IBPS Clerk interview questions answers and tips

IBPS clerk examinations are fast becoming most important exams in India.Candidates aspiring for Bank clerk jobs must clear this examination.The examination has two parts written exams and interviews.Candidates scoring above cutoff marks in all sections are called for IBPS Clerk interview.

IBPS Clerk Interview Video

IBPS Clerk Interview Questions

Interviews are very important for a candidate.He must showcase himself and prove his candidature.Typically IBPS clerk interviews are of 15 minutes duration.Many candidates that they do not get enough time in IBPS clerk interview.But you can not change it.So it is better to be well prepared and answer first few questions correctly and with confidence.

Questions can be different for each candidate appearing in IBPS Clerk interview.Questions depend upon qualification of candidate, his background and also panel taking interview.Different panel have different questions.

But there are certain questions which are asked to most of the candidates.I will be listing such questions below along with answers.Also different questions can be clubbed into groups like current affairs,business knowledge (banking related questions),General Awareness and situational questions.I will also be listing these questions below along with answers.

I am listing some common questions asked to candidates in IBPS clerk interview.

IBPS Clerk interview questions – Based on your profile

Question 1 .Introduce yourself / Tell me about you

There is greater chance that your first question is tell me about yourself or introduce yourself.They want to know about your backgroud and other details with this question.Many interviewers use answer of this question to ask second question.If you are in a panel focusing on HR questions then this is must question.

How to write the Answer?

You must include below details in order to frame answer for above question

  • Your personal information.This includes your name,father name,number of brothers and sisters,mother name and your residential place.
  • Your Educational details.You should include name of your school or Board.In case you have good marks then mention it else do not mention marks.
  • Your Work Experience if any
  • Any additional qualification like diploma or certification in computers
  • Extra curricular activities if you have won awards then mention it.
  • Your hobby if any

Things to remember

You should not take more than 5 mins to answer this question.You should write down the answer first.Then try too read it out with a clock in front.Check the time taken to answer it.First question is most important one.A good answer to this question makes good impression.This also brightens your chances of clearing interview.

Question 2 .Questions on your hobby and extra curricular activities

Sometimes interviews do ask questions about your hobby and extra curricular activities.They assume that you should be able to answer questions related to your hobby.This is really important.So prepare well for questions related to your hobby.

Question 3 .Questions related to your family

It sometimes gets very interesting as well as irritating for candidates.Lets say your father is a business man.Then they will say Why do not you join your father’s business instead of joining as Bank Clerk.Again if your brother is in different occupation then they might say Why instead of choosing that career you are selecting IBPS Clerk? Through these questions they really want to know the reason of joining as Bank Clerk.

Question 4 .Questions related to your education

Questions related to education arises if

  • you have gap in education.
  • you have gap after your last degree.
  • you have good marks in 10th or 12th but nor so good in graduation or other way around.

IBPS Clerk interview questions – General Banking

You are going to work as Bank Clerk after selection.So you should have decent knowledge of Banking industry.So knowledge of common banking terms and terminology is mandatory.They will not ask you complicated things or terms but be prepared to face common banking questions as mentioned below

  • Difference between Check and Draft?
  • What is overdraft?
  • Common banking terms and definitions like RTGS,NEFT
  • Difference between debit card and credit card

I have created a document of banking questions and answers.The document includes answers to above questions and also others along with answers.

Questions asked to over qualified candidates in IBPS clerk interview

IBPS clerk eligibility criteria is graduation with 55% marks.Now many candidates with Masters degree (MA ,MCOM ,MSc,MCA,MBA) and professional graduation degree like (BTECH,BE) are also appearing for this post.Candidates belonging to above education background have to face a question on this.They might ask you

  • Why you want this job after doing above degree?
  • You will leave this job after getting better opportunity.
  • Have you applied for other jobs as well?

I have not included the answers for these questions as answers will differ for each one of you.You should not give common answer as they will immediately understand.Your reason should match your profile and look realistic.

Questions asked to experienced candidates in IBPS clerk interview

Many candidates appearing for this exam already have job.They might be working in private sector or government sector.In case you are working in government sector then you will have to show no objection certificate.They might ask below questions to experienced candidates

  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • if your current job package is more than they will ask why you want to join low paying job?.
  • If your job is not related to banking then they might ask a question on this as well

Please read above point for answers related query.

Current Affairs Questions asked in IBPS clerk interview

Some panels in IBPS Clerk interview do ask current affairs questions.Candidates should read newspaper to prepare for these questions.You can also watch news for this purpose.Current affair questions can be clubbed into below groups

  • Banking questions — Any new announcement related to Banking made by RBI (Reserve Bank of India).This is indeed very important as they expect you to be in touch with latest banking updates.You will be joining this industry so you should know these things.
  • City based questions — They may ask you questions on your hometown.These questions may not be i true sense current affairs questions.These questions are asked to check your knowledge about your city and locality.
  • Other major events — Out of world questions are sometimes asked but they do not expect you to answer all of them but if you do you have advantage.It is god thing to scan latest headlines for last one month before interview date.They might ask you few on these.

Local Language Questions asked in IBPS clerk interview

Candidates having knowledge of local language are given preference.If you have applied for a state then you should have working knowledge of that state local language.They do test your local language knowledge so it is better not to lie about it.IBPS Clerk interview panel will check your local language knowledge using below methods

  • Read a paragraph from local language news paper or from a book.They do provide you the newspaper or book.This tests your reading skill.
  • Then they will ask you to make them understand meaning of the paragraph you read.You can use your mother tongue or English for that purpose.This tests whether you understand the language.
  • They might ask you to write something in local language.This test is not often carried out but they may ask you for it.

Candidates having no knowledge of local language should prepare for it.They do get preference over candidates with no knowledge of local language.

Scenario based questions asked in IBPS clerk interview

You can face scenario based questions in IBPS clerk interview.Interviewers try to judge your decision making capability using these questions.I am giving you one example.You and your best friend joined same Bank.Your best frined told you that he used wrong educational documents to get selected.Your friend is very poor.Now what will you do?

Other Questions asked in IBPS clerk interview

There are many questions depending upon your profile.Without getting a view of your profile it is difficult to tell questions to be asked.Above questions are standard ones you should prepare.Good answer to above questions leads to success.

How to prepare answers for IBPS Clerk interview questions

Follow below steps in order to prepare answers for these questions.

  • You should prepare your resume first.This is important.
  • After creating resume write down all the questions which comes in your mind.These are resume based questions (HR questions you are going to face in Interview).
  • After listing all the questions write down the answers.You can take help of your teachers or parent or me in case of any issues.
  • Get the answers reviewed by anyone knowledgeable.
  • This will help you get your answers right as well as help you find out questions asked based on these answers.
  • Start reading the answers and practice them hard.This is important for your confidence.
  • Now read Banking questions and newspaper for current affairs questions.
  • Read local language if you do not have knowledge of it.

IBPS Clerk Interview book

Many candidates have asked for IBPS Clerk interview book.In case you are interested in the book you can buy it online with good discount.It would cost you less.You can buy the book with below link.
[product id=”9599″]

IBPS Clerk Bank preference

After cracking IBPS clerk interview you have to decide bank preference.I have created documents to help you make the decision.The data is taken from Reserve Bank of India so it is genuine.Two factors are important while deciding bank preference

  • Location — Number of branches bank have in your state.The more the number of branches bank have in your state better it is.It increases chances to get posting near your residence.I have created a free download document for you.
  • Bank Growth — The bigger the bank the better the facilities.If the bank business grows year after year better it is for you.I have created a document to address this point as well.

Now you can download the files from links provided below (3rd and 4th). The third file lists 5 banks with maximum number of branches (along with number of branches in your state). You should copy all the five banks corresponding to your state.Now search those banks in second file.Second file lists all banks in order of their profit last year.So you can easily found biggest banks and banks growing fast.

So biggest and most profit doing banks should be given preference (with maximum number of branches in your state). In case you have any confusion feel free to ask me using comment form.

IBPS Clerk interview free downloads

Need Help

I have written this post to help candidates.The help will always be free.I have written posts on other exams as well.In case you need any help regarding questions or answers feel free to write comment using comment form below.You can post your profile.It will help me frame questions asked to you.You can also ask answer to any specific question.

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  1. Tushar kumar

    My Name is Tushar Kumar , I did graduation from DU Correspondence
    in my marksheet my name has been entered as Tushar kumari because I am a girl so they added i in my surname & in my 10th , 12th marksheet its been entered correctly as Tushar kumar . While filling IBPS form I entered my name as Tushar kumari . So kindly guide me what should I do . Will it create any problem at the time of giving exams .

  2. Vijendra pandey

    In my 10th,12th result my name is vijendrakumar pandey but in graduation my name vijendra pandey. it will create any problem mam

  3. Ashwini Chandan

    Dear mam,
    I am a BE graduate in computer science stream
    I have applied for IBPS PO/MT 2015 exam..This is the first time I am writing a bank exam so I have no confidence that I can clear the exam in the first attempt itself.
    Hence I am planning to apply for IBPS Clerk 2015 exam also
    Please suggest me tat can I apply for both the exams or not??
    Thank u in advance

  4. Shirsha Chakraborty

    Hello Ma’am,
    I am an MA in English literature.I want to apply for ibps clerk 2015.I have a question.Should I mention the marks of honours only as the marks of graduation at the time of filling the form?Or should I mention the total marks(honours+pass subjects+compulsory subjects) in the form as the marks of graduation?I am really confused about it.I will be grateful if you respond to this question.
    Thank you.

  5. Anurag

    Mam I have 1 yr experience in Telecom. I am from Electronics
    and communication background. I want to apply for IBPS RRB CWE 4
    2015-16 specialist officer in scale II. They want 1 yr experience for this post which I have. But we can only apply for any 1 officer post(scale I or scale II or scale III).

    Plz guide me , should I apply for officer scale -I or specialist officer scale-II
    based on the number of vacancies as they have not mentioned the number of vacancies. Plz tell the rough idea of previous yr vacancies in both these categories. I am not able to find on google.

    Expecting to here from u soon !

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      The number of vacancies for Scale 1 is more than that of scale 2.AS exact number of these vacancies are not clear at the time of advertisement it is often not disclosed.

      If you fulfill eligibility criteria for scale 2 you can go for it.

  6. Anurag

    1. Should I mention post graduation in electronics in IBPS clerk or other clerk exams as at the time of interview they will ask a lot of questions and may consider this as over qualification.
    2. Should I mention abt post graduation in OFFICER level exam?
    3. Is it better to mention it or to find a good reason for explaining gap?

  7. sunita

    Are the candidates having done a computer course given any preference or is it compulsory?? In any of the above case which institute should be chosen by me..to do the course?Will any computer institute do?
    please reply in detail..at the earliest.

  8. siya

    mam i hav a doubt
    i hav to report in mumbai for pre employment formalities on 1st june
    will my training started from then
    or will i again called for training after sometime

  9. Anil Kumar Sharma

    Really Such a wonderful drafting.
    Thank You Sir/Madam

  10. Prerna Lal

    I haven’t received email from ibps…. now i have to mail them …..can you tell me what to mention in subject line?…i have been selected in syndicate bank from delhi..

  11. allabakshi

    I dobt have any obc certificate by central gvt …is ther any format …wer can i get it…i m from tamil nadu…..may i know some related interview questions gng to ask sbi associate ckerk mam….

  12. mahesh argamoni

    madam in my id proof in surname place instead of ‘ARGAMONI’,’ARAGAMONI is there.whether it give me a truoble in the interview at the time of document verification? kindly reply me mam..
    thank you..

  13. Sheetal

    Hello Mam,

    First of all i want thank you for such useful website and queries related to ibps exam and interview ,i got selected as clerk in syndicate bank and waiting for joining….i have doubt if i have to carry medical certificate issued by a doctor or the medical examination will be conducted by them at their office?

  14. Prerna Lal

    Hello Mam,

    I have submitted photocopy of SC certificate in prescribed government format during IBPS interview held in Feb 2015, can i use that SC certificate for SBI clerk interview also? or do i have create a new one?

  15. bhanu

    Selected for syndicate bank clerk. Will they post us according to marks or ladies first or it varies as per bank. If that’s the case what about syndicate bank. My husband is working in Hyderabad. Can I expect my posting in Hyderabad. (I got minimum cutoff)

  16. divya raj

    i passed 10th in 2008 and 12th in 2010. then i preparsd for medical for 2 years and joined graduation in 2012 and completed the same in 2015. so i have 2 years gap between passing12th and joining graduation. am i eligible for bank po exams like ibps and sbi

  17. abirami

    I have completed my PG in may 2014… Nw i got alloted to Dena bank.. Bt i didn’t mention in my application form of ibps clerk iv.. Will create a prb in joining

    1. Anurag

      Hi abirami !
      I hv also done Post graduation. Should I mention it in ibps clerk and OFFICER exam or not?

  18. Sheetal

    Hello Mam,

    I have scored 128 in SC category from Delhi State(cut off 107) and my interview was average, what are my chances of getting job?

  19. ravi

    Hello mam will the obc certificate issued by tehshildar work for banking interviews.please reply me

  20. priyanka yadav

    Hello maam
    I wanted to ask if an interviewer asks why should i select you for the job OR Why do you think you are eligible for this job? Then what are the major points in our answer that we should highlight..
    Plz guide
    I am a graduate in banking insurance field from mumbai
    Currently pursuing m.com in accountancy
    Kindly guide me to frame answers for such questions

  21. Riya

    hi mam i got 107 in written n cut off was 90 …i cud nt write in local language bt in intrvw no one asked me regarding dis my overall intrvw was good dey told me best of luck …so is dat smthing dat dey can fail me fr nt knowing d local language …? My intrvw was in eng n hindi

  22. arindam

    mam is there any provision for review of individual answer sheet of IBPS clearks-4 ,B’coz in two paper i have scored only 19 which is no way possible,and i was expecting atleast 26 marks in that two paper,where as in other three paper i got exactlywith-in the range what i have prdicted, and in many sites i have seen that people have attended only 19 and got 22,how this can be posiible.plz suggest …..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I am not aware of if anything like this is possible.You can call the toll free number to see if there is any provision for it 1800 222 366

  23. harish

    hi madam,
    harish from karnataka.
    i got 80 marks in ibps clerk 4 and the sectional cutoff was 48.belongs to obc .
    do i have any chances?

