You can practice sample papers (downloadable from download links) and find out time taken in each section.Based on your experience after solving few question paper you can add or subtract time dedicated to individual sections in above table.After fixing time it is very important to test it out.You should solve few test series or papers.You can easily see whether time dedicated to each section is fine or needs some modification.

Speed is king in IBPS PO written test.It is important to practice as many questions as possible.This increases chances of getting similar questions in real exam.So you can solve them in less time.This will improve your speed and chances to answer more questions.

IBPS PO exam preparation

Computer Knowledge section

IBPS PO written exams are becoming tough with time.Introduction of Computer Knowledge section makes it difficult for non computer background candidates.So candidates from non computer background need to study this section.This section is pretty scoring as well as less time consuming.So one should really focus hard on this section.The good part is questions are not very technical in nature nor is difficult.

General Awareness section

Also General Awareness section focuses on Banking industry knowledge.This indeed is important as you are going to be part of Banking industry.But it also demands dedication of your time to read Business section of a newspaper instead of Sports or Movie section.There are magazines dedicated to Banking industry.You can pick any one of them and start reading the headlines.This is also one very scoring section and less time consuming.If you are well prepared for above two sections then you can save lot of time for other sections.Getting good scores this sections will help you score good results overall.So you should focus more on these two sections.

English section

English is tough section for candidates not from that background.With introduction of descriptive section as well things are getting more complicated for candidates.In English section good amount of questions are grammar based.You should prepare grammar thoroughly.The basics like Noun,Pronoun,Preposition,Conjunction and tense should be primary focus.Some questions like spot the error can be very scoring and less time consuming.The comprehension section is also easy compared to other part of English.It also carries good weight-age as well.

You can pick any good English grammar book for preparation.Even class ten or twelve English grammar books will do the trick.Every candidate should stress or dedicate more time to these three sections.Normally candidates give more time to reasoning and quantitative often overlooking these sections.But scoring good marks in these sections and saving time is key to success.

Quantitative and Reasoning section

You should target clearing the cut off marks first in reasoning and quantitative section.Anything above that is always a bonus.Having said that Candidates should always focus on their strength.Someone outstanding in Quantitative should try to score more on this section.You should practice Quantitative and Reasoning on regular basis.

It is good to solve different types of problems.Solving same type of problems does not serve the purpose.You will not find same type of questions in IBPS exam.Also practising different types of problems give you an idea about their solution procedure.This helps in IBPS exam.Looking at the question you can identify type of it.The data may be different but solution approach will be same.This will help you solve the problems faster and correctly.

I have included different types of questions in above documents.You can download the same and start practising.It will give you an idea of type of problems asked and their complexity.Also it is important to note the time taken to solve the problems individually.

IBPS PO book

All the tips and tricks mentioned above are just enough for IBPS PO exam preparation and become successful in that.You can use any standard book for preparation of Reasoning and Quantitative aptitude section and English section.The computer awareness questions in download document are quite detailed and should give you good idea about topics you should cover.You can read the questions and also prepare further questions from same topics.

The books in market does not focus on IBPS 2014 exams in particular.They are general books written about IBPS exams.So I have come up with IBPS Preparation material.The preparation material is specially written for IBPS 2014 exams.The preparation material is combination of IBPS model paper and previous year IBPS papers.

Each question is fully solved with detailed explanation.So you learn the concepts while solving the papers.The focus is on IBPS 2014.Since every year pattern is changing it is important to make study material specially for the year.This is why I included previous IBPS question paper along with model IBPS question paper.

Buy IBPS PO Material

IBPS PO exam question paper with answer free download

I have created model IBPS question papers for Reasoning and Quantitative section,English Section and Computer Knowledge section.The questions are taken from previous year IBPS PO exams and sample questions similar in format to last year IBPS PO exams.The questions are along with answers.You can download the documents for free using the download links given below.

After reading different sections you can try these questions before real IBPS PO writen test.This will give you an idea about your preparation level.In case you get a questions wrong then you can revisit the concept and try the question again.This is best way to use these download documents.

