How to choose perfect WordPress permalink?

WordPress permalink setting decides the URL of your posts and pages.So setting your permalink structure is very important before writing your blog posts.If you do not get it right and start creating posts then you might have to change it latter.

Changing WordPress permalink later will change all links of your website which is very undesirable.Looking at the importance of this and also confusion among the new users about the settings I decided to come up with this post providing some hints to simplify your decision making.

WordPress provides below permalink structures by default (You can see above list under Settings permalink option).

  • Default – it is default value and is used if you do not change permalink setting.It should not be used.But I have seen some posts with this setting in first page of Google search.But better avoid it (due to readability issue if not for search engine optimization issue)
  • Day and name – This can be used but certainly puts publication time in URL so if in future you want to republish the post then it will change (few people make their published post status to draft and then to publish to make their old post fresh.Using this permalink structure will take away this option from you).
  • Month and name – save reason as above.
  • Numeric – not desirable due to search engine optimization and readability issue
  • Post name – good one.You can use it.It does not have any problems and is a preferred choice.But if you are creating a website then you might want to use some identifier before post name to indicate that they are posts.In this case it is good to use a fixed prefix before the post name.
  • Custom – If you want to use something different than the values above then you need to mention it in the custom box.This is used by people not satisfied by last option.
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I have used custom permalink setting on this website due to the reasons mentioned under Post Name option.If you do not want to use Post Name then you can use blog/%post-name% for your permalink.Just copy blog/%post-name% and paste i the text box near custom (do not forget to check the custom radio option) and save the setting.All you posts will be prefixed by blog word (just look at the URL of this post and you will understand what I mean to say).

In case you have any doubts or suggestions feel free to share.

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