GumGum Image Advertising Network Review

GumGum in image advertising network is one of the largest in image advertising network.I signed up for them few months back before writing this post.I have reviewed the advertising network based on below parameters

Signup and Approval process

The signup and approval process was pretty much cake walk at the time of my signup.Things might not have changed much since that time.You can apply and wait approval.They approved small websites with few images earlier.So getting approved should not be an issue.

GumGum ads

GumGum offers in image ads.This means ads are only displayed if you have image on that page.Since the ads are displayed inside the image they do not take any area of your website.Your image should size should be greater than 250*250 for GumGum ads to be displayed.

GumGum is currently a CPM advertising network.You are paid for each ad view.So traffic to your pages with image count.The ads are not intrusive and does not provide bad user experience.

GumGum ads are compatible with Google Adsense.You can use both of them on same webpage.The ad code is single line JavaScript code.It also loads fast.So using both of advertising network on same website will not slow down page load time.

Payment terms

Minimum payout is $50.It pays through Paypal and check.The payment is net 60 means if your account balance reaches $50 at end of January then you will get paid in March.

Is GumGum legit?

Recently I received an Email from GumGum stating that it has been voted as the hottest advertising startup.This is really good news for the advertising network and publishers/advertisers associated with them.The email stated

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Last Wednesday, September 28th at the Siemer Silicon Beach Summit, amongst impressive stand out, early-stage startups nominees, GumGum was awarded the Hang Ten award for innovation in advertising. Judging came from 28 companies including Google, Hewlett-Packard, Adobe and SoCalTech News.

This does state that they are legit advertising network.You can be rest assured that they will pay you (They are not scam).


GumGum publisher dashboard is very easy to use.It does offer decent reporting as well.The ad code creation process is pretty simple.You can create as many ad codes as possible.The only problem is you can not choose ad size to use.They automatically decide ad size depending upon your image relevance.

Referral Program

GumGum does not offer a referral program.

Some optimization tips

To make most of GumGum you should give them idea about your image.To do this your alt image text should be precise and related to image.This helps them target appropiate ad for that image.


GumGum seems to be a promising advertising network.It does have some drawbacks as well which might cause some publishers not to use it

They offer only CPM.There is no CPC.This means you need good traffic to be successful.Also the traffic should be on your pages with images (not overall traffic).
There primary focus is on USA traffic.So in case you have traffic from countries other than USA they might not work well.This further adds to problem stated in above point.

How to add GumGum ads to your website?

GumGum offers JavaScript ad code.You need to add ad code just before tag of your website.In case you are using WordPress content management system then this tag is in footer.php file of your theme.You can also use Udinra Adsense Alternatives plugin for this purpose.

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GumGum is good advertising network.But it is not an advertising network for everyone.In case you have image dominated website with major amount of traffic from USA then it is worth using this advertising network.In all other cases it is not worth using it.

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  1. Sisterads paying $20 eCPM i believe good paying network. I am using for 1 month, it’s payment cycle NET-7 If you like pop-up ads you should try it. it`s good network for publishers average eCPM rate $10-15 and not below $5.

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