Feel free to let me know if you face any problem in downloading these files.You can make the most out of this article by downloading these files.So download the files and then come back and read the article.

I have attached document listing revenue,headquarters and branch coverage of all major banks.These documents will help you decide Bank preference.It will also give you deep insight about top banks.You can get answers to common interview questions like Where is headquarters of this bank or that bank? So consult the information provided in the document to come up with your preference list and also answer to question Why this bank is your first preference?

Need Help

Feel free to post your queries.In case you have any issues downloading the files let me know.Consider sharing the post if you found this useful.

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    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Error detection is based on all parts of Grammar..There is problem in one part of sentence and it can be because of Preposition,Conjuction or Tense problem so focus on Grammar is my suggestion.Do not leave any portion in Grammar

  79. nandu

    The download link is functioning well. But the problem is sometimes it may not work as well. Any way many thanks eshay deedi for your effort for such an interesting and very helpful link.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      can you please share issues faced? I will try to reproduce and solve them


    It feels good after reading above information .but im really struggling with G.K and reasoning .is there any solution to over come that………

  81. Sunita Mehar

    Hello Mam,
    it feels very good after reading all above. it gives confidence back . but there is problem with me that about GK.
    Will you can help me about it?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      For GK you can buy Manohar Shrma book (only 54 INR) from the link shared below

      General Knowledge 2014

      Else you can read newspapers on daily basis with special reference to banking

  82. Ananya

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    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Hi Hitendra,

      All the content are uploaded for free download using the links given in the article.

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      Can you please check it again..it should be working i just checked

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    hi mam how to clear English section please say. this time many are saying that non verbal wont appear in examination as it was conducting online this year. please reply

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      For English section you should concentrate on Grammar but do not invest too much time on Synonym and Antonym.Exam is online does not mean non verbal questions will not be present.Do not give importance to such baseless rumors

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    1. Esha Upadhyay

      you need to click on download links and after that follow the steps mentioned there

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    will you send ipbs with sbi po paper ?

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    clarify the doubt.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Could you please share the link of news paper? There is no such news in my notice

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      It will not be possible for me to mail each of you individually..please download using the download link given in the article above

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      It will not be possible for me to mail each of you individually..please download using the download link given in the article above

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      It will not be possible for me to mail each of you individually..please download using the download link given in the article above


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    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Liking the site help me check unwanted downloads..I have not received any complaint from any candidate about this..Also Copy of content from any site..Please show the proof..If content is duplicate before you Google will penalize me..Also the comments show candidates are satisfied with the content and downloads..It looks like you are someone who is just frustrated as your site is not doing well for these search terms..

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    sorry for asking irrelevant question with u.actually i have cleared CWE clerk-II since my score is less than the prescribed score, i didn’t get allotment..so is there any possibilities to apply for any private bank using my CWE clerk-ii score.my score is 51.50.awaiting for your favorable reply mam.

    Lots of thanks in advance..


    1. Esha Upadhyay

      If some bank is doing recruitment based on IBPS score then you can apply else you will have to go through written test and interview for the bank again

  104. Soumik Mukherjee

    Hiii Mam, can u plz tell me how many questions to attempt correctly to get good marks out of 200 and to be get selected to any bank….plz reply me, I will be ever grateful to you.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      you can download banking question from IBPS PO interview post ..please search for the post and download it

  105. Sandeep Kumar

    Good ideas madam thanks,but tell me about the better book of resigning and English, Gk

  106. abhinav

    what is the key to score well in reasoning? I have not scored well in past years..how to clear the cutoff? plz help..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Reasoning is toughest of all the section..You should practice all type of questions to get familiar with every type..This is the best way to prepare these types of questions

  107. prema

    which wedsite follow in gk pis send my mail then englishla i did not score marks easy method u send my mail pls mam

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      For English and Gk preparation tips please read the sections in the post..Grammar is the key for English preparation..You should really concentrate on English section and Comprehension as well.

