How to measure site performance in different Google property?

Google property is word used to denote different portals used to search content on internet.Google web search,Google Image search,Google Mobile search (smartphone) and Google Mobile search (non smart phone) are different Google properties.

Webmasters tend to pay more emphasis on their website performance (ranking in search results) on Google web search.But for the best results webmasters should also concentrate on other searches as well.Before focusing on other searches it is important to measure your website performance on those searches.

To measure your website performance on all Google property follow below steps

  • Log into your Google Analytics account.It is free service offered by Google and in case you have not enabled this on your website then please do so.It provides useful information about your website traffic.You will find articles on this topic here only (no need to go back and search Google you can search Udinra instead)
  • After logging in Click on Standard reporting and then Traffic sources
  • You will see Search Engine Optimization under Traffic sources.Click on Search engine optimization.
  • Click on Queries under Search Engine optimization.
  • The queries page will display details about your impressions on search engine and corresponding clicks and average position along with CTR.
  • Below the data you will see Primary dimension Query Other.(this is present in middle of the page)
  • Click on the other button and in the drop down you will see Country and Google Property under Visitors.
  • Click on Google property.
  • On the table displayed you will see different Google properties (web,image,smartphone mobile,mobile) along with impressions,clicks,average position and CTR.
  • I have also seen unknown also listed under Google property.But unable to figure out what it stands for.
  • You can use the table information to see performance of your website on different search portals.
  • I have to admin that my website gets more impressions on Google Image search than the Google web search or any other portals.This leads to increased concentration on Google image search.
  • The CTR and average position of your property on different search engines should be closely examined and according to the data you should concentrate on optimizing your website for better performance.
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I will like to know on which Google property your website most occurs.

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