  24. harish

    Hi Madam,
    When they will release the score card for shortlisted candidates?
    And when the allotments will start?
    ibps clerk 4

  25. smriti

    mam plz let me know what is the expected date of scores of shortlisted candidates in ibps clerk 4..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I am unable to understand what you mean by date of scores

      1. smriti

        mam the ibps has not declared the scores of those candidates who were shortlisted for the interview..kindly let me know when marks will be disclosed..

  26. Mani

    Please anyone tell me wher to get central format OBC certificate in Karnataka

  27. Ravi

    hello mam,in my caste certificate my name is ‘J.Ravikumar” but in my marks cards and all it is “Ravikumar.J” will it leads to any problem in ibps clerk 4 interview

  28. Pushpinder Jamwal

    Ma’am Please help me out. I wrongly entered my year of passing as 05-06-2010 instead of 05-06-2011 in IBPS RRB3. Ma’am do they allow me for interview. As in notification the passing year must be earlier then 01-09-2014. Wating eagerly for the reply..

  29. Ravi

    hello mam,in my caste certificate my name is ‘J.Ravikumar” but in my marks cards and all it is “Ravikumar.J” will it leads to any problem in ibps clerk 4 interview

  30. Ipsit Roy

    Hi Mam,

    Can you please tell me when we filled in the Clerk application form, was there any field for work experience details, where they asked about company details, nature of duties performed and all?

    or just work experience in months (no company details), as I can see in the printout?

    Please help!!! Please!!!

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      What I can recall from different candidate experience is that there was?

  31. anu

    sir i have cleared the ibps clerk exam and my interview is on friday. As iam from andhra i am not fluent in kannada i can speak but couldn’t write and read properly i have decided to by heart a topic and write the same will it be k suggest me some tips to cover this reply soon bcoz i hve very less time.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Try reading newspaper and writing something like small essay in local language it will prove helpful

  32. harish

    Hi all,
    This is Harish from Karnataka.
    My interview was scheduled on 12th morning 8.30 panel 1.

    They called us inside at 8.30.
    Gave serial numbers mine was 11.
    There were 25 people.

    They gave us a sheet of paper and asked us to write in kannada.
    Then told us to arrange documents in order.

    After that they called one by one for document verification.

    Once the verification gets completed they will send us for interview.

    I entered into hall at 10.10 with a smile.
    And greeted everyone ,there were 5 members including one lady.

    M1- Tell me what is famous in your district.
    Me -answered.

    M1-Modi had visited your place why?

    M2-what is niti ayog?
    Me-answered but unable to expand it.. he helped me ltr I told.
    Madam -What is BBBP?
    Me -I donno madam
    She -helped me saying beti…
    Me -beti bachao beti padav

    M2-what is jan dhan yojna?
    Me -answered

    M3 super senior – Where are you working?
    Me -replied

    M3- asked one question on my work
    Me -replied

    M4- what is famous in your place?
    Me -said
    But he replied one more
    I dint know
    He told me

    All of them said take chocolate

    Madam -take one more chocolate. Dont give it to girls. Give it to your mom.

    I said thanks madam.. and wished everyone again. And left.


    be calm and cool
    all the best

  33. Harry

    hello mam
    am from punjab my interview of ibps clerk was on 9 feb at chandigarh.
    interview was good but only one problem abt caste certifiacte.they accept my tehsil lvl certificate and aslo take application from me to submit ibps format caste certificate within 30 days. verification panel supportive but i want to know whr i hv to send photocopy of ibps format certificate.they asked me to submit at mumbai office.so wht is address of mumbai office?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      This is on their website.I am writing it below for your reference

      Institute of Banking Personnel Selection

      IBPS House, 90 feet, D.P.Road,
      Near Thakur Polytechnic,
      Off. Western Express Highway, P. B. No. 8587
      Kandivali (E), Mumbai 400 101

      1. amruta

        Mam I had my interview on 13 the Feb….I went for interview but when my chance came for document verification they varify my documents…I didn’t had my central caste certificate,I had my state caste certificate.I come under obc category.. so they didn’t attent me for interview because I didn’t had central caste certificate…
        So is there any chance they call me again for interview……when my call letter came from that day on words I tried to get certificate but some problems occurs….so my interview date came couldn’t carry central caste certificate….they didn’t send me to interview…

        1. Ravi

          even i had caste certificate issued by state(karnataka) ,so they did not allowed for interview.

          1. Esha Upadhyay

            Please read comment section of this post questions similar to this has been answered and candidates have also shared their experience on this issue

  34. sree

    hii mam.
    can we say sudoku puzzle solving in hobies.if yes can they ask any ques. on tat???

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Yes you can say then they may give newspaper and tell you to solve one

  35. arindam

    mam, can u kindly tell me the marks distribution process in ibps clearks interview, and are they fail anyone in interview.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Selection list is prepared based on marks secured in IBPS Clerk written test and interview.So interview marks is also important

  36. pavithra

    Hi mam….I have successfully cleared ibps clerk 4… I’m from tamilnadu ..I have given first preference as canara bank ..so if they ask in interview why you have given canara bank as your first prefernce… What can be the best answer I can give..
    Thank you mam…

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Read about Canara bank.It is one of the largest bank in India.You can download my bank list documents in the post to get idea about different banks

      1. pavithra

        Thank you mam…
        I read your bank list document in that you have given canara bank(624),Indian bank(822),Indian overseas bank(1041) for tamilnadu..so will they ask is there any specific reason for choosing canara bank? Because when compared to branches in tamilnadu canara bank is in 3rd place mam .. So what will be the valid answer mam..
        Thank you mam..

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Canara bank is one of the largest South India based bank.So you opted for it.Also it has wide network of branches in Tamilnadu.Note it has maximum branches in Kerala and Karnataka.

  37. Trisha

    Hello mam,

    I have done M.Pharma.I m scared about the following two ques-
    1.why u want banking job after M. Pharma?
    2.How u will be helpful to us?

    Please help me to give appropriate answers.Thank you.

        1. Trisha

          Hello mam,
          My query is

          I have done M.Pharma.I m scared about the following two ques-
          1.why u want banking job after M. Pharma?
          2.How u will be helpful to us?

          Please help me to give appropriate answers.Thank you.

          1. Esha Upadhyay

            Knowledge gained by doing M.Pharma can be used for helping my colleagues.But due to lack of jobs after M.Pharma have forced me to opt for Banking job

          2. Thamarai kannan

            Respected madam,
            I applied for ibps rrb po and uiic insurance assistance my problem is by mistake I entered wrong date of birth
            Original dob:06-11-1992
            By mistake :06-10-1992
            Is this create a problem during my interview …please reply as soon as possible
            I am so tensed please mam give solution to this problem…
            Thank you.

  38. sree

    hi do you know how the ibps board classified the interview dates to the written selected students.? it is based on their written score or based on roll no.!!!!

    1. sree

      how they are calling for interview??
      based on written exam score or according to roll no. wise??

  39. Ipsit Roy

    Hi Mam,

    I have successfully qualified IBPS CLERK IV and have been called for interview. I am a 2008 graduate in English honors. In my application, I have mentioned work experience of 9 months, wherein I have worked with a magazine as an intern after my graduation.

    What should be by answer when they ask, “What have I have been doing from 2008 up to 2015?”

    I had previously qualified IBPS CLERK III, both written and interview but couldn’t make it to the final list. Should I mention that or not?

    Mam please help me answer my question ..Please! Please!!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      It is tough to justify 7 years gap.I guess you can mention the truth to them.BTW what was reason of such gap

      1. Ipsit Roy

        The truth is I have work experience but I have showed only 9 months in the application. All this time I have been freelancing as a content writer and teach private tuition. This is the truth.

        Shall I go ahead and say the same in the interview? Will this be a satisfactory answer? Please suggest.

  40. bharath

    i have 22 months work experience but in IBPS clerk application i speciFied as 32 months.. Will it create a problem to my candidature

  41. gowthami

    If it get delay to get noc and i couldnt submit it on time..do they give any extension to submit noc

  42. sree

    if they ask us to write something in local language what should we write other than our biodata?

  43. pooja

    mam i have some spelling mistake in my aadhar card that is chouhan in place of chauhan in surname but now iget my pancard with everything correct so it is mandatory to carry adhar card at interview bcoz at the timeof writtenexam i show itas identity prof

  44. begum

    hai maam,i have been shortlisted for ibps4 interview nd my interview is on 15th feb. when filling d application i wrongly put the religion option as hindu instead of muslim. i hav permanent caste and recent obc certificates. it creats any problem in interview.pls reply mam

  45. Ipsit Roy

    Hello Mam,

    I have successfully qualified IBPS CLERK IV and have been called for interview. I am a 2008 graduate in English honors. In my application, I have mentioned work experience of 9 months, wherein I have worked with a magazine as an intern after my graduation.

    What should be by answer when they ask, “What have I have been doing from 2008 up to 2015?”

    I had previously qualified IBPS CLERK III, both written and interview but couldn’t make it to the final list. Should I mention that or not?

    Please help.

    Also, how do I answer the question like, “Why do you want to come to banking after English honors? How can you use your knowledge of literature in banking?”

    Please suggest some good points to answer the question.

    Thanks in advance!

  46. kshitij pratap singh

    Hi mam,i have passed graduation in 2008.But i have applied for degee of bsc in 2015.I want to there would be any date related problem .Please reply mam.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      The date you have passed graduation which is written on degree certificate is important.It does not depend on time you made application for the certificate.So in your case you are eligible

  47. RaJsh

    Hi Madam,
    I have been shortlisted for interview for IBPS clerk-4.When I was applying for it I put my 1st preference was Allahabad bank.
    So, please could you tell me the best answer to convince them on my preference

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Just read about Allahabad bank.It is one of the largest bank and operates majorly in eastern India

      1. Esha Upadhyay

        I just scanned website and does not seem to be Government bank.You can go through the website and look for the same

  48. sree

    hai. I got general doubt on entering the interview room.How to enter the room by holding the certi. file in one hand and walking with hands free or hold our hands in obedience and walk.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You can carry documents in one hand nothing wrong in that.You should be natural there is no need to change walking style

  49. gowthami

    Hi mam.. Am a govt employee.. I have been selected for ibps interview on Feb 14 2015.. But my dept head is not willing to give noc for me.. I tried hard.. But they not even responding.. Will it create prob during interview? Reply me as soon as possible

      1. gowthami

        Fine mam..if there is a delay.. Do they give any time extension to submit noc?

  50. Rajesh

    Hello madam
    Right now i am working in private MNC software company.But I didn’t mention this in my ibps clerk application form.After i join in the bank is ther any possibilities to find my previous experience by the bank.I mean with the help of PAN number or PF account of my private mnc company..I am really worrying on this..Please answer for it..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      This is not a problem.Before joining bank you will resign your previous organization and will not be on its payroll so it will not be a problem

  51. sathish

    Hello mam,
    I am 2007 pass out bsc computer science graduate.After my graduation i did agriculture with my father.Thereafter i worked 2 yrs in local super market.So i put 2 yrs experience in my application form of ibps clerk.But now i dont have any exp certificate or joining letter or any other proofs for that job.Moreover now i am not in that job and the store also closed.Now i am nervous whether they will ask the proof for that job or it is not a problem in my candidature.Please please clarify my doubt mam

  52. Sushant Mithari

    Hello madam is it necessary to carry resume while going fr interview or our online application is sufficient? After doc verification do we have to show certificates to interview panel? I hv one doubt about my name on documents
    My full name is Sushant Janardan Mithari. But on all of my educational certificates right frm Xth to MA my name printed is Mithari Sushant J. My father’s full name hasn’t appeared due to some mistake in past. However I hv put my full name in IBPS CWE application. Also on other docs like Adhar card, disability certificate, birth certificate i hv my ful name. Will it be considered mismatch of name during verification? Please clarify. I hv interview on 11th Feb. Thank u

  53. Ravikumar

    hello mam,i completed BE in june 2014,i have all sem marks cards except 8th sem n even i dnt have provisional certificate,but i have internet generated 8th sem marks sheet attested by college principal.they may come after a month but i hav ibps clerk 4 interview on 16.will it be any problem in interview.

  54. gurpreet

    Mam i completed my post grad in may 2014 . But i didnot mention it in application form because my last sem dmc was issued late .Will it create a problem as the result declaration date on dmc is of june ?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Graduation is the educational eligibility criteria for IBPS Clerk so it will not be a problem

  55. manasa

    hai mam.Iam married and we settled in hyderabad.Now I was qualified in ibps clerk4 CWE.But if they ask me a question ” Your husband job is in hyderabad.but you will not be posted in hyderabad only.then how can you justify to your job and to your family life?”
    Please say me what should i answer for this tricky question.

  56. Priyanka

    Hello Mam,
    I hav been selected for interview of clerk IV ibps exam.
    One of the condition to appear for interview is to submit “NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE” from current employer. I m working in a co-op bank & they are not ready to give me “NOC” for interview (they are stating that they are not coming under govt sector to give Noc”).
    I hav already mailed about this to ibps for guidance in this situation but i hav nt got any reply from them.
    Will this “NOC” create a problem for me at interview?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      If they say NOC is not required then you can go ahead with NOC and mention that to IBPS.Have they given it in written

          1. Priyanka

            they (employer) say they will not even reply to my mail regarding my mail for asking for noc

          2. Esha Upadhyay

            Are you in Government organization or private one? IF private one then NOC not required.