  108. Rekha

    mam u havnt mentioned anything abt descriptive paper…is descriptive paper thr r nt…

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      No descriptive paper is not included in this year IBPS PO exam.It was part of last IBPS PO exams..BTW it is mentioned in the post

  109. akanksha

    hii…in the general awareness section..should i concentrate more on the banking related questions?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      yes you should pay close attention to banking section and rural yojanas of banks

  110. vrajen

    Can you please share 2012/2013 previous year paper with answers…can you please tell weightage for the type of questions in reasoning and quantitative aptitude

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      please download the papers using download link given in the post..these documents are created from previous year IBPS PO exams as well as some sample questions

  111. shonai

    hello…would it be enough to study the computer based questions given in ur downloaded link???

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I created with that intention only but you can learn other questions based on topics covered in the download links..

  112. akanksha

    i have a poor mathematics base..what will i need to study so that at least i can clear the cutoff!
    plz reply soon…thanks!!

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      practice is the key..select the chapters which are easy (like calculations) and you have 5 questions from it and practice it hard…two 5 marks question is based on data interpretation which is quite easy but lengthy due to calculations involved…So you have 15 calculation intensive easy questions..for rest 5 odd questions read chapters which you find easy

  113. arun

    mam,as the exam this time is online,there will be no non verbal series questions,am i right?

  114. ravindra singh chaudhary

    hello mam in ibps if i attemt in any section 20 question and all 20 right then is that chances to scaling marks in that section

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      It might be tough to get all 20 right..so it is bonus to attempt few more..yes 20 correct in a section will get you through cut off (if there are 40 questions in that section)

  115. chandra pratap khalkho

    how to clear english section in ibps po, give some tips about english section . plz reply me………

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Focus on Grammar section of the paper (you can see sample and previous year questions in above download). After reading Grammar section try these questions..Grammar is the key to clear and score good marks in English

  116. veni

    thanku it was very informative,and once again thanks for sharing ur precious time and thoughts with us

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    i have rrb exam on 21 sept consist of 5 section in which either english or hindi is optional,
    i belongs to himachal, can i attempt hindi section. would it provide any diddiculties in future, as i heard that some bank must required english in rrb banks

  118. sunil

    mam, u have given the pattern of ibps po if we prepare that pattern we can achieve good marks

  119. Esha Upadhyay

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    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Grab English grammar book of class X or XII and practice it..then check your preparation level with documents here in download link

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I have shared the link to book above in the post..please refer that.also download the papers from this post using download links

  123. Naresh Dhiman

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  124. Perminder

    I want to know, how much minimum marks i get in ibps po, so that i will selected for interview. I belongs to obc category.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      This depends on performance of other candidates as well that year..But anything in range of 160 and above will have chance

  125. Manish

    Hi Esha,
    i really like to visit your site b’cos you answer every queries of one’s mind. I want to know that how much question in each section will be ask in ibps po online exam as the official advertisement declared only the no. of marks in each section but not no. of question differently.

  126. Esha Upadhyay

    any standard banking magazine like banking chronicle or reading economics section of any newspaper is fine (banking part and rbi notifications)…

  127. Devi Kalivda

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  128. raj patel

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  129. raj

    mam , this time ibps conduct online exam than how many month General Awareness is enough for exam

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      3 to 6 months before the exams..older headlines are important only if they are of major impact..

  130. PRAVEEN

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    Very new to IBPS exam, i was thinking to cover quant sections in deep.Actually i left maths after 10th standard. my question is should i go as i said or go for selected study.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      nowadays they ask questions which require concepts of two to three sections so selective study might not work well..you can however leave sections which are not related like permutation and combination are independent sections and questions are not mixed with other sections like time and work or mixture

  133. Rohit Rana

    Admin could u please clear my doubts.

    in PO 3 notification they didn't mention the no of questions in QA, reasoning and computer knowlwdge.

    would be there 40-40 questions in math and rsng of 1.25 mark OR 50-50 questions of 1 mark?

    how many questions would be in computer knowledge? 20 questions of 20 mark. OR 40 questions of.5 mark?

