How to solve blank Google Adsense ad unit issue?

Google Adsense unit is placed on your website but you are not seeing any thing.No space is displayed and the area is filled up with blank space.This blank Google Adsense ad unit issue haunts webmasters because it is one of the best way to make money from their online property.

The problem does not mean that you are banned.It is because of below two reasons

  • You have not verified your PIN (personal identification number).This PIN is send once your account has reached $10 threshold.It is mailed at the address mentioned in your Adsense account.You can request PIN multiple times in case you have not received it.It is send to verify the address mentioned by you while requesting the PIN.
  • You have not verified your phone number with them.This seems bit strange as they do not have process for number verification.I might have missed this one if they have.

Below is message from Adsense account of one of my friends who is facing similar problems

“Your pages are displaying blank ad units because you haven’t yet verified your PIN and/or phone number. See the Payment History page for more details”

Now to solve above problem you need to log into your Adsense account.On Home page you will see above message or below message

“Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment. More details.”

You need to click on More details link and request for a new PIN.I have also heard that few users have not received PIN despite requesting multiple times.If this is the case then you can mail them directly at will be good to mention your Adsense publisher id in subject line of the mail.

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You can find your publisher id on top of you Adsense account.It looks like Publisher ID: pub-000000000000 (you will have a number instead of 0000 as shown).I have not received any news if they have replied to any mails.It will be great if you can share your experience.

4 comments How to solve blank Google Adsense ad unit issue?

  1. Yes. And now it hardly takes 3 to 4 days (after payment is released from google) in getting credited into bank account.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience.Now they are transferring money to bank account so check problem is past

  3. I also did not receive PIN and after trying 3 times, it stopped showing the place where i should enter PIN. Later I sent them a recent address proof via email. It took near 15-20 days and they approved my address request. Its been near 4 years, since then it is working fine.

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