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Google Search Console ( Google Webmasters tool ) is an excellent tool in hands of website owners.Google helps website owners find mistakes in their website.Fixing these issues will help website gain more traffic and better performance in search engines like Google.

Every website owner should check status of their website in Search Console timely.Current there is no mobile app for Google Search Console.I was unable to get details of my website on the go.This forced me to create mobile app for Search Console.

Search Console Stats features

Search Console stats app displays details like

  • Indexing ratio
  • Sitemap Errors and Warnings
  • Crawl Errors

These factors show SEO health status of any website.Also it helps you

  • Save Google Search Console statistics of a particular day
  • Compare the saved statistics with that of current day statistics

The comparison feature helps you get insight about your website improvement over the time.For example you saved your website effort before Search Engine optimization plan.After executing your plan you will like to compare improvements it made to your website.This helps you get insight about effectiveness of your website optimization plan.

Search Console Stats App video

You can watch this video to see the App in action.It gives idea of different options offered by App.You will be able to see this website search console information in the App video.

Using Search Console Stats

The App is must for every website owners as it gives details about your Websites added in Google Search Console.But it is equally important to understand what actions should be taken for each issue.The App does provide hint on solution for every issue reported by the App.

Sitemap Errors and Warnings

The App shows error and warning counts for every sitemap submitted for a website by you in Google Search Console.Errors need immediate attention.Sitemap errors impact indexing of your content.The lesser your content is indexed the lesser search engine traffic your website will have.

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Warnings are of less importance.You can ignore warnings if they are small in number.But it is important to see if the warning count remains same over a period of time.If that happens then you should look for details.Sometimes a page response time is high causing warning.

Indexing rate

This is one of the most important parameter displayed.You get an idea about number of URL submitted along with number of URL indexed.Apart from URL it also gives indexing idea about your image and video content.App ranks your indexing rate. If your indexing rate is low then consider using Sitemap generating tools and plugins.

If you are using WordPress then consider using Image Sitemap and Video Sitemap plugins from Udinra.

Ideally all your content submitted should be indexed that is indexing rate should be 100%. Having said that anything in range of 95% and above is also decent.But if it is below that then you need to take it seriously.Along with URL indexing which is also referred as Web indexing image and video indexing is also important.

Image and Video indexing are not proportionally related to URL indexing.But if you are doing great in web indexing then chances are you will be decent in image or video indexing.But if your web indexing is not good then your image and video will not be.

Proper Image sitemap and