  134. Esha Upadhyay

    They will go with one marks per question pattern more likely..Having said that the final decision rests upon IBPS..(We can predict only)

  135. Manish

    Hi Esha, i am from Himachal Pradesh, i want to know that how much marks enough to select for interview for obc candidate in ibps rrb officer1, clerical and po.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Always target close to 75% while preparation.If you target 75% you will get nearly 67% to 69% (this is general trend). Getting 67% to 69% will definitely secure your place in any of the above exams.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      any standard English book will do else use wren and martin and download papers from above link and solve them

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    Hi,Can you Please suggest me how to start my preparation and preparation strategies for each and every section.It would be great useful and helpful for me.Kindly consider my request.

  137. Esha Upadhyay

    For current affairs and GK it is better to just read headlines of newspapers and buy couple of periodicals like Banking Chronicles..I will be uploading computer knowledge questions and answers shortly..but in meantime you can read basic computer books (class X or Class X) if someone has taken up computers and Microsoft office basics..Please read the post as well as I have mentioned few more tips and details there

  138. Amit Chaugule

    esha , please suggest how to prepare for the G.K , Current affairs and computer knowledge.

  139. Esha Upadhyay

    Santhosh K R Hegde You can download the same using download links given in this post

  140. Esha Upadhyay

    Ajit Singh you can download the papers using download link given in the post..it is sample papers created using previous year IBPS questions and new ones as well

  141. G.Gouthami

    Mam im preparing for banks exams can u tell me which book should i follow for good marks

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      any standard book will do.. in case you are interested in any specific book please contact me on mail

  142. Esha Upadhyay

    @chak asaivam you need to click on download link on the post.You will see a page with social media buttons..click on any one of them enables click here link..CLick on that link to download the file



    1. Esha Upadhyay

      please read the post and download the files using download link above

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      After sharing the link you will see click here link..click on that link to download the file

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    Pradeepan Pagalavan You can click download link given in the post and then a new page will be displayed..on that new page you will have to click either facebook like button or google plus one button..After that you can see click here link on the page..Click on that link to download the files..Please inform me if you face any problems

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  149. Esha Upadhyay

    Om Prakash Earlier the exams were of 250 marks this year it is of 200 marks..sectional cutoff is 48% but you need to score around 65% to be in good position

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You can download using above download links.the papers is created using previous year questions only


    can yu pls send me the solved question paper regarding IBPS PO exam

  151. Esha Upadhyay

    Iqbal Hussain Any standard book will do but practice is more important

  152. dimple

    which book shid i study for syllogism bcoz pattern has changed

  153. dimple

    which book shid i study for gk spcly related to banking sector.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      there are lot of banking magazines available you can grab any one of them or watch news channel headlines (CNBC or ET)

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    1. Esha Upadhyay

      After clicking above download links please click on facebook like or google plus one button on next page..you will get click here link ..click on that link to download the file..please revert back in case of any issues


    mam, thanks a lot for these sample paper set. plz give us compt knowledge ppr also ASAP..

  157. Esha Upadhyay

    Just forgot to update the post..The data shown was format of previous year..they have changed format this year..I have updated the post accordingly..Thanks for pointing that out

  158. Ravi Kuchhal

    Its my pleasure to find you. I am preparing for IBPS 2013 and as per your article you have post the paper of 250 marks bt in IBPS 2013 notice it is mentioned that there will be a paper of 200 marks which is to be attempted in 120 mins. so pls guide me accordingly..

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    your blog is very useful..
    can u plz suggest me the books to prepare for quantitative &reasoning?

  160. Esha Upadhyay

    English questions are already uploaded..you can click on download button and then on next page click on either facebook like or google plus one to download the files

  161. Esha Upadhyay

    48% in each section is generally the cut off..practice is the key..please read the post for details about planing the exam..some sections are less time consuming than others

  162. Siddu Upendar

    please upload computer questions and english questions and how it download?

  163. Neha Malhotra

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    It cant be true that general candidates solved 135/250 questions in 150 minutes.
    Please help.

