How to get Google Analytics Profile ID

Google Analytics is one of the best products from Google.It is a must have for every webmaster.It helps them to track all the details about traffic. Many WordPress plugins are also available to get data from analytics like Google Analytics Popular Posts.To use these plugins you need to enter Google Analytics Profile ID.

To get Google Analytics Profile ID follow below steps

  • Log into your analytics account
  • If you are using new version then follow below steps
  • Open any report for your website
  • Note the URL shown in the address bar of your browser (for example if I view visitors overview report for my site then the URL is the URL the number after the letter p (as shown in the URL the underlined part ) is your profile id.So your profile is in above example is 45640771.
  • Choose the Old version of analytics by clicking on the link Old Version
  • View report for your website
  • Then notice the URL you will find the ID after the id= identifier (for example if I view the visitors report for my site you are free to view any report then URL in the browser is the URL the number after id= part is my profile id underlined in the url mentioned above.So in current case my profile id is 45650771.
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