How to choose best web hosting service provider?

It is era of Internet and everyone wants to on Internet for a reason or other.People need website to represent them/their business on Internet.Before a website one needs to find a web service provider for example if you want to built a house then first thing required is buying a plot of land.

Everyone wants to buy best plot of land so for web space everyone should choose best web hosting service provider.Thus web hosting provider companies provide space for your website .You need to buy space from them and then proceed to create your website.Udinra is using below hosting provider

This blog does not say this service provider is better than the other nor does it compare them(as offers keep on changing) but it provides you tip to choose the best one.Below are few points to help you select the best web hosting service provider

  1. Choose a web hosting service provider in your country.There is no point selecting a host service provider in other country.
  2. Unlimited disk space or Unlimited bandwidth are actually limited with maximum limit being 25 GB (hard disk) and 250 GB (bandwidth).So these terms don’t make a difference.
  3. The statements like free Adsense package and other packages like Adwords does not really make a difference.
  4. See the software or technology stack you will be using is available on the web host or not like RubyonRails or Django or any thing you need.
  5. The uptime statements like 99.9% is provided by all the major web hosting service provider company.
  6. If there is an option of Linux Web hosting or Windows Web hosting.Preference should be given to Linux web Hosting.
  7. Regular Backup or similar terms used are good to read but keep in mind it is best to backup your site data regularly yourself.
  8. Read the terms and conditions with care.You will find many hidden clauses.
  9. Taking above points in consideration choose the web hosting service provider company which satisfies these conditions and  is cheaper.

In case you are struck and unable to make a decision then feel free to ask via comment and immediate response is guaranteed.

3 comments How to choose best web hosting service provider?

  1. Namaste Esha ji,
    The account mydoctortells dot com was suspended from shared linux hosting by

    I had to go for dedicated server. I was told “even VPS would be inadequate for you.”
    I was also told “support will not be available for VPS hosting.”

    1.] Give me some links or pointers from where I can learn to manage VPS.
    2.] What are the basic parameters of Google Analytics that tell about how many visitors per day/per month visit your blog?
    3] Some apps made by engineers/marketeers, like Practo, offer paid consultation for patients from doctors by chat/phone/video/visit. It is picking up in big way. What are the mandatory features to collect fees online (if I ever decide to) or are there better alternatives?

    As always, any other suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks for your time and expertise.

  2. 1.You need complete Data of your website (Database backup and File backup like images,videos and other files). Also your domain name is with them so you should have access to change NameServers of your domain name.
    2.They are not providing any information.This is totally unacceptable.You have the right to know reason of the Account Suspend message.
    3.I had used VPS of eWebguru and Shared hosting in past but currently I am with Digital OCean.They offer VPS at $5 per month ( is the my referral link.But before moving make sure you have complete backup of your data and access to your account.Changing name server of your domain is required.
    4.I can guide with the migration once you are ready.

  3. Namaste Esha ji,
    After 20 days of Account Suspended template znetlive now redirects the home page URL to my blog. All other pages return error 404.

    Words 'Account Suspended' could be wrongly understood by visitors . They could think the health care service and/or doctor were found to be fraud, hence the account got suspended. Credibility, the single most vital feature that differentiates mydoctortells from rest of the websites on this subject was in danger.

    Znetlive still has the domain and
    balance amount of ?Rs 24,00 (till 2016 – ? Rs 1200/year )

    I believe there is no advantage in offering to trim my website ( which can be done, ) so that it doesn't exceed znetlive's allocated 4% resource. Do I presume that the resource exceeded because of traffic. (5000 / day = 15000/ month ) ? The web host suddenly closed the display of website giving no metrics and no choice other than upgradation. So I'm not sure of the reasons. Earlier when they had
    pressurized I heard that their shared hosting server was old & inefficient.
    What next?
    What are the things I'll require from znetlive to host the website on another server?
    Is it imperative to choose VPS over shared hosting?
    znetlive -comparison – ewebguru
    RAM 1GB – 1152 MB
    CPU 1.68 Ghz – _ _ ?_ _
    Disk space 40 GB. – 55 GB
    Bandwidth 800 GB- 800 GB.
    Total Amount – Rs 26256 – Rs13,000
    Unless you have other suggestions I'll go for VPS with ewebguru.
    Anything else from you.

    Hope to hear soon. I can then proceed further.

    Ashok Koparday

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