  164. archana

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    1. Esha Upadhyay

      In saare competitive exam me speed aur accuracy bahut important hoti hai.aur ye practice se aati hai..aap BCOM se hai to aapki Quantitative aur Reasoning se touch nahi hogi..aap inki practice jyada karo…aur ha papers download kar ke time ke sath kariye..maine saare tips is post me likhe hain..koi dikkat ho to bolna..

      Mam ki jagah Didi bol sakte ho


    Mam the final semester result will be declared within 1 or 2 weeks.so am i eligible?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      yes you are..also please double check the advertisement it also states the same


    Mam actually I can not understand that am i eligible for IBPS po exam? actually my final semester result can not declared and in IBPS online form they require the date of graduation.Plz help me.

  167. Ramesh kumar

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    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Sudha you can download English po paper from link given in the post

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    1. Esha Upadhyay

      please follow the same process you did for quantitative and reasoning

  172. Shibsankar

    I have a problem at the time of downloading, If i click on link for downloading for english paper then quantitative aptitude and reasoning paper part wll be download, Try & try But i could not download it.Please help………

  173. Shibsankar

    I have a problem at the time of downloading, If i click on link for downloading for english paper then quantitative aptitude and reasoning paper part wll be download, Try & try But i could not download it.Plese help………

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      please try the quantitative link..I will update the links..quantitative link had English paper and English link has Quantitative paper..I am changing that right now..thanks for pointing out the mistake

  174. Shib

    Thank you. But i can not download it, only Quantitative and Reasoning section are downloaded.Give proper defination of cut of score if i correct 30 question then what is my cut of score & tws? It is 30.

  175. Esha Upadhyay

    You can click download link given in the post and then a new page will be displayed..on that new page you will have to click either facebook like button or google plus one button to download the files..

  176. Shibsankar

    Please help me english section, i scored well in all section always but i am failure to get marks in english section.
    How many minimum question i have to attempt for ibps in english section & please tell me if i correct 10 answer it will be helpfull to get standered score (24).

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You will have to solve 50% of questions in English section correctly to clear cutoff..Please download English question paper from download link above and solve it thoroughly..in case you have any issues ask me again..Comprehension and Grammar are easy scoring sections..I have included all types of questions asked in these exams..So try to solve the papers

      1. Shibsankar

        Thank you. But i can not download it, only Quantitative and Reasoning section are downloaded.Give proper defination of cut of score if i correct 30 question then what is my cut of score & tws? It is 30.

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Cut off score is 48% marks means out of 50 questions you will have to solve 24.TWS is not same as number of questions you solved or got correct..

          1. Shibsankar

            Only i have a fear abt eng,pls guide me as per as posible.I will be very thankful in my entire life to you.I will obey ur all rule.plz plz plz help me.

          2. Esha Upadhyay

            Please download the papers mentioned in this post and read entire post with care..I have mentioned How to prepare for English section and plan for it as well?

            In case you have any doubt please reply back..

  177. gayathri

    im from BC category with B.E(ECE) am gng to write IBPS PO exam how much i have to score out of 250 sir?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      anything above 165 is decent score but things are different each year

  178. Esha Upadhyay

    GK does is extensive thing to cover as it changes with time…So I avoided it..Computer questions are there..I will upload the same in time

  179. Naveen

    Sir i am from SC category with B.tech [I.T] am gng to write IBPS exam
    how much marks i have to score for 250

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      each year it is different competition but anything above 70% is good

  180. Rakesh Kumar

    Thanks fro sharing this post it is informative. Ms Upadhyay both of your links of Quant as well as english contains quant question paper only.Please share questions for G.K and computer/marketing also.

  181. Esha Upadhyay

    for quantitative any standard book covering topics mentioned in the post will do..For Reasoning it is better to solve different kinds of problems..RS Agarwal is good book for practicing reasoning and quanta both..Make sure you solve all types of problem..also download the paper in this post..it has different types of problems along with answer..feel free to revert back in case of any queries

  182. Saptarshi Talukdar

    Which book should I follow for reasoning and maths?