How to prevent your images from getting pinned

Pinned seems to be a buzz word these days.People are pinning every thing they like while browsing the web.Among all the items getting pinned Images are most common.The rising popularity of Pinterest have increased chances of things being pinned to one’s board.

Even if you have not placed pin button on your website then also visitors can pin your content.Pinterest comes with a pin button.This button can be installed in browsers and visitor’s can pin your image on their board.

It is a matter of debate whether allowing your images getting pinned is good or not.If it brings traffic to your website or advertises your website then it can be considered good else it is not worth it.It is same as getting your image copied to other place.The other place gets all the likes,repins and everything.

It is good to have your website watermark on the images so that people know original source of the image and this can bring traffic to your website as well.People will visit your website in search of similar content like the one shared.

But in case you do not want your images to be part of someone’s board (i.e. do not make it available for pin) then you can use CloudFlare Scrape Shield app.This app is totally free.This is simplest way to protect your images from being part of Pinterest.

To use this app you need to enable CloudFlare for your website.CloudFlare comes with free account and pro account.You can select one depending upon your requirement.But for Scrape Shield app you can sign in with any one of the account.After configuring CloudFlare on your website go to app section.Under the app section you will find list of all apps offered by them for your site.Some are paid and some are free.Search for Scrape Shield and enable the block pinterest option.You can enable the option by selecting On for the option.

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I have my website watermark on all the images but I am using this protection on my website.In case you are using some other service to block Pinterest let us know.I will also like to know whether allowing Pinterest is good for website.


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