  57. Thamanna

    Hello mam, I’m Thamanna. I completely my ssc in 2002 with 05-04-87 DOB. Due to poor financial conditions i had to work in a NGO with good designation, meanwhile I couldn’t complete PUC n did B Com through ambedkar open university with 05-04-86 (at the time of joining I was 17 yrs so college admin took some notary frm me mentioning 05-04-86 DOB just to fulfil criteria that im 18yrs) bt I completed this in 2012 taking 5 yrs gap between 1st year to final year. I’m afraid how to react on this if they ask me to explain. I did PUC in 2014. Bt(UG&PUC) both r Govt recognised universities only. In the notification they mentioned any degree….so let me knw whether I vl be eligible for the interview or not n hw can I answer these 4 qns. Please help me

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I am unable to understand your question.For your information Graduation is the eligibility criteria for IBPS Clerk

  58. arun

    Madam, i’ll be completed my degree according to the advertisement but in application form I enter 8-5-14 instead of 10-7-14 and adv date ius 1-9-14 is there any problem at the time of interview……..this is due to so my grad dmc is not available to me it is in hpu…….

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          During IBPS pre interview document verification you can get it corrected

          1. Esha Upadhyay

            Provisional and Degree certificate hota to thik rehta.Aap inke liye university se contact kar lo..Waise problem nahi hoga

          2. arun

            Provisional degree h mere pass or ab dmc b h ……but application mai grad date glt h

  59. priya

    I mentioned my passing date of UG in my application form 10-6-2012 instead of 17-7-2012 and passing date of PG as 25-6-2014 instead of 15-9-2014(date mentioned in consolidated marksheet) .

    But i have PG final marksheet on 15-7-2014 and provisional certificate on 25-8-2014. Is this create a problem at the time of certificate verification?
    pls help me madam… I’m waiting for your reply madam

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      This will not create a problem.Clerk recruitment is based on Graduation so that is what matters

  60. rohit

    hello madam,
    i am hotel management graduate and i was working in hotel since last 3 years.
    generally, candidates are been asked questions related to their graduation subjects, so what might be the relative questions they may ask to me.

    my attempt was 164 and im expecting 115 to the least, cutoff in maharashtra is 88. so what are my chances in final selection.

    thank you…

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      This is competitive exam so selection chances can not be forecasted easily based on marks of your own.

  61. anshul kanare

    Mam i have qualified for ibps clerk interview but m nt having provisional degree. But m having all degree mrksheet will they allow me for interview

      1. anshul kanare

        No mam i dont hve degree certificate..i have all semester wise marksheet and in lst sem marksheet all sem marks n total marks is given

          1. anshul kanare

            Yes mam i have applied but it will take a month to get degree certificate.

          2. Esha Upadhyay

            You can carry that application letter receipt with you

  62. nisha singh

    i had an obc certificate in rajasthan govt format issued in 2009. now i issued this in 4th feb 2015 in ibps format. will that date work in clerical interview?
    ,as IBPS mentioned “obc caste certificate containing the non
    creamy layer should be valid as on the last
    date of online registration i.e 01.09.2014
    issued within one year prior to the last date
    for online registration”
    plz rply mam…

  63. manisha

    hello mam

    i hv interview for ibps clerk on 9th feb. mam by mistake i entered my PG stream as management instead of finance. n also wrote date as 9-3-2012 instead of 9-4-2012. Is it will lead to interview cancellation? pls rply ASAP

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      No it will not during IBPS pre interview document verification this can be brought into their notice and corrected

  64. Maya ravi

    ma’am my name is written as Maya Ravi Ravi instead of Maya Ravi only in m.com mark sheet.in all other documents name is correct. So it will create any problem in bank interview ibps clerk iv .will they allow me for interview. Pls reply ma’am

  65. Anjana kumari

    i appeared in ibps-clerk from chhattishgarh state. my interview is on 16th feb 2015, but i don’t know to speak chhattishgari . would it create a problem? plz reply

  66. pooja

    mam carrying a affidebt should be a solution for my problem i mean affidebt lejane par wo log mujhe allow kr dege na interview dene k liye phr to koi problem nae hogi na

  67. shweta chaudhary

    Respected mam,
    I have Cleared IBPS clerk IV.
    I have an OBC certificate dt:03/2/2015. Will this create an issue in attending interview.?
    plz rply mam….

  68. Raju

    Hello maam..

    I am a B.Tech graduate.I cleared IBPS clerk exam .I have a previous 10 months banking experience as a clerk in HDFC bank.I resigned it due to high sales targets and high work pressure.I resigned 6 months ago.I have completed my graduation in 2012.Kindly suggest me a proper explanation for leaving the previous organisation, so that i can convince the interview board.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Preparation for IBPS Clerk exam can be cited as one of the reason.When exams approached you thought of dedicating more time in studies so left the job and focused on preparation

      1. Raju

        One of my friend with a similar situation appeared for the IBPS clerk last year.When he cited these reasons they asked that What is the point in resigning the clerk job in one bank and preparing the clerk job in another bank as the packages are almost same.Kindly suggest a good reason.

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Now tell them difference of working in private bank as clerk and Government Bank as a clerk

  69. monika

    hello ma’am
    i clear ibps clerk exam….my querie is that at the time of filling application form i mention my PG qualification detail…but after ibps clerk exam my college inform that there is some calculation mistake in mark-sheet n they want back…know i have new mark-sheet…percentage and date know changed and also in new mark-sheet “revised marksheet” is not return.so is there problem occur during document verification.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Do you have any communication proof about mark sheet revision.During pre interview document verification you can tell them this and get the data corrected this will not be an issue

  70. Mohit

    Mam, I am Mohit…I am from haryana…I am very weak at speaking English…what should I do in interview…should I say I can’t speak English or should I try….also my Hindi has haryanvi accent…will it be a problem…please reply

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      IBPS interview language is English and local language most of the times.Also you do not have to be very fluent.Speak with confidence and slow to avoid any mistakes.It should be understandable

  71. Veera

    hello mam, My name in 10th, 12th, CMM, Provisional and degree certificate is MADINENI VEERASEKHAR, but in semester wise mark memos it was printed as VEERA SEKHAR M. Is there any problem with this during document verification…..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Does all semester marksheet have same name? If that is the case write a application to university for change of name and carry application receipt during interview for safety

      1. Veera

        upto 3rd year marks memos it printed as VEERA SEKHAR M and in final year marks memo it printed as like in 10th and degree certificate

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Then it should not be a problem but getting the name corrected from university will be good

  72. Pritha Ghosh

    Mam i have a poor percentage in my class 12 examination.What reason should i give if during interview they ask me about it

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Tell the truth if you are giving fake reason they might catch you or ask question based on it

  73. khushboo

    Mam,I am shortlisted for interview for ibps clerk 4. Date of passing is not mentioned in my graduation marksheet instead date of printing is mentioned 2-8-2013 so i had written 25-5-2013 which is the date of declaration of result. So my interview will get cancelled or not? Plzz mam help me…

  74. amrit Aryan

    respected mam,
    is there need of ‘minority ccommunity” certifiate in ibps. clerk iv interview. as there is no extra reservation for minority community.
    I comes under OBC category and I have valid obc non creamy layer certifiate. I belong to Sikh community. but I don’t have ‘minority community’ certifiate. my qus is tha mam, is there is any need for minority community certifiate for interview???

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You can have it ready.IBPS does not have if I can recall correctly but NICL and others have

  75. sasmita samal

    hello maam, i m lvng in bangalore from 3-4 months with my husband……. i want to do job here bcz my husband is lvng here…….. so that i m tryng to learn kannada.. i m selected for ibps cwe 4 intervw… is there any chance………..

  76. Raj

    Dear Madam,

    I have cleared IBPS IV as my interview is on 10th Feb 2015 i have mentioned experience of 16 months as i was working in private bank. But my experience certificate is pending from the other end and it will take time. So what alternative documents can be taken at the time of interview as i am having my joining letter, salary slip and full and final settlement slip. Please guide

  77. venkatesh

    i have cleared ibps clerical-14 and having interview on feb 12th-2015
    but i made a mistake in uploading my degree aggregate marks.
    actual marks was 63.78% but i wrote it as 64.78%. will this cause
    a problem in selection process? pls help me how to come-out of this problem??

  78. Mohit

    i am mohit..i am not able to take reprint of my application….the page shows error…what should i do know…please help me out

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      The application reprint is allowed for few days only.Check if it still is allowed

  79. Navaid

    Mam I forget to mention my PG diploma in plastic processing and testing qualification in lBPS Clerk registration form yet I have mentioned 1 year experience which is in plastic industry. So should I take my PG diploma during interview? And what should I say if they asked about this? Please help me

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      What educational qualification have you mentioned in application form?

  80. rahul

    i have cleared ibps clerk and have an interview on 7 feb.
    after 2010 i.e after graduation i have not done any job.then how toface the problem of this gap???plz help….

      1. rahul

        i tried in private sector but i didnot got any job.after dat i started preparing for the bank.

  81. Subha

    I have cleared sbi associate po online exam, but i dont have the online application form. What shall i do? Is it required during interview?

  82. vipin pawar

    HI Esha,
    i have cleared the clerk written exam.how can i show that my B.E.(chemical) degree is beneficial as a clerk??

  83. Kasturi Bhattacharya

    In my IBPS application form, I have written Date of passing graduation is 20-June-2013, while actually it is 17-Oct-2013.
    Is it Okay?

      1. arun

        I have enteted wrong date of passong graduation it is 10-7-2014 and i enteted 08-05-2014 is there any issue????

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Please check the advertisement if your correct date is within eligibility criteria

          1. arun

            Yes madam it is in eligibility criteria the criteria is 01-09-2014 and my passing date is 10-07-2014

  84. priya

    hello mam,
    i dont have certificate of c lang but i mentioned in ibps application form will it be any problem?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Why you mentioned wrong information. Do you have any computer certificate?

      1. priya

        at the time of filling application it is there, later while shifting from a place to another i lost my certfcte

  85. BIJU

    i have done BE in Electronics & Communication.HOW I can convince interviewer for ibps clerk post and what is the use of my degree in bank

  86. Kasturi Bhattacharya

    Hello Mam,
    In my 10th, 12th marksheet an AADHAR Card my name is written as Kasturi Bhattacharyya, while in graduation marksheets, provisional degree certificate and IBPS application form it is written as Kasturi Bhattacharya. Same problem is their in my father’s and mother’s name spelling.

    Will it create any problem for me during interview?

          1. Kasturi Bhattacharya

            Mam, Are you sure that they will not ask about it?

  87. renisa sharma

    Although I have good marks in my post graduation and 10th and 12th exams, I have less than 50% in my graduation. The honest reason is that I had been distracted due to some personal issues which cant be explained. So how should I deal with questions regarding my low grads marks?

  88. vishal

    hello mam,
    i have cleared ibps clerk written exam.
    i wanted to know that does domicile certificate necessary for document verification?

  89. harish

    Hi madam,
    1.Do i need to carry a character certificate for the interview?
    2.Self attested copies means ,we can sign on the xerox copies and carry them or we need to get it signed by a govt employee?

    1. Nivas

      Self attested means attested by self
      Gazetted attested means attested by Gazetted officer.
      So you need to sign on your documents not gazetted officer.

  90. raksha

    hello mam, my name is raksha
    I have cleared Ibps clerk 4 & have interview on 16th Feb. What should i answer questions like…
    1) Why you want this job after doing P. G. in pharmacy
    2) how your knowledge of pharmacy help in growth of our bank
    plz mam suggest some answers

  91. Avinash

    Hello Ma’am,
    I have cleared Ibps clerk 4 & have interview on 9th Feb. What should i answer questions like…
    1) Why Banking ?
    2) Why you want this job after doing P. G. in Biotechnology?
    I have done Masters in Biotechnology (2011) and this my Second interview for ibps. Please give sample (Demo) answer.
    Thanks & Regards

  92. SONU

    I have cleared ibps clerk 4 and i am a ward of a defence personal therefore i don,t have full knowledge of local language as we have to travel alot from one state to another, but i can read properly n somewhat i can write but i am not good in while speaking, so please mam suggest me what to do. I have an interview on 20th feb.

  93. manasa

    Hai esha
    I have completed all my education in andhra.but now i am applying job in telangana state.as i am married i will stay here in telangana only.is there any pb. during interview regarding regions or what answer should i give if they ask y r u preffering to do job herein this state.??

  94. Krishna dwivedi

    Hi maam my name is krishna dwivedi and i have cleared ibps clerk 4. Actually maam last time i got selected for interview but unfortunetly just because of local language i was not able to crack the interview. so please maam suggest me what to do.I have an interview on 20th feb.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Local language knowledge is important.Candidates having it are preferred

  95. sunita

    Mam, i have my interview on 10 feb . i want to know that as i m married should i need to have marriage certificate also while going for the interview. plz reply mam.

  96. kamallochan naik

    mam i have been selected for ibps clerical iv interview. my question is that my MA board certificate name has wrongly published as KAMAL LOCHAN NAIK INSTEAD OF KAMALLOCHAN NAIK.There is no any middle name in my name.Can it problem of my interview.

      1. bhagirath

        Mam i am selected for ibps clerk interview 4 . The Adress Which I Mentioned In Application Is My Uncles Adress. It Will Becomes A Problem Or what?

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          The communication will be on email and phone so communication wise it will not be a problem

  97. anynyumous

    Hello madam,
    I have one doubt,IN IBPS CWE-4 clerk online application,unfortunately I entered both the permanent and temporary address as same but my permanent address is different,is there any problem during interview.

  98. jatinder

    hlo mam…..i have only combined 3 year marksheet …..seperately year by year..not provided by university…..is there working during interview……

    1. Nivas

      no need of separate marks list. Your combined marks list and provisional degree certificate is required.

