How to cleanup Buddypress installation

I installed Buddypress on this website couple of days ago.I wanted to have a feel of features and power of it so that I can plan something using this in future.I have to admit it impressed me.Only concern was compatibility with themes.

The themes based on Buddypress default theme worked out of box without any customizations.Having checked all the features and some plugins I needed for my requirement it was time for cleanup.

Cleaning up is very important after any major plugin or theme installation and removal.I de activated the plugin and then deleted.This does delete all the files created by it.But it does not drop tables created by it nor does it clean up entries made in wp_options table.You can also skip removing entries in wp_options table if you want to preserve the configuration and other setting changes you made while installation.You can reuse them on next install.

To clean up database with information created by Buddypress follow below steps

  • Log into your cPanel account.
  • Open the PhpMyAdmin and browse for the database used by your current installation.
  • You will see list of all the tables in that database.
  • Select the tables with bp_ in it’sname.You can select them by checking the check boxes.These are the tables created during installation.
  • If you have chosen to install Forums while installing Buddypress you will see tables created with bb_ in it’s name.These tables are created by bbpress. You will need to select these tables too.
  • After marking all the tables with bp_ and bb_ in name select the option drop.
  • This will delete all the tables from database.
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To cleanup the wp_options table follow below steps

  • Select the wp_options tables from the list of table.
  • Go to the tab search.
  • On the screen you will see options_name column.Write %bp% in the text box in front of options_name column.
  • Hit the go button.
  • This executes the query in backend and shows all the rows created by Buddypress installation.
  • Delete all the rows fetched as result of the query.

After executing above two steps it is good to optimize your tables.

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  1. Thanks Esha for your easy to understand post – I searched and all other websites had unfunished instructions on removing BP but yours were complete and easy to understand 🙂

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