Harsil most beautiful river valley in World video

Harsil is situated before Gangotri dham.You might have heard of Gangotri dham (as it is one of the most sacred religious place of Hindus).But Harsil is not that famous and it did not surprise me because tourism in India is not that developed as it is in many countries.One of the reasons is lack on online content (blogs etc) to bring forward beauty of India in front of World.

But why am I focusing this much on Harsil? The reason is simple it is one of the most beautiful river valley in World.Yes this is true despite this fact the place is not that highlighted.This place can be developed as one of the main tourist spots.One of the main of my website is to bring forward unseen parts of India and promote Indian tourism.

During my chardham yatra I had a chance to see Harsil.There is a view point on the way to Gangotri dham.You can have best view of the valley from this point (But I found few places which give more heart taking scenes then this view point.Those points are far from main road leading to Gangotri dham).Few hotels and resorts are coming up in the area.There is also small helipad near Harsil.

I took a short video from the view point and tried to capture the beauty of the place (I have also taken some pictures as well).Seeing the beauty of the place I have decided for another tour exclusively covering Harsil in future.You can watch the video below and plan your tour if it interests you (Note the video is not edited except a copyright text of my website.This is the case with all video and pictures of this website).

Harsil most beautiful river valley in World

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