  99. simpal singh

    mam i have my graduation marksheets and provisional certificate too but not the original one..college will issue the certificate in 2015.i have completed my graduation in 2011..is there will be any problem for the interview? mam do i need affidavit for this my provisional is issued in 2011. plz help me

      1. anynyumous

        Hello madam,
        I have one doubt,IN IBPS CWE-4 clerk online application,unfortunately I entered both the permanent and temporary address as same but my permanent address is different,is there any problem during interview.

  100. simpal singh

    mam i have my graduation marksheets and provisional certificate too but not the original one..college will issue the certificate in 2015.i have completed my graduation in 2011..is there will be any problem for the interview? mam do i need affidavit for this my provisional is issued in 2011. plz help me

  101. Aman Kapoor

    Dear Mam,
    i had done my MBA (Finance) in 2011, after that i had done job for almost 2 years which i left in mid 2013 due to some unavoidable issues. since then i am preparing for competitive exam, well this time i have been selected for ibps clerk interview, problem is that neither i have any experience certificate or reliving certificate from company nor have any valid reason to justify myself in front of panel for gap of 3 years after MBA (as i had not mentioned about my experience while filling form) kindly suggest me what should i say their when asked about the same

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You can say you were working along with preparation but as it was private small concern you do not have other documents for support of it

  102. smriti

    mam i have my graduation marksheets and provisional certificate too but not the original one..college will issue the certificate in june 2015.i have completed my graduation in 2013..is there will be any problem for the interview?

  103. RIJU SAHA

    Mam I have a query regarding the interview process of ibps clerk 4 . Currently I am working in a private insurance firm for just three months . I am not a regular employee since my probation period will be over only after completion of 6 months . So do I have to carry my work experience certificate at the time of interview just like NOC certificate . Please advice.

  104. charu

    plz help me
    mam my name is in 10th marksheet Km chandra kala and in mca marksheet
    is chandrakala if i show the MCA marksheet .there is any problem for selection of po bank.

  105. deep dhebar

    Hello, greetings.
    I’m currently working with an RRB I’ve taken NOC from my HR department. But do I require experience certificate also along with NOC? coz in call letter it’s written that experience certificate from present / previously employed

    So please guide me for the same I’m in little bit confusion. My hr department told experience certificate would be given only after reliving

  106. K RAMU

    Hi mam, myself an ex service man. cleared clerk IV exam , i checked my application print out and found a typing error that my B.Sc passing year is wrongly entered as 1988 instead of 1998. Now what is the solution while appearing interview. kindly give me suggestion.

  107. v.bhavani

    hi mam..u’ve told dat computer must b a subject either in graduation or high school.but i didn’t hav dat subjct either in graduation or high school.i am a b.com general graduate.vl dis b a prblm in allowing me to interview or in d interview?plzz help me mam

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Do you have working knowledge of computers? or did any course on it

      1. v.bhavani

        i have no working knowledge but i have learnt computer basics and tally.should i include dat in my documents?


    Hello mam,
    I am YuvaRaja finished MSW in 2011 and working in private sector. But i hadnt mentioned my experience in application. I had cleared the IBPS CLERK 4 belonged to SC category. There are two problems now. One is I forget to mention my experience and the other is I lost my school and college marksheets and got the duplicate certificates. Will those thing negative impression on me. How can i convince them.
    Please help me to sort out this.
    Thank you.

      1. YUVARAJA

        Yes mam i got my duplicates already. The query is what should i say about job experience which i forget to mention application. Will those thing create negative impression on interview and verification.

  109. gauri

    hello mam
    i have cleared ibps clerk..mam i have an issue.
    i have enterd wrong year of passing of graduation. please suggest me what shud i do.? wud it effect my interview?

  110. Karthika

    Hi madam,
    I have a doubt, for my ibps po interview i answered all questions (all from banking) except one. while answering towards the end of answers they also spoke along with me like a discussion. At the end the main person told me that ‘ i think you have studied something’ i said ‘yes’ and then he again asked ‘did u go for any coaching’ i replied ‘yes’.
    what did he mean? is it a positive response or negative? is this a sign of passing interview?

  111. suhani

    is it compulsory to have obc certificate in ibps obc format only? i have my certificate but its in normal GOI format so does it make any issue????

        1. Nivas

          Hi Suhani,
          Please believe my words as I appeared IBPS interview in previous. THEY WILL NOT ALLOW YOU IF YOUR OBC IS IN State Government format. SHOULD CARRY CENTRAL GOVERNMENT FORMAT ONLY WITH CREAMY LAYER MENTIONED. No of people were rejected due to OBC only.
          You can call me on my no. if you have any queries 8885665995

  112. geet

    Hello , I want to confirm one thing …at the time when i was filling application i didnot mention for my experience which is in customer relation (approx.2years & m in same job ) but nw wht to say in interview plz guide me..is it fine to tell about my job &experience as I have not mentioned it in application ? …

    one more thing that I have mentioned in application form that I haven’t given ibps clerical earlier than this….can thay ask any questions about this..if so then what should be the answer?

    Actually I was not having proper guidance for all the scenario mentioned above…can I tell this reason to them…

    plz help me out.. i am too much tensed and can’t afford to loose this opportunity…


  113. kajal

    I have been shortlisted for ibps clerk interview. Problem is
    that i have all documents with kajal name but my 3 year
    computer diploma with my sur name also like kajal nain.
    what i will do….

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Does any of your document has full name like ID proof or anything..

  114. durga

    Hi Esha,

    I have Cleared IBPS clerk IV. I have two issues.
    1. I have an OBC certificate dt:15/1/2015. Will this create an issue in attending interview.
    2. I have lost my 3rd semester marksheet but i have my engineering consolidated marksheet. i have applied for duplicate 3rd semester marksheet however will recieve in 2-3 months of time. Will this be a problem .

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Mark sheet will not be a problem provided you have provisional certificate

  115. Venkatesh Reddy

    Iam doing MBA final semister that will be completed in 2015 april…. and i got qualified in IBPS Clerk 2014…. my question wheather it is better to tell them as iam doing MBA r not……

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You can mention it Since graduation is the eligibility criteria there is no harm in mentioning it.Even if you have not passed it it will not make negative impression

  116. Prashant

    i got 120(Gen)Marks in rrb p.o. There is any chance to get an interview call???
    abhi rrb aryawat bank m vacancy nikli h k..

  117. angela

    Dear mam,
    I had completed my engineering in 2012 and I was working in bpo 3 month andthen I came for preparing exams. What could I say my years gap? And I passed in some other exams. If they ask will you leave this job if you get better opportunity however yes is my answer. Whether this answer is opt for ibps clerk4 interview? Would the panel see this point negatively.? Please clear all my doubts


    hello madam,
    i m rameshwaran from tamilnadu belongging to OBC cat..i have been shortlisted for ibps clerk- iv interview.In the ibps clerk-iv advertisement they mentioned OBC caste certificate containing the Non-creamy layer clause should be valid as on the last date of online registration i.e. 01.09.2014 (issued within one year prior to the last date for online registration).but i got the obc(non-creamy layer) certificate this january only…Is there any problem at the time of interview.plsssss say madam its vry helpful for me..

  119. Monalisa

    hello madam,
    I have been shortlisted for the ibps clerk-IV interview. But i haven’t downloaded the system generated application form print out which is compulsory for the interview. I am worried for whether they will not allow me to attend the interview. Will ibps website will reactive the link for application form? I am very stressfull because of that. Please mam help me. Waiting for your reply.

  120. Kunal

    Hello mam,
    i have cleared ibps clerk-4 exam from maharashtra & shortlisted for an interview which are going to held in next month. my problem is that i am currently studying mtech but i didn’t mentioned it in application form. so should i tell them at the time of interview or not? I really need this job. but if i hide it from them then can any problem occur?

    1. prince kumar

      I m also facing the same problem. But we should hide our higher education. Cause if we will disclosure the more qualification, they will put up more question. We can say that after our b.tech. we were preparing for the government service. No body can’t regret our this excuse.

      1. Anurag

        In officer level bank exams also we should not mention abt mtech?

    2. Anurag

      So u told abt ur mtech to them?
      Suggest me also , should I mention post graduation in bank exam or not.

  121. Hitesh

    My category listed under central revered category.
    will they accept my category certificate.
    Please help me as eagerly waiting for your reply

  122. Anil Kushwaha

    I have qualified for Clerk -IV from Gujrat State but don’t know the local language, But I am in process of learning Gujrati language, But in very less time I can’t speak fluently Gujrati language.
    So my question is- Would they keep it on high priority. I mean If I will be knowing only to read/write Gujrati language, Is that be OK or I must know to speak it fluently ?

    Please reply Ma’am !!!

  123. Hitesh

    I am in problem mam pls help me out.
    Well my faimly permanent resident of dehradun but my birthplace is uttar Pradesh where also we got permanent residence.in uttar Pradesh we comes sc category and had national level certificate issued by uttar Pradesh goverment. So seeing this I have selected my category sc but when I choose my examination center dehradun it automatically selected state applied for uttarakhand.
    Now I have qualified clerk exam under sc category so I am worried will they accept my up sc certificate or they will reject me as I should have sc certificate of uttarakhand.I am tensed a lot mam as I deliberately need this job.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You have the SC certificate and is recognized by Central then it should not be a problem

      1. renu

        Hi mam, recently i went uttar pradesh for getting sc certificate in ibps format, but since i am married and stay in haryana so my interview is in haryana, so my sc certificate made in uttarpradesh will create any problem in interview, will they allow me to give interview..

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          As per IBPS notification Caste Certificate issued by the competent authority in the prescribed format as stipulated by Government of India in the case of SC / ST / OBC category candidates.

          So if yours is in GOI format then no need to worry

  124. Swapnil Dhaye

    Is it necessary that I should give the answer in eng language if they asked me first question in eng..

  125. er j k dubey

    hello mam
    first of all thanks to help
    i have done my btech with ece this year n the q from interviewee that why u want to join banking field as ur background from engineering line 2 how can i make my resume effective 3 send me banking q and ans related to interview
    why r u leaving ur current job

    pls mam help me , i am waiting

  126. sadik

    Mam on my SSC certificate
    My name is
    And other certificate
    Post Graduation
    Leaving Certificate
    Id proof
    On my Ibps application
    my surname SHEKH wich is extra on my ssc certificate(Double) can they disqualify me for that pls suggest

  127. somnath

    i had an obc certificate in west bengal govt format issued in 2012. now i issued this in 6th jan 2015 in ibps format. will that date work in clerical interview?

  128. kesang

    Respects mam, I am frm west Bengal and as I studied in Nepali medium school I don’t hv fluency in eng.i hv cleared ibps clerk 4 exam.how cud I communicate in initerview..plzz suggst meh and I also dnt hv knowledge of local language…waitng fr ua valuable rply

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Candidates with Local language are preferred by IBPS. Try to practice a bit and hope for the best.Do prepare well

  129. deepak rahangdale

    Mam i have cleared IBPS IV CLERK Exam. but i have some problem?
    first:- In my all academic marksheet my name is “DEEPAK KUMAR RAHANGDALE” but in IBPS form and admit card is “DEEPAK RAHANGDALE” SO pelase mam tell me its occure problem for me or not? what should i have to do?
    second:- mam i have cleared my IBPS IV From maharashtra, but i am from M.P., I can read and write marathi, but spoken is little bit so it will affect my interview, is there any chance of my selection. reply as soon as possible please mam.

  130. shalu

    Hello mam
    I have scored 136 in ibps rrb cwe office assistant 2014 general category.
    Is there any chance to get interview call letter
    plzz reply

  131. faizel

    Hello ma’am,
    Suppose if I just scored cutoff mark but perform well in the interview, is there any chance for me to get the job

  132. SHIRISH

    hi mam
    I cleared ibps clerk exam 2014 i completed my MCA but at th time of filling application form i mention only BCA as my degree. will it cause any prblm at the time of interview

  133. mukeshmek

    Hello mam, I have cleared ibps clerk 2014 written and waiting for interview. Currently I am working in an IT company for last one year. In the application form I have not mentioned about my job. I want to hide it during interview too. Would it be better to hide? Later if selected is there any way they could know abt my work?

  134. Tushar

    Madam, I have filled my local language as English instead of Hindi ,Is there any method to change it . If not please tell me which RRb bank in UP does not require Local Language as Hindi

  135. tina

    i want to know that how distance learning is considered at the time of interview does distance learning is considered drop . as i have done my MBA HR from smu and pg diploma in financial management diploma in banking and finance all from distance learning .

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Graduation is the eligiblity criteria in IBPS so these quslifications are additional assets for you

  136. sadiya salahuddin

    hello mam i have completed my btech in biomedical engg in 2011 since then i have not done any job i m only giving tuitions to students of class 9 and 10 at home so will this create a problem?? actually i tried but biomedical engg only gives sales job in india and in that i was not comfortable so i decided not to do it although i have worked in this field for 3 month but dont have experience letter,in my last interview when i told the panel that i m not doing the job bcoz biomedical offers sales job then they said in banking also der is sales so why banking so mam plz tell me what answer should i give for this question?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Sales job with low salary and career growth are the reason you want to switch to Bank


    I had graduated from dehradun in 2012. I have got all my Marks Sheet of graduation and Provisional Certificate given by the University but I DONT HAVE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF GRADUATION as delay in issuing due to first Uttarakhand Massacre and Secondly some Legal Case against college for entering additional words in certificate. They will issue the certificate in the next 2-3 months time. Will I be allowed in the Interview of IBPS CLERK scheduled on feb 2015 ?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Provisonal certificate will help but you need to give written application that you will produce the original later


      Giving an Application for Certificate Submittion date will work in the Site ?? If so , then its a relief for me .
      Thanx Ma’m.


