How facebook forces you to enter your mobile number?

Your mobile number is very important piece of information.People do not want to share their numbers easily but facebook  is making users to share their mobile numbers in name of security check.Recently I tried to access my facebook account but instead of logging in I was directed to security check.In name of security check I was provided with two options

  • Recognize photos of my friends
  • Verification by mobile phone (either call or a text send on your mobile)

Unwilling to share my mobile number I choose the first option.I had a feeling that profile picture of my friends will be displayed and I will have to recognize them.Still this is tough ask .But to my utter surprise weird photos were displayed.Photos of places,cartoons were shown.How the hell in world one can remember these photos if one has more than 10 friends in facebook.

facebook did provided some chances but it is impossible to identify the photos (as users post so many pictures on their profile). So this first security check option is just useless and in no way can check whether you are the desired user. Should not facebook provide other security check option (like password send to email used to log into facebook account or security question etc). Also the problem with first security check is if someone has hacked into your account then he can easily clear this check using his original account to find the photos and identify them). After trying totally useless first security option user is forced to choose second security check option. This leads him to enter his mobile number.

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After entering the mobile number you can either request for text code sms on your mobile or a call.If you request for text code then it is not guaranteed whether you will receive it instantly (I received the code after one day so it was useless,Next day I had to go through all the security checks). This security check option is also frustrating like first one because of below reasons

  • Delay in code receipt on mobile phones (specially in India). So you can not use your account for one or two day.
  • If you choose call me option you might get Too busy reply from them.This is very common scenario.
  • You have to share your mobile number.
  • You can not use same mobile number to validate two accounts.For example for verification of your account and that of your spouse you will need separate mobile numbers.
  • Anyone who has hacked your facebook credentials can easily pass this security check.He only have to use any mobile phone to get the code and validate himself.

In short in name of security check facebook is forcing users to share their mobile numbers but in reality this security checks are bull shit.

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  1. I realize this is an old blog, but I just wanted to say that things have gotten worse. I like to keep my phone numbers and real email accts separate from FB, and they recently made me go through a 2 step process to prove who I am… the first was the normal, type in the weird scrambled words displayed… and the second was to enter my cell number (making you put in the verification code they txt to the phone afterward). However, I didn't give them my number to begin with (when I created the account), so how is this a security check? They were basically giving me the option to abandon my account or give them access to my phone number… they forced me into giving up personal information… not cool at all!

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