H12-Media review Should you use it on your website?

H12-Media is new advertising network.It was launched in year 2012.It is based in Turkey.I heard about it few days back.Since not many websites are approved by Google Adsense.Many visitors of this site want Google Adsense alternative or way to make money from their website.So I have reviewed many online advertising networks.You can read about all the review here.

H12-Media Publisher Requirement

H12-Media does not say anything about traffic requirement.There is no minimum traffic requirement.So if you have new website or website with less traffic then also you can use this advertising network.Most of the websites can get approved by H12-Media without any issues.They do not say explicitly anything about Adult website.So you can create account with them even if you have adult website and see how thing go for you.

H12-Media features
H12-Media features

You can create account with them using this sign up link.The sign up process is easy.After sign up you will have to add your website.You can add as many websites as you want.After adding website you will have to download a HTML file.You need to upload this HTML file in your website root folder.

This process is required to verify that you own the website.The verification process is similar to that of Google Webmasters or Bing Webmasters.After getting you website verified you can add H12-Media advertisement on your website.

H12-Media Payment Options

H12-Media offers you two payment options.First option is PayPal and second option is Wire Transfer.The minimum payment threshold for PayPal is only $5 but for wire transfer it is $500.It also offers you two different money withdraw option.Under first option you can request the money immediately.For example if your balance is more than $5 then you can request for payment.You can make four requests for payment in a month.

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For immediate request H12-Media charges 10% fees.So you will get 90% of the balance money.The second option is to withdraw your money after 30 days.If you withdraw your money after 30 days then H12-Media pays you all the money.No fees is charged.You can try the first option if you have doubt whether they pay or not and can not wait for 30 days.After receiving first payment or getting confidence you can choose the second option.

May people will say online that they will not pay.Many people will say that they will pay.So every website owner is always confused about any advertising network.The confusion ends only when you get paid from the network.So the first option provided by H12-Media indeed comes very handy.You will not have to wait for months to get paid.

H12-Media Ads format

H12-Media provides different ads format.This helps you try different ad types on your website and see what works best for you.The different ads format offered by H12-Media are

Standard Banner ads

H12-Media offers standard banner ads.You will need to add the ad codes where you want to display the ad.The different ad sizes offered are 468*60,728*90,160*600,120*600 and 300*250.

Pop Up ads

It offers SmartPop ads.These are site under ads.These ads are less annoying to visitors then normal pop up ads.

Sliding Banner ads

Sliding banners ads are ads which slide through your webpage.You can place these ads on left,right,bottom right,bottom left and bottom part of your website.It offers different ad sizes for different places on your website.But I would recommend using 160*600 on left or right side of your website.Other ad format might look bit intriguing for your website users.

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This is special type of ad format.It is not offered by too many advertising network out there.In this ad format ads are displayed on your video for few seconds.After the ads are displayed for few minutes visitors can view your video.The ad will close after few seconds.It can also be closed by visitor as well.

But in case you are using Google Adsense in your videos (YouTube) then you should not use On-Video ads from H12-Media.It will not be good for visitor experience as well as against Google terms and conditions.

The best part of H12-Media ads is that you can configure number of ads displayed to each visitor.This setting is not applicable for standard banner ads.But for other ad format like pop up ads or On-Video ads or Sliding ads you can control number of times the ads are displayed to your visitors.

H12-Media features

H12-Media offers simple publisher dashboard.You can easily add your website and create ad codes for different ads type.The reporting is real time.I placed ads on my website for few minutes.After that I checked the dashboard for reporting.All the impressions were reported.The reporting is fairly detailed and give you an idea about ad click rate,conversion rate and CPM offered.The advertisement displayed was also decent one and non intrusive.

Website load time was also not impacted by the ad code.This is one big plus point.Many website owners use ads from different ad network.So fast ad code will help you implement other advertisement network without any issues.I implemented both banner ad code and pop under ad code.Performance of both were same,

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The negative part is you can not control the advertisement displayed on your website.But most of the time this is not required so it can not be taken as too negative a feature.H12-Media is not a CPM network in true sense.It also acts as a CPL ad network.The CPM gets better if your conversion rate is good.If your conversion rate is not good then you will see low CPM rate.

H12-Media offers referral program as well.It pays 10% of your referral earning for life time.The referral should get paid so that you can earn 10% of the referral money.You can view the people you are referring.This is indeed good option.It helps you get an idea of referral under your account.So you can earn money from their ads as well as referring people to their website.

H12-Media with Adsense

In case you are using Google Adsense then there is no need to use this advertising network.People making less money with Google Adsense tend to try different advertising network to increase their earning.For example many websites use Infolinks or other advertising networks like Skimlinks or Viglink with Google Adsense.But you should not use H12-Media along with Google Adsense.


I have tried this advertisement network for couple of minutes only on this site.This was just to test ad code speed and type of ad getting served.In both the test it passed.The reporting was accurate as well.You can try this advertising network and see how it goes for you.

Do share your experience with them.I would update this post with my earning and their payment proof.You can share yours as well.Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.

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  1. Please avoid,H12 media. They wont pay you. I was not paid. When i ask my earnings, they banned my account

  2. I have not tried them recently so can not comment.You can try them for a week and see how it works for your website

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