    Sir , i have passed ibps clerk 4 from gujarat , i do BE(IT) with less percentage and i was 1 year failed … then it may create wrong impression or not…. ?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Yes it will and does but if your interview goes fine and have good score in written test it will not be a problem

  139. manikandan

    Mam i have selected for IBPS CLK exam.my native place is kerala.But i applied the exam for tamil nadu.Local language is my problem.but i speak,read the tamil language very well.Is their any problem,i cannot write tamil.And also SC certificate applied now itself.Is their any chance to reject the interview.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Candidates with local language knowledge are preferred.If I am not wrong Tamil and Malayam are very close

  140. amrit

    hii mam ,as IBPS mentioned “obc caste certificate containing the non
    creamy layer should be valid as on the last
    date of online registration i.e 01.09.2014
    issued within one year prior to the last date
    for online registration”
    but I have a freash OBC non creamy layer certificate, will I allow for interview? will it create any problem? please reply mam

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      IMO IBPS will allow you if your letter is older then that may create problem

      1. amrit

        respected mam, mai “Letter” word ko understood nhi kr pa rha hu, ap “Letter” OBC,certificate ko bol rhe ho na mam?
        mera OBC NON CREAMY LAYER CERTIFIATE 15-01-2015 ko issue hua h.

  141. pooja

    mam mere photo identity proof me surname chouhan he but sare document me chauhan he rest thing is same is thier any problem will they allow me in the interview

      1. pooja

        mam in my interview call letter it is mention that name in photo identity proof and in call letter should tally letter by letter then what should I do. should I carry a affadebt for it as in aadhar card my father name have the same mistake that in my name that is chouhan is in aadhar card and chauhan in all the documents rest is same

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          You can have one for safety and also you can apply for name correction in aadhar card..this kind of spelling mistakes are common

  142. chandrima rana

    madam,here in the CWE CLERK notification “obc caste certificate containing the non creamy layer should be valid as on the last date of online registration i.e 01.09.2014 issued within one year prior to the last date for online registration” is mentioned … and my obc certificate was issued on 30.06.2011… so am i applicable for obc catagory???? if not what i have to do??? pls mam help me to get out of this problem…

      1. chandrima rana

        yes mam…but i belong to the non cremy layer as per my obc certificate..

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          You can apply for new one..IBPS has separate clause for Non creamy ones.Please read the advertisement for more details or comment section of this post

          1. chandrima rana

            but mam in my certificate there is another section referring to the non creamy layer to which i belong..thats not the issue…but my certificate was issued in 2011…may this create any problem regarding issue date????

    1. kamal

      koi dikkat nahi hai ..unka kehne ka matlab hai ki ek saal se jada purana nahi hona chaiye latest chahe us din nikalwaya ho.. bank p.o ke interview me allow kiya hai aese logo ko bhi jo ek din pehle ka certificate laaye hai…

  143. Yojana

    mam, I have been selected for ibps clerk iv 2014 interview from gujarat. I am from maharashtra in application form i have indicated category as OBC.My caste is kunbi which is under OBC category in maharashtra & central level. I have caste certificate & caste validity certificate from maharashtra govt.I have studied 1 to 10th in gujarat & B.E. computer from maharashtra. I can write,read & speak gujarati fluently . Will it creat problem can i get selected as general candidate pease guide me.Thanking you

      1. Yojana

        ma m i mean i am obc candidate.i applied from gujrat but i have obc caste certificate from maharashtra because i m from maharashtra but living in gujrat. i want to ask that wether it will create problem?

  144. Rakesh Kumar Panwar

    Thanks Mam,
    Could you please tell me the procedure after filling FIR and minimum time taken in this process.Could I get it before Interview.

  145. Rakesh Kumar Panwar

    I have cleared IBPS Clerk IV Exam from Haryana state under OBC category but the problem is that I have lost my OBC certificate. So,I want to know what’s the best solution for it.
    Should I go for Interview under General category(I filled OBC in application form) or should I applied for another OBC certificate(would it be valid if I applied for it now or is there any procedure for issuing of Duplicate caste certificate)
    Plz help

  146. kumar

    Dear madam,
    I am kumar, i have qualified for ibps clerks IV interview and presently am working in PSU sector on contract basis, after a 4 years am going to face interview.. so pl i need your help and teach hw to face interview and what are the subjects can i look out in a short period.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Please read the post as it outlines quesitons asked in IBPS Clerk interview also download all the papers

  147. shri thillak

    my birth certificate and aadhar card has 92 as DOB and that’s correct. But my 10th, 12th. college certificates have 91.. :( pls help me… what can i do for this? would they reject me? Pls reply soon.. i m much concerned about it..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Mention your birth date as that of 91 and say your aadhar card birth date needs correction

  148. sandeep kumar singh

    Dear mam,I have cleared written exam of ibps cwe 2014.I am from Bihar state but currently i live in Bangalore thats why i have given test in bangalore only.now m confused about official language of it.can u help me how to prepare for interview.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Local language is Kannad.Candidates having knowledge of Kannad will be given preference

  149. sagar

    hi mam I have one big problem.I have completed my graduatn from biotechnology.I have jus cleared ibps clerk exam.if they will ask me in the interview .y did u choose bio?if u want to join bank.so what shd I say ?pls mam give me best answer so I can impress them.pls reply

  150. jatinder

    hlo mam

    i have a one dought plz clear it……

    mam i complete my qraduation from distance education ,,,,,i hear someone that during interview distance education have get less weightage…….plz clear it thnxs

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Please concentrate on Interview preparation.If interview goes well then these things will not matter much

  151. makhdum

    Mam I have selected for ibps clerk 4
    But before exam I have resigned my job it is also a gov. Job and I didn’t mention it in my application form because I predetermined for resignation. Should this cause any trouble in my interview ??
    mam plz reply

  152. ratna

    I am shortlisted for Clerk-IV interview. I have been staying in Hyderabad from past 10 years.So I have applied for Telangana under OBC category.
    My problem is that I don’t have OBC from Telangana. But I have OBC from AP(my native).
    will it be a problem if I got the OBC from other state rather than the state which I have applied?
    Do I need to have the OBC of Telangana?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      As the state was created newly they will consider it but you can start process of getting new one

  153. soumya


    1. soumya


  154. anurag

    Mam I have selected for interview of ibps clerk 4.
    but i have entered date of passing 2003 instred of 2013..
    mam this will occurs trouble in interview?should this cause to cancellation of my candidature??
    what should i do now?
    plz help me mam…
    thanking you

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      IBPS will allow you but they may tell you to write a letter for this change

  155. prakrati saxena

    hello mam
    I am prakrati.i have cleared ibps clerk 4 exam .i have to face interview in the month of may.i did BE(IT).Please suggest me what type of question they going to ask me .

  156. sameer


    I have been shortlisted for ibps clerk interview but there is one problme i applied it from maharashtra and i don’t have any information regarding marathi language.
    is there any chance of getting selected or they directly reject me just because of local language??
    Please reply madam

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      For IBPS Clerk post candidates having local language knowledge are preferred

      1. sameer

        Prefered i understand
        but if i scored well in written and interview also
        then there is a chance of getting select

  157. vaishnavi

    I have been shortlisted for ibps clerical interview but my initial and date of year is wrong in my online application. What should I do now? Does this affect my interview result?

      1. vaishnavi

        my initial and date of year.
        correct details are M.Vaishnavi
        Entered details are V.vaishnavi

          1. vaishnavi

            name in id is M.Vaishnavi and dob is 13/02/1992
            incorrect details entered by me are

          2. Esha Upadhyay

            Then it will be a problem..But do go there and try to convince them and see if they agree

  158. Keerthi

    Hi Mam,
    I completed my b.e on 2012.I cleared my IBPS clerk exam.I am currently working in an IT company.I did nt mention about my experience in my application form.I need to tell about it if they ask me what was i doing all these days.will it create a impression tat i have hidden about it in application form.should i give noc or experience letter when i appear for interview.Please help me.I am totally confused.

    Thanks in advance.Waiting for ur valuable repy.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      There is no need of NOC if you are working in IT company.You can give recent pay slips and joining letter in support of your experience.

  159. sunita

    sir, i m married, i want to know while introducing myself, should i give details
    of my in laws or i should give only my personal qualifications only.
    please suggest me good answer for cwe clerk 4 common interview.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You can just brief about yourself and then educational quslification.Their is no need to give any details about your in laws

    2. sunita

      mam, i m from sc category. is it necessary to have caste certificate in ibps format.i have caste certificate of the year 2011. should i make new or the old one will be acceptable. plz reply mam.

  160. prashant

    dear sir
    i am a mechanical engineer and i am preparing for banking sector
    i have interview of bank p.o. but i am having problem to answer this question please provide me good answer for interview of clerk
    you are a mechanical engg so how are you beneficial for us (banking)??

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Please read comment section there are multiple answers for this question

  161. navdeep dhull

    mam I have completed my b.tech in 2013 and cleared ibps clerk exam wat should be my ans when they ask me in interview that y u engineer want to join bank

    but mam reality is that it is very difficult to clear any govt job exam and I need any govt job…

    wat should be my ans in good at the time of interview ?????

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I have answered these questions many times (different answers to different people).So please read the comment section and choose which best fits you

  162. Mithun

    hello mam,i have cleared ibps clerk .i wanna ask,I have completed bsc in 2006 den mba in 201 in marketing.i was working in private sector with no proper documents.bt i did not mention dis work experience.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You can mention about it if they ask for gap and all.Not all companies provide experience certificate.

      1. Anurag

        Respected Madam,

        I hv cleared ibps clerk IV exam. I hv 1 yr and hv mentioned it in application form. I hv joining letter of company along wid salary slips. I do not hv experience certificate(I hv asked for it fm my cmpny , but due to internal process it is taking time). At interview time , can I get sometime to show exp or can I say that I was off role and therefore cmpny did not gave exp certificate ?

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          IBPS will consider these documents and you can show experience certificate later on

          1. Anurag

            Thank you maam. Can I show payslip of any month or is it mandatory to show latest month payslip ?

          2. Esha Upadhyay

            Latest will prove that you are working there till that date

    2. Anup Gathe

      I am a mechanical engg. I have been shortlisted for ibps clerk interview, I passed 1 class in all.
      My father also retired from SBI as a manager, I fear ful about question in interview. Please tell me what type of questions ask to me in interview . and plz tell me what should I answer to it.
      Thank you

        1. Anup Gathe

          I read post and download paper also but the questions and answer regarding engg not sown there, plz give me some idia about que and ans.

          thank you

          1. Esha Upadhyay

            Question and Answer regarding engg.In case you why bank after engg then please read comment section similar questions have been answered

  163. Kasturi Bhattacharya

    Mam , I have qualified written exam and I have completed my BCA in 2013 and have all semester marksheets but did’nt received provisional degree/degree, but I have applied for it and I guess I will atleast get my provisional degree before my interview as I have applied as Urgency.
    Will they allow me for interview?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      IBPS may ask you to write a disclosure that you will produce them after sometime

      1. Kasturi Bhattacharya

        Thank you so much Mam for your reply. However, will they allow me to interview?

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Could you please write your question as well? It is tough to remember question posted by each one of you due to huge volume of questions per day

          1. Kasturi Bhattacharya

            Mam , I have qualified written exam and I have completed my BCA in 2013 and have all semester marksheets but did’nt received provisional degree/degree, but I have applied for it and I guess I will atleast get my provisional degree before my interview as I have applied as Urgency.
            Will they allow me for interview?

          2. Esha Upadhyay

            yes you can but does your pass date within eligibility limit

          3. Kasturi Bhattacharya

            Thank you so much for your answer. I was very tensed on this issue as I have still not received even my provisional degree but will get it soon.

            Thanks & Regards

  164. Bhavitha

    This is Bhavitha from Karnataka. I have cleared IBPS CWE CLERK 4, But unknowingly i have made a mistake in my category. I have applied for OBC but my category comes under Unreserved. Is there any chance of editing the application at the time of interview with the help of interviewer if i have obtained the cutoff declared for general category or will my candidature be rejected? Please help me out of this?Whether is it good to approach at the time of interview or not?

  165. jyoti

    Dear mam,I have cleared written exam of ibps cwe 2014.m from other state but as my husband’s job in chhattisgarh I applied for chhattisgarh.now m confused about official language of it.in Wikipedia it’s both Hindi n chhattisgarhi.can u help me how to prepare chhattisgarhi

  166. Rajesh Prajapat

    hello mam,
    mene bbm kiya h uske bad mene mba marketing se kiya h or interviewer mujse puchega ki aapne mba kar rakha h or aap bank clerk me kyu joine karna chahte ho to me kya reply de sakta hu jis se vo satiesfied ho jaye

    1. Rajesh Prajapat

      or mam mene agreecate marks mba me 64 likh diya h jabki mera 66.69% h to koi question to nhi hoga or hua to kya answer duga mam please reply dena

  167. Rajesh Prajapat

    hello mam,
    mam me ibps clerk 4 me pass ho gya hu or mene exam gujrat se di h or me rajasthan se hu or muje gujrati bolne or padna dono aata h but likhna jyada nhi aata h to koi tension wali bat to nhi h na mam please suggest me

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      They will ask you to read local newspaper and explain them the meaning

  168. Trisha

    Hello Mam,
    I am from Kolkata and have been shortlisted for IBPS Clerk interview. I have graduated from an institute here which is affiliated to PTU. I have not received my final semester marksheet yet but I do have the internet generated copy of my marks card stamped with the seal of my institute and attested by our HOD. I also have the provisional certificate, but the one issued by our college and not the university. Will those work? Also what documents should I ask for my college so as to furnish the proof of passing graduation before 01/09/14?
    Waiting anxiously for your reply.

  169. shashank

    mam…mere rrb OA me 168 marks hai…to kya me ye expect kar sakta hu ki mujhe hindi language states me koi RRB bank mil sakta hai??

