Have you disabled WordPress remote publishing?

WordPress remote publishing is one feature which should be disabled if not used.It is good to disable this feature as it adds to security of your website.If you are not aware of remote publishing then in simple terms it means that you can write WordPress posts from desktop software or remote website.You do not require to open your WordPress dashboard to write the blogs.

Now if you are not using remote publishing features then follow below steps to disable it (it is good to disable it if not used).If you are new to WordPress and do not have much idea of remote publishing then it is safe to disable it.

  • Log into your WordPress Dashboard as administrator
  • Go to Settings –> Writing option of your dashboard
  • On the Writing Settings page (page displayed after clicking above option)  you will see Remote Publishing.
  • Uncheck the boxes next to Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC
  • Save the changes
  • In future if you need one of the options then you can check the button next to them and click Save Changes.Enable the option you will be needing do not enable both the options if you do not need them both.
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