Humans.txt file Should you use it on your website ?

What is Humans.txt?

Every website has a person or team behind it.For example Udinra belongs to me.I am the person behind it.Trust of a visitor increases if they know persons behind a site.Lets say you visited site A which is good but does not provide any information about their owner.They do have Facebook page and Twitter account by that business name.But no where you find the team behind it.

After this you visited a site which has a team page.The page provides brief details about person behind the website.They provide you Facebook profile and Twitter profiles of the members.This will automatically increase your trust in website.This also makes visitors comfortable.

Humans.txt is an initiative in this direction only.It is simple text file located on your server web root directory.The file provides details about person or team behind the website.We will later in this post see Humans.txt format and sample file.

Who is using Humans.txt?

Before using humans.txt I asked this question to myself.If it is used my major players on Internet then it can be used.It will also give an idea of format used on those sites.Below is the list of some sites using humans.txt along with content of them.

Google uses humans.txt file.I will like to to see humans.txt file of Google.It is couple of sentences about Google without mentioning anything about the persons behind it.

3 comments Humans.txt file Should you use it on your website ?

  1. It is really a nice and helpful piece of info. Im glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. ddeebkecbdececge

  2. The humans.txt file is actually not meant for websites like this here. It is meant for websites which are big or which are too formally (where it would be not appropriate to show a list of the developers), like a site for a non-private project or a site for a customer. It is meant to give the developers the well-deserved attention, a tribute, even if it is hidden in such a file that almost nobody knows about.

    It is also completely incorrect what the authors says about a potential problem with inconsistent information on the site itself and the contents of the humans.txt file. It is NOT meant to be consistent. Actually it is (if at all) even meant to be exactly different from contents of the site. Google says in their blog that it is not meant to write there who the owner of the website is, whos property it is, etc. It’s a contribution solely to the creators of the website, which are often not mentioned anywhere. If makes no sense to create a humans.txt file on websites, which has a page with the authors (if this people are the same one who created the website) or if the website is a small or private website (blog, homepage, etc.), where everyone already knows the only person involved there. Or like on this website,, where the sole author and creator of the website is mentioned on every page, and where the humans.txt gives no more information than it can be already seen on the website itself

  3. I love humas.txt ! I think it is a cleaver way of giving credits to the people that work hard behind the scenes 🙂

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