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Interview also plays role in selection.Prepare well for interview

  170. Santosh N

    Hello Madam,
    I m from Karnataka n I m shortlisted for ibps clerk interview.
    After 10th I completed 3 years Diploma Engineering without passing 12th, after that I passed Bachelor’s degree through open university with only 48%.
    Will they consider percentage of bachelor’s degree ?
    Please reply…

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      For this year IBPS eligibility is Graduation marks is not the criteria

      1. Santosh N

        Thanks madam….
        what r the documents v need to submit during interview?

      2. ANAND

        i do not know interview process for ibps clerk 2015 means whether it is common interview or to particular bank based on this i have to prepare……….

          1. Santosh N

            Madam I applied under OBC category, before applying for this post I had a Obc certificate dated 11-12-2011 but in December 2014 I got a new certificate…will this be prblm for me in the interview ?

  171. Ravikumar

    Hello mam,i have completed my BE in june 2014,i joined to BE after my diploma so i was to pass 4 extra subjects for which university wont give marks cards n even the marks gained in those 4 subjects will not be added to degree aggregate,but now the pblm is,i passed 3 n one i passed in this jan, the university has not yet given the marks card of 8th sem which i passed on june 2014.i hav the internet generated attested copy of 8th sem marks card from our college princi.will ther b any pblm in ibps clerk 4

      1. Ravikumar

        no mam,i just have the internet generated 8th sem marks sheet which is attested by principal.

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Degree certificate is required But I will check and reply to you

  172. Indian

    I am from engineering background what should I tell when interviewer ask why you joking bank after engineering (electronics). Should I tell them my sister is in bank too ??

    1. v.bhavani

      hi mam..pls give me a helping hand.vl there b any prblm if name in d original id proof and hall ticket were different?in the sense one word in my name in d hall ticket is missing..pls answer me mam

          1. v.bhavani

            my name is v.leela ganga bhavani mam.but in the hall ticket it was wrongly given as v.leela bhavani.vl they consider this as a prblm in giving me a job mam?

      1. v.bhavani

        thank you so much for your reply mam.i am very much worried about this problem and now i am feeling better with your reply ..thanks mam and happy pongal in advance…

  173. Finding Hope

    Guys , I completed my graduation in 2012 Btech Electrical applied from Gujarat & passed clerk twice !! In previous clerk interview all panel were impressd by my English and praised but they gave me 35 just passed ( I can read write can speak little Gujarati my parents are gujarati but I was born in Jaipur) & I couldn’t made in final allotment !!
    So this time shud I mention my second time giving interview to them ??
    What should I keep in my mind ?? In previous year they continue forced me to try in PO & all were smiling !!

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Do you know reason they rejected you? There is nothing wrong in mentioning you are trying second time if asked.Do not mention without context

  174. techlancer

    Wil u be disqualified if u dnt kno d local language to write bt know to read and speak…? Or u wil jst lóse preference ? Plz rply..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      IBPS will prefer candidates having local language knowledge.Some questions on it are asked in Interview

  175. TAMIL


  176. manikandan

    mam i passed ibps clerk online exam and i shortlisted for the interview.Document submission one certificate is missing,the certificate is (valid system generated printout of the online application form registered for CWE Clerks-IV).Is their any chance/problem to reject my interview.pls reply me mam…..

      1. Tousif

        Mam I had applied for OBC certificat.but I got income and cast certificat and 2B broadcast class is mentioned in tat. Is tat valid or no. If not valid then I will apply and take new OBC certificate before my personal interview which is on 15 Feb 2015. They will accept new certificate or no?

  177. mangesh

    Hello mam,
    I have scored 80 in IBPS RRB 3 OFFICE ASSISTANT, 2014 I belong to SC
    category , Maharashtra… what about me for interview call letter..
    Pls reply me mam…

  178. vipin

    Hello mam,
    I have scored 96 in IBPS RRB 3 OFFICE ASSISTANT, 2014 I belong to SC
    category , Maharashtra… is there any chance to get interview call letter..
    Pls reply me mam…

  179. praful

    Hello mam,
    I have scored 120 in IBPS RRB 3 OFFICE ASSISTANT, 2014 I belong to SC
    category , Maharashtra… is there any chance to get interview call letter..
    Pls reply me mam…

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      It is tough to say about interview chances but you will get interview call

  180. praful

    Hello mam,
    I have scored scored 120 in assistant ,2014. i belong to SCC category , Maharashtra.. is there any chance to get interview call letter.. Pls reply me mam….

    1. praful

      minimum marks in office assistant for get interview call letter in maharashtra

  181. vivek

    Hello mam,
    I have scored 115 in RRB CWE 3 Officer scale 1 and scored 157 in assistant ,2014. i belong to OBC category , Rajasthan.. is there any chance to get interview call letter.. Pls reply me mam….

          1. vivek

            mem aapke hisab se kitna cutoff jayega interview call k liye os1 m obc cat. m???

          2. Esha Upadhyay

            Cut off ke baare me kahana thik nahi hoga…Uska bas andaaz lagaya jaa sakta hai jo sahi bhi ho sakta hai galat bhi

  182. n.kishan

    hi mam, i belong to andhra pradesh and i don’t have telugu as a subject in 10th or in graduation,but i can read & understand telugu , can i apply for RRBs in AP ? please reply.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Good knowledge of local language is required.You need to have local language as a subject in 10th or 12th or Graduation.

  183. keerthu

    Hello mam, i have scored 116 in RRB CWE 3 office assistant ,2014. i belong to OBC category , Tamil Nadu.. is there any chance to get interview call letter.. Pls reply me mam

  184. Pari

    Hello Madam,iam from Karnataka n i did my engineering in electronics n communication.I dont have any computer certificate,but in my 1st sem marks sheeth a subject called Computer concepts n C programming mentioned..is it ok madam if i show that only……

  185. Atish

    Is there any format provided by ibps or we have to write resume. If you have the same time please provide me.

  186. n.kishan

    mam, i have scored 135 in RRB CWE 3 office assistant ,2014. i belong to Sc category ,will i get interview call ? and also mam, i belong to andhra pradesh and i don’t have telugu as a subject in 10th or in graduation,but i can read & understand telugu , can i apply for RRBs in AP ? please reply.

  187. himanshi

    mam i want to knw that i have completed my M.A in history n i have qualifieda ibps rrb clerk if interveiwer asked me what is the use of history in banking then hm kya rply de n ha mam mera graduation jo 2009 me kiya tha fir 1 saal ka gap ho h M.A me jo maine 2012 me kiya h to gap ka kya rply de plz help me mam

  188. Sheetal

    Hello Mam,

    this is giving me sleepless nights, i have applied for haryana gramin bank for
    interview for the post of OA and by mistake i filled “YES” in front of “Do you have Hindi in 8th and opted Sanskrit in 10th ,i had only Hindi in 10th and not sanskrit, will it leads to cancellation of my candidature???

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Could you please tell me your problem? There are so many comment it is difficult to remember problem you had

          1. Sheetal

            I have applied for haryana gramin bank for
            interview for the post of OA and by mistake i filled “YES” in front of “Do you have Hindi in 8th and opted Sanskrit in 10th ,i had only Hindi in 10th and not sanskrit, will it leads to cancellation of my candidature???

          2. Esha Upadhyay

            This may not create a problem and you should tell them about this upfront.But final decision rests upon them

  189. vicky kumar


    I have passed class 10 in 2006, 12 in 2008, graduation in 2014 let me tell you clealy i have failed one times in part 1 and one times in Part 3 and not given one times part 3 it takes almost 6 years to complete my graduation. my graduation year is 2008-2014. i want to ask that Is this gap will create problem in interview. and my 2nd question is I am from patna bihar but i have filled the ibps clerks IV gujarat. so official language will create problem in interview.
    Madam please its a request to you to give the answer so that i can manage myself for preparing interview.
    If it is possible please send the reply to vickykumar10091990@gmail.com

  190. Priyanka Bhattacharya

    Mam, i have been shortlisted for the ibps po 4 interview, i have done masters in english literature, since it is so vast i’m worried about what kind of questions they might ask from my subject…
    and if they ask why i want a bank job after doing m.a. in english then what should i say?
    one more thing that i wanted to know is whether they ask questions from honours subject only or from optional (pass) subjects as well?

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      IBPS personnel will not ask questions from Honours or pass.If they do then it will be basic questions.After MA in English teaching is one option which you do not like so you are joining Banks.

  191. Akanshi

    hello Mam,
    i completed my gradutions in 2012,
    can u plz give me a suitable answer if interviewer will ask me ” why you are not continuing your study after gradution”…

  192. tina

    mam I am tina i am puzzled with a question and is in need for someone like you who can answer it .I have done bba in 2010 then dropped a year for MBA prep. but things did not worked for me and dint got admission i waited for next 5 months then stated working in a bpo worked for 30 months at that time also i was giving banks exam but cudnt focus on studies . then i decided to call off my job in dec 3013 and stated preparing for bank exams from jan 2013 but till date dint got final success since my performance is raising ahead i am thinking to invest 1 more year ie 2015 for prep. i have also done diploma in banking and finance from iibf and currently persuing MBA 2 year from distance learning . also persuing diploma in international banking and finance iibf I am worried from the gaps in my career what to answer how to justify in interview ? what if i say im doing mba ? will my continous gap will create negative impression ? help me mam

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You can say the reasons mentioned above.Your banking diploma will help you

      1. tina

        thanks for ur kind reply mam .I also give tution classes at my place . can i mention this as my work that i am self employed and runs a coaching classes .

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Yes you can mention this.Like you do this to raise your preparation cost and support your family

  193. s.k. dubey

    Mam I am S.K. Dubey,I have 6 year of teaching experience in engineering college.but it is a private job and i want a permanent job thats why i went for banking.Now i qualified IBPS 4 Po exam,but i am very much tenced about the question that why you want to join bank,why you want to leave your teaching.Also i have done M.Tech.,so they ask about my over qualification.please mam suggest me how to convince them,because i dont want to lose this job.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Having 6 years of experience in teaching and MTECH does make the matter worse.Why have not you tried Government teaching job will be one of the questions

      1. s.k. dubey

        mam for getting government teaching job there is requirement of P.hd. and i dont want to pay more 4 or 5 years for this,thats why i am not interested in government teaching job.also mam i am not interested in teaching,its my optional field.i like to do government job like bank or any engineering job like bsnl jto etc.mam i know it become worse for me but still i want some convincing answer.please mam i am helpless for this.I know any question which is related to my job,about banking or about current gk, definately i am able to answer,but this point making me tenced.please help me mam.

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          That is why I asked you previous question.Now you can say I am in Private teaching field and it is not stable field.Over the years I tried doing phd so that I can get good Government teaching job.But that did not work out well.So I am switching to Banking job.

    2. srilatha

      I am btech student with cse branch,which kind of questions can expect in sbi clerical interview

      1. Esha Upadhyay

        please read the comment section answer to similar questions are already given

  194. JEET


    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Then learn Kannada language it is beautiful language..Local language knowledge is important for IBPS Clerk..They ask it in IBPS Clerk interview

      1. JEET

        Mam , is this must ?
        Bcz in one month it is not possible to learn as like karnatka local people.

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          Reading and understanding it is required.They may ask you to read a newspaper and tell them meaning of it.


    Madam I have cleared recently concluded IBPS PO 4 and shortlisted fr the interview..But Im feeling lil bit nervous of what questions they vl ask during interview .This is my 1st attempt and i nvr attended any interviews even during my graduation campus placement..Nw im trying to prepare some frequently asked interview questions along with answers but have many doubts..First of all could u pls provide a sample resume for bank PO Interview for freshers..I would be grateful if u can provide it..Also I need a best answer for why did u choose to join a bank??statistics growth of banking sector??

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Most of the details you asked for is included in documents provided in the post please download these.

  196. rahul

    mam i am b tech electrical..have studied computer subjects in 3 semesters and also in 12…do still i need computer certificate for ibps clerk…plz tell me

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      is the computer subject names mentioned in mark sheets or in class X11 marksheet

  197. Urvashi

    I’m mca and i’ve secured 146 marks in RRB assistant exam Sep. 2014….
    what can be the expected interview questions for me ..

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      please download the interview paper and let me know in case of specific questions

  198. JOTHI

    ok, mam my first language is tamil but also i know telugu reading, writing, speaking. I wrote ibps rrb clerical exam in andhra pradesh is there any prablem in my interview.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      No they will test your local language knowledge during interview.If they are satisfied by it then no problem

  199. Deepthi

    madam, i secured 151 marks in ibps rrb clerk 2014, MCA obc category, from AP which type of questions i expected, and i have break in two years after degree. please reply me mam

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Please download the IBPS clerk interview papers from the links shared in the post

  200. JOTHI

    Mam, my score in ibps rrb clerical is 122 i am from obc category am i eligible for interview ? plz answer me.

  201. ruma

    mam i am a muslim frm andhra pradesh. to which category i belongs to? at the time of applying for ibps rrb clerks i choosed obc i dnt knw whthr it is ryt r wrng n the results r declared i scored 69% am i eligible for interview ? plz ans to these questions

        1. Ishan

          Hello Ma’am,
          I have been shortlisted for IBPS clerk-4 interview. I have two queries.
          1. I have mentioned my date of passing graduation on 24-06-2013, but in provisional it’s on 21-06-2013. Is it creat any problem? Or if yes then how to solve?
          2. Basically i am from jharkhand and i have been working in Gujarat for last 1 years after my b.tech. So how to reply if they ask me about local language? Although i am trying to learn the basic Gujarati from my local friends here. Ma’am please reply…

          1. Esha Upadhyay

            Candidates with local language knowledge is given preference in IBPS Clerk

  202. Nishant

    Dear Mam,

    I want ask a question.
    I have applied to RRB assistant(clerk) and qualified the exam.
    My problem is that i am overqualified.
    I have done my B.Tech and after B.Tech i have 1 year gap then i have completed my M.Tech in Instrumentation this year. I could’nt get a job because there are very minimal jobs in this sector and I want to do a Govt job.
    What should i explain to them. It’s very very hard to explain. I will be most thankful if get a good understandable answer to this question to give to the authorities. Plzz help

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          It depends how you handle it but it will be disadvantage..They will always feel you might give up the job for other opportunity.This is the real problem

  203. pratima chaudhary

    i m a bcom student with 6 months of work ex in icici bank.My designation was customer service officer.My ques.to u is tht if i called for a clek interview,they will surely ask me tht y do u want to join as a clerk as u already worked as an officer.
    I am not getting a perfect answer for this.Kindly assist me

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Is your salary as customer service officer in ICICI bank greater than that offered to Bank Clerk.If not then you can use it to create answer

      1. pratima chaudhary

        thanku for the reply.But,i guess that salary of an officer is more than a clerk.So,how shud i frame my answer.

        1. Esha Upadhyay

          What was your job role as Customer service officer? The point is you need to convince them IBPS Clerk is better job than your current one or there is solid reason of joining as Bank clerk by ditching your current job.

  204. chithra

    Dear Mam,
    i ,m a native of kerala but i had written my RRB exam on tamil nadu . is their possible for me to get job in Kerala.

  205. Zeeshan Khan

    Ma'am ,I would like to ask you If a candidate from Mumbai clears IBPS Exam,after selection will he get get Job in mumbai or anywhere in india.

  206. madhab

    i have been selected with the indian bank, my fathers name is sarvesh kumar jha,it is recorded in pan card, driving licence and caste certificate but in class xii certificate and other docs it is mentioned as sarvesh kr jha..is this a problem,during interview docs verification,they didnot ask for class xii docs..will it be a problem during joinning docs verification…plese help me do i need to make affidavit

  207. sivaprasad

    dear madam

    I got job as a clerk in corporation bank. joining dates are yet to announce. I have also applied to rrb APGVB Clerk now. my query is which of these two jobs is best. As rrb clerk is in SBI sponsored bank. in future govt holding in PSB is going to transferr. so our mark as a public sector employee may lost. what are the chances of implementation of nachiketh more committee recommendations..please help as I got job with your guidance.. I am from village background so not able to decide by myself both scores in IBPS is 130

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You have only applied for APGVB Clerk if you get selected then you can move there.If not stay with Corporation bank.Banking is core industry so Government will have control over the public sector banks.Corporation bank is good enough bank so be happy.

  208. dnyaneshwar subhash bramhane

    My question is that i have completed mba in 2013 and my age is 26 , on june 2014.now i am seriously planning to give bank entrance exams , and for that i am thinking of taking coaching . Now please guide me and suggest me whether at this age should i try for bank entrance or not?….does taking coaching helps? How much time in a day is sufficient for study according to u? Are 6 months enough time to prepare? Instead of taking coaching should i prepare at home…..pls tell till how much age i am eligible of giving PO and Clerical exam….i seriously want to make my career in bank though i know i am little late
    also kow i doing job in finance compny in dhfl so what shoul i do mam plz give me suggest me

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Yes you can prepare for Banking exams.Coaching helps you maintain preparation rhythm but it is actually your hard work which paids off.Yes six months are enough if you plan as mentioned and work accordingly

  209. nitin

    My question is that i have completed mba in 2013 and my age is 27 , on june 2014.now i am seriously planning to give bank entrance exams , and for that i am thinking of taking coaching . Now please guide me and suggest me whether at this age should i try for bank entrance or not?….does taking coaching helps? How much time in a day is sufficient for study according to u? Are 6 months enough time to prepare? Instead of taking coaching should i prepare at home…..pls tell till how much age i am eligible of giving PO and Clerical exam….i seriously want to make my career in bank though i know i am little late

  210. Priyanka

    MAM, I wanted to know that I am not from gujarat
    so i don’t know gujarati
    language. but i wanted to fill up sbi clerk form
    from gujarat. can u tell
    me that reginal lnaguage asked in interview.
    please suggest me.

  211. riya

    hello mam i hve been selected in dena bank. but i am suffering from a skin disease . will they reject me ON THE BASIS OF MY skin problem?

  212. manish

    mam i have been selected in iob…in my application form i did not mention my work experience…i hv one year experience in sbi..will there be any problem to me if i provide my relieving letter at time of doc verification

  213. Punitha

    mam i got selected in bank of india for clerk . I am from mangalore. What are my chances that i will get in mangalore? I am worried that there are only 2 branches here.

  214. babu

    mam i got obc certificate on oct 2013….i got job at indian bank…when doc verfication is this enough or should i get recent obc doc?bcoz banks seeking recent dated doc..

  215. hemlata

    mam pls tel me when the joining takes place in alloted banks for clerk 3 . in may or june ??? pls tel me im worried.

  216. mrunalini

    hi thanks alot for ur guidance bt still m nt confident plz help me ….
    i have given VISHWESHWAR BANK CLERK exam n my interview is on 8th may plz help me….
    what type of questions they asks generally so dat i ll prepare as per…

  217. bhagya

    Hi mam
    I got provisional allotment for syndicate bank but I didn’t submit caste certificate in central format during interview so they asked me to get during joining …..I have problem with that I come under 3B category in obc they are saying it won’t come in obc n authority s not signing on central format …..will they reject me of I produce caste certificate in state format during joining. …pls reply me

  218. Priya

    Hello Mam.. please must reply I am soo very tensed! :'(
    I have provisionally allotted in Indian Overseas bank and unfortunately I did not know before the exam that candidate has to submit KBC Certificate in IBPS prescribed format
    Hence I had given OBC certi in state gvt format at the time of interview
    I later on came to know about IBPS prescribed format and I thought I would not get allotted because of this but I did..

    Now I know that Banks do check all the documents that Candidates provided and then further send offer letter

    Now I am in extreme tension whether I will get offer letter or not ?? Will I able to join the bank??

    Please please if you can suggest me anything Please :'(

  219. vijaya

    thank u mam.but i am little bit worried.can u please tell me what are tests boi is conducting

  220. vijaya

    thank u mam.but mam can u please tell me what are the medical tests

  221. Akhil Das

    Dear mam, I am an ex-serviceman and I qualified in ibps clerks III but I was not allowed to sit for interview as I could not produce OBC caste certificate in ibps format. Further if any bank ask for recruitment separately, then can I apply for that bank with this score ?

  222. priyanka

    k thanx mam,
    it means if i write “personal reasons” there will be no problem at all….??as anything can come under “person
    al reason”

  223. priyanka

    thanx for rep mam,

    during my joining in joining form should i mention reason of leaving “typhoid”….or should write “personal reason”…as in my compny i mentioned “typhoid”…………as i have heard if i l write sickness bank will create problem in my medical

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      You can write Personal Reasons.I guess nowhere in company documents employee gives in written the reason of leaving the job.Typhoid is normal disease and not something which will hamper your chances in medical

  224. priyanka

    hi mam, thanx for rep

    do i need to have pay slip of my company at the time of joining..??????.as i have only experience certificate and relieving letter….and it has been almost on year since i left my job

  225. nishi kumari

    I want to take extension for three month please do the suggestion in this regard. please mam.

  226. Sharath kumar T S

    Hello mam,ibps clerk3 interview result declared cutt of for sc catagory is 35%, i secured 35.80,result declared was like that you have been provisionally allotted in union bank of india but still i am worrying bcs i have cleared just in the margin so please tell me can i get call from that bank please tel me if so when they will intimate, eagerely waiting for your response

  227. priyanka

    thankyou mam for ur rep…..
    Will they contact my company too for verification of character and all….as when i left my company i gave them a reason of being sick….so i do not know what my company people will tell bank about me,,,will their answer matter too much for bank……

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      Background verification may take place and usually verifies whether you have stated everything correctly or not (experience and other behavioral aspects). But leaving company reason will not be an issue.

  228. priyanka

    hi mam,

    thanks for ur rep….yes i do have experience certificate,and i submitted its copy during document verification in interview too..the only problem of mine was to write “no” on application form…..will they contact my company too…??

  229. Sharath Kumar T S

    Hello mam,ibps clerk3 interview result declared cutt of for sc catagory is 35%, i secured 35.80,result declared was like that you have been provisionally allotted in union bank of india but still i am worrying bcs i have cleared just in the margin so please tell me can i get call from that bank please reply.

  230. priyanka

    Hi mam,
    I am selected in clerk3 interview round for delhi state in boi,in my application form i did not mention my work experience..but i have 1.6 year of experience in it sector(software devlopment)..but during my interview i submitted my work experience to them during document verification..now i am afraid that is boi will reject me after their document verification on joining ..???or if not then will they contact my company to know my details………..??as while i quit my company even before my written exam and gave them the reason of typhoid………..so during my joining in boi should i mention in reason for leaving previous company—-typhoid..
    thanx in advance
    plz reply

  231. Sharath Kumar T S

    Hello mam,ibps clerk3 interview result declared cutt of for sc catagory is 35% i secured 35.80,result declared was like that you have been provisionally allotted in union bank of india but still i am worrying bcs i have cleared just in the margin so please tell me can i get call from that bank please reply.

    Tremendous Regards

  232. Anshu Mishra

    madam when BOI will give alotment of branch and date please tell me

  233. vijaya

    if eye sight is not proper will they reject us.they dont give us time?

  234. vijaya

    is there any chance to send back the candidate in medical tests

  235. nishi kumari

    hello mam , I want to take extension for 6 months what will have to do.

  236. suraj

    hello mam,
    i got allotment in syndicate bank. in my pancard father’s name is bijay ray. this is home name, but my on others document his name is vijendra ray . will it creat problem at joining time. what shoud i do .please help me mam.

  237. arun

    Mam affidavit is enough for this :i have no other document of 10 th with correct name

  238. arun

    Mam i got allotment in clerk, in 10th marksheet one letter of my father name missing other documents correct so it create any problem during time of joining;i made affidavit for this it enough for me please help me mam

  239. Ipsit Roy

    Hi Mam,

    IBPS clerk III results were declared yesterday. West Bengal cut off for allotment 64 and for reserve list 63.4 . Unfortunately, i got 63.2. They have mentioned that people not selected or not in reserve list would not be considered further for any proceedings.

    I just want to know is there any chances of being selected as technically i didnt fail. What if reserve list for 10 percent is exhausted or vacancies are higher ? In that case will they cosnider us ? Please do let know.

  240. Pooja

    hello mam
    I’m silent reader of ur blog & ur posts regarding clerk interview que. help me a lot….Thankk u vey much mam..tthanx.
    finally I got canara bank in clerk. How can i get news abt appontment letter.Is the bank send email or by post regarding the same?? howmany days it takes?? and pls mam give some idea abt the bank’s working culture n all….
    Thanx in advance .Pls rply mam

  241. Priyanka

    Thank u Mam :)

    As I’ve got the job.. Can you tell me the revised salary structure of bank clerk? As I heard it ll be around 19400 on hand per month..and there was a conflict..Has there any settlement now IBA and UFBU?

    What is the actual salary of bank clerk now?
    Kindly let me know!

  242. Projna

    Didi, I am From Tripura.i got selected in CWE III .In total i got 49.20.but the minimum marks for 1st round allotment is 54.8 in general catagory.I want to know when will be the next allotment??Is there any possibility to get in 2 nd round???

  243. Priyanka

    Hello Mam,
    IBPS Clerk-3 Result Status is out today. And I got the following result saying ..

    `We are glad to inform you that based on your performance in CWE & Interview, you have been provisionally allotted against vacancies in OBC category in Indian Overseas Bank.

    Mam what does this mean?
    Have I got the job?
    Please reply me soon!
    Thank you!

  244. pankaj

    mam i got 90marks in written exam and cutoff list is70 and my interview is average what is my chance in selection.

  245. aman

    Ma’am I have answered about 15 questions out of 25…the answers which I gave were mostly correct. …n those panel member tried to make me uncomfortable most of the time…is negative interview good or bad??

  246. sonu

    kya interview me kisi ko fail krte hai agr uski performance acchi na ho to….

  247. aman

    Ma’am I m b .tech n mba final year…I have 70 percent n above marks throughout.my score is 109 up gen..my interview was the type of negative one…n no panel member gave any positive comments. .my interview lasted for 7 minutes. ..I m tensed after interview…questions asked in interview were tough too..wht are my chanches…plz tell ma’am

  248. vinod jepal

    suppose i am not shortlisted in interview than how can i get notification.

  249. Priyanka

    Hello Mam,
    I have got 79 marks..category OBC from Gujarat..& cut off is 66..
    My interview went really well..must have secured 70-75 marks…more than that bt nt less for sure..& There are 2685 vacancies in Gujarat..
    Do I stand a chance to get selected even in second round of allotmenet?
    Thank you!

  250. Adrija

    Ami Eng hons. er student. Amar information technology te advanced diploma kora a6e. Clerk exam er jonyo amar graduation e koto percent marks dorkar?

  251. sekhar

    Hello Mam,
    When will ibps clerk lll merit list or result will be announced?

  252. DEBU

    didi amer ibps r score 102 r cutoff 84 amer interview bhalo holo ora bengali te likhte diachilo r question korechilo ami smile face ans diachi amer chance kemon?

  253. yogita

    hello mam,
    can you tell about the expected cutoff marks for ibps po (general and obc candidates). result will come in april.

  254. Pradeep

    Mam i am from Karnataka ,cut off is 63 for GM ,i have got 74 .My interview was average.Is there any chance of me getting selected in final list?

  255. Pradeep

    Mam i am from Karnataka ,cut off is 63 for GM ,i have got 74 .My interview was average.Is there any chance of me getting selected?

  256. thanuj

    mam, I got 112 marks in obc category frm ap ,cut off is 111,i have done interview well. how many marks i need to score in interview to be in final list ? is their any chances to get allotment ?

  257. Ankur

    Respected Mam,

    I have got 112 marks in general category, the cut off being 64. What are my chances of getting selected?
    and the probable time of the allotment:

  258. nidhi khetan

    Hi ma’am
    my self belong to jpr here the cuttoff is 92 and I hd scord 116 in written n I belong to widow category my interview is on 18feb so what r the chances of my selection and what sshd I preapre. Basicaly I complete my studies in 2004with m.sc in foods n nutritiom

  259. Supratim

    Mam,My cwe score 107,cutoff 84.in interview i think i will get 60 outoff 100.how much possibily for me in the 1st list..m fr wb.

  260. meena

    grad in 2011.had to drop a year for mba entrance prep,however,didnt do
    mba.den strtd m.com…if they ask abt the gap,wat shud i repl,,shud i
    tel dem abt mba prep??

  261. Nitish

    mam im from punjab got 109 marks my category is gen and cutt off is 95. can u tell me is there any chance for first list ..and if yes …what score atleast i should get to get my name in dat list

  262. dharmesh

    interviwe time some commerce question are wrong ans other ans will be right. .so if any chance my score 68 &cut off 47 st i have b.com m.com.if any chace mam..

  263. kml

    intrviwe me mujse undertaking form fill kraya gya….mre pass degree nahi thi…but marksheets sari thi mre pas….iska mtlb kya hai muje ab …degree ko unhe mail krna hoga…yaa mujse alotment ke wqt submite karyage…i m confuse plz sugst

  264. kml

    intrviwe me mujse undertaking form fill kraya gya….mre pass degree nahi thi…but marksheets sari….iska mtlb kya hai muje ab …degree ko unhe mail krna hoga…yaa mujse alotment ke wqt submite karyage…i m confuse plz sugst

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      aap soft copy mail kar sakte hai aur allotment ke waqt apne paas rakh sakte hai..sabhi se ye form fill karaya jata hai agar aap ke paas koi document nahi hai

  265. vinay kumar

    mam i have already described you complete picture my interview in my previous post ,do i have chance of getting through.do i get selected…

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      I replied you on Facebook.But just to post here.You have missed some basic questions but answers banking one.Since this is competitive exam and selection depends on performance of other candidates you are in consideration of getting job.

  266. yogita

    thanks madam. i think apart from that everything went well. yes they asked me can i read kannada newspaper. i said no but i am in the process of learning and it will take some time. but i can frame small sentences as i have already started learning kannada. and told that i bought my kannada spoken book also. then they asked me to say one line in kannada. i said but with a little mistake. (instead of my… i used I in kannada). they corrected me. i said sorry and promise them to learn as soon as possible.

  267. yogita

    hello madam,
    i gave my interview in bangalore. it was simple. but due to one reason i am little worry. since i have only basic knowledge of kannada so i was giving my interview in English. one member of the panel asked me something in Hindi and i replied in English. i knew that answer should be given in that language only in which question is asked. but since i was in south so i replied in English. and after that he became angry and asked do u know Hindi? why are replying in English. i am north indian. i was shocked and said sorry sir then spoke in Hindi that i know Hindi. then he said its ok. did it create negative image of mine? will they reject me? my marks is 109. cut off is 63.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      This is one little mistake but it also depends on interviewer how he takes it.Overall if everything went well in interview then there is no reason they will reject for this one mistake

  268. dharmesh

    i have done interviwe 11 feb in gujrat but my interviwe was not good my score is 68 & cutt of 47 for ST.my qlifiction is b.com & m.com.if any chace for job i am very bad filling that…so my chace….mam plz tell me.

  269. Nitish

    mam im from punjab got 109 marks my category is gen and cutt off is 95. can u tell me is there any chance for first list ..and if yes …what score atleast i should get to get my name in dat list

  270. vinay kumar

    Good evening mam,

    I Vinay Kumar from Andhra Pradesh got 99 marks in IBPS Clerical III written test exam and i belong to ST and cut off for my category is 77 marks..I have done with my interview on 12-02-2014.

    Questions they asked
    1)Why banking? My answer was,A) No doubt banking is one of the fastest growing sector in the world,more over there is good career growth and job satisfaction,being a banker i can do public service.

    2)What is Inflation? A) The situation where production is less than demand is called infaltion.

    3)Difference between SBI & other banks? i started saying that A) SBI is the largest bank in india with number of branches and one of the oldest among all the banks,earlier it was know as imperial bank of india before RBI came into existance.(they were not satisfied with my answer).

    4) Head quarters of SBI and Imperial bank of India..A) SBI HQ is in Mumbai..Imperial bank of india (With doubt fully i said Mumbai).

    5)Capital of Uttharkhand and frm where it has separated? A) Capital is Deharadun, but i couldn’t answer frm where it has been separated.

    6)Who controls Stock exchange? I couldn’t answer this question.

    7) Role of banking in indian economics? A)It controls inflation,circulates money,generates income from Interest rates,provides loans.

    This is how interview went on and every thing was in my local language(Telugu).

    Madam,can u please judge my performance and please tell me weather i have any opportunity of getting into clerical or not.

    Please mam consider my request.

  271. jyoti tiwari

    mam i have got 103 marks in ibps clerk 3 cuttoff is 99 please let me know chances of selection …from delhi

  272. Sharath Kumar T L

    Hello mam. I have attended interview on 11th feb, please tell me when will be the result status how we came to know please reply .

  273. birabahadur kumar

    Mam my ibps clierk no is 146 from delhi. how many no should me from interview for select.
    plz plz

  274. ganesh

    i got 70 in exam i am frm maharashtra sc category and cut off is 70.is there any chances?.

  275. Hemlata

    No mam im haven’t received any reply from their side. Thats why im worried. My intrw was good. Pls tel me what are my chances of selection . Sc cutoff is 53 n my num is 75.

  276. Hemlata

    My intrw was on 10th feb . Im from punjab, n at intrw time i have not deposited the local language certificate bcos they didn’t ask me for that i have done schooking from cbse board n punjabi was nt my subject . But after i have given punjabi exam as a subject. I have email the scan copy of punjabi certificate at ibps email id. Pls tel me what r my chances of selectin my score is 75 . I belong to sc category. Pls reply . They wil consider my scan certificate or they reject me pls reply im worried about that.

  277. Ipsit

    Hello Mam,

    What should be my answer if they ask -Why you want to join bank after doing English honours? How can i apply my knowledge of english honours in banking ?

    Please help me with the answer ..please!!

  278. vinay kumar

    Good evening mam,

    I have been following your portal since past 4 months and i take this opportunity to thank you and congratulate.You are doing a fabulous job by updating the data.

    I have interview on 12th Feb 2104,any suggestions mam.

  279. jyoti tiwari

    hello mam i got 103 marks in ibps clerk 3 cutt of is 99 from delhi plss let me know chances of selection.

  280. nishi kumari

    dear madam, what types of questions may rise from me as i am married and my husband is po in bob and i am presently lives in gujarat and my interview is in ahmedabad and i am basically from bihar. please please suggest me some question

  281. nishi kumari

    dear madam please tell you your any follower for disclose interview question who faced their interview during last two days.

  282. birabahadur kumar

    Mam my ibps clierk no is 146 from delhi. how many no should me from interview for select.

  283. naveen kesarwani

    I am a ex service man. If they asked me how you will useful for the bank what i should reply.

  284. mansi

    mam,i belonged to sc cat.i had given interview yesterday,my score is 80 frm maharashtra.they take my int.very casual relaxed,i am vry tens abt it why they take me.

  285. vinod jepal

    hellow mam

    i m belong from SC and i had certificate of SC from mamlatdar/TDO thus is it eligiable for document of interview and both structure are same as but this is on gujarati langauge.
    pls reply fast

    dayafter tommorow is my interview day

  286. Sharath kumar T L

    Hello Mam, I took the clerk3 interview i have not answered 2 question out of 8 questions,please tel me the chance of selection i am very worrying please reply mam looking forward to your response.

  287. kailash

    hi mam my friend submited my application form and he fill my subject Bsc but my sub. is Bcom and my interview is on 14 feb so sugges me that is there any problem

  288. Deepak singh

    mam……i hv got 113 marks gen frm up cutoff is 101 …..
    any chances?

  289. Hemlata

    My intrw was held on 10 th feb . I have not deposited the local langauage certificate at that time bcos they didn’t ask me for that . I have completed my schooling from kvs cbse board. But i know punjabi n scan copy of punjabi certificate i email u at ibps website so pls tel me what is the chance of selection in clerk. My score is 75. I belong to sc. Pls reply they wil consider me or they wil reject pls tel me im worried about that.

  290. vishu

    Hi mam.. I hav appld to delhi bt I m a native of Bihar den wht should be d proper ans of dis ques- why u hav appld to delhi being a native of Bihar? my reason is I love delhi so I hav appld bt I think its not suitable ans…. Guide me mam….

  291. Arunava

    my CWE clerk III no. is 117..cut off from west bengal was 105..what is my chance?

  292. Prafulla Misra

    Hlo mam my clerical score is 118 in clerk 3
    I want to know that at the tym of written paper the id proof provided by me as a voter card has aminor fault in my name will there be any type of prblm or not in my voter card my name is prfull mishra bt my actually name id prafulla misra

  293. sivaprasad


    could you please say me a solution for the following question

    how your subject chemistry helps in banking?

    your knowledge in chemistry doesn’t suit banking?

  294. sivaprasad

    I am from ap. I am not able to download the files please send me those to my mail Id. I request u mam please help me

  295. Amar

    If you are posted in rural branch, how will you manage??
    please provide an appropiate answer..my interview is day after tomorow and i heard that this question was asked in interview today.

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      What is the problem in managing? If you know local language and also have patience to understand them and make them understand Bank terms you should not have problem

  296. sivaprasad

    my preference list is

    1corporation bank
    2 central bank
    3 Indian bank
    4 syndicate bank
    5 andhra bank

    could u please help me in giving the appropriate answer regarding preference

    1. Esha Upadhyay

      For which state you have applied.also download the document.You can say corporation bank has large number of branches in this state and is good bank mentioning growth details given in the document

  297. sivaprasad

    my preference list is

    1corporation bank
    2 central bank
    3 Indian bank
    4 syndicate bank
    5 andhra bank

  298. mohit

    mam i’ve work experience of 2 year in private bank but i did not mention it on application form so i wanna know shall i tell about my work experience if not then what would i say about these 2 year plz guide me mam……

  299. Chandrasekhar

    Yes mam, once i apply for discharge i can get discharge within 30-45 days. i can get discharge by march 31 it self.

  300. sneha

    my score is 84, cut off is 67 – assam gen
    wjhat are my chnces ? n thnks fr the prev reply :)

  301. Chandrasekhar

    I have cleared ibps written exam in EXS quota. But as per notification, discharge should be 10-09-2014. But my date of discharge is 31-10-2014. will they allow me for interview. But i have no objection certificate from my service and i can take relieving letter within 30-45 days. will they consider my case and allow me for interview.
    plz give a suggestion mam.

  302. Chandrasekhar

    I have cleared ibps written exam in EXS quota. But as per notification, discharge should be 10-09-2014. But my date of discharge is 31-10-2014. will they allow me for interview. plz reply me mam

  303. dipika

    hello mam iam from gujarat. have scored 126 in ibps-3 belongs to s.c categary cut off is 66. according to guide line graduation should be completed upto 1 aug but i have completed on 18 aug. can i get job or any other way or will they ban me for giving wrong info..?

  304. sivaprasad

    how did u give your preference in banks while filling application form

    if this question is asked in interview then what should be our answer.?

    can we say based on salary structure. will it be meaningful

  305. sneha

    my score is 84, cut off is 67 – assam gen
    wjhat are my chnces ?
    also i hv 2 yrsgap before 12th, but all through 1st class.
    will gap create prblm ?
    i m b.tech-2012.
    will gap create negativity ??
    plz reply !

  306. sneha

    my score is 84, cut off is 67 – assam gen
    wjhat are my chnces ?
    also i hv 2 yrsgap before 12th, but all through 1st class.
    will gap create prblm ?
    i m b.tech-2012

  307. mukesh

    hello esha
    i got 109 in clerical obc from maharashtra & cut off is 70 so what are my chances for selection.??

  308. Manish

    Hi Esha

    Thanks a lot for such a Nice Blog mentioning all the Requisite Questions generally asked in Clerical Exams.
    I want to ask a query that I am a MBA Graduate in Banking & working in Pvt. sector as Asst. Mgr.
    I have qualified Clerical Exam & having Interview for same.
    Should I Mention My current Job experience as well as My Qualification because I am scared of the Fact that they
    may Reject me on the Grounds of High Qualification & Experience of Higher Level than Required.

    Plz Help me….I am in Dilemma…

    waiting 4 ur Reply…

  309. praveen

    I have got 121 in the clerical exam, but i am dont know the local language marathi ,As i am from kerala ,So please let me know is there any restriction in the interview

  310. sangeeta

    hello mam, i have got 119 in ibps clerk3 from west Bengal. cut off is 105. can i got selected? pls inform me

  311. shruthi

    Hello mam,
    I am shruthi from tamilnadu.i belong to sc category and I had scored 52 marks in IBPS PO and the sc cutoff is 50 marks .is there any possibility ? when will the result be announced? kindly reply mam…

  312. shruthi

    Hello mam,
    I am shruthi from tamilnadu.i belong to sc category and I had scored 52 marks in IBPS PO and the sc cutoff is 50 marks .is there any possibility ? when will the result be announced? kindly reply mam…

  313. Shubh Das

    Ma’am, I have qualified for interview of IBPS Clerk III. Now, my graduation subject was maths. It’s practically impossible to study the whole subject. What should I do? Is there a chance of panel asking me questions on maths?

  314. Amit Shrivastava

    I have scored 77 marks in GEN( EXS) category from UP , cut off is 49 kya koi chance hai.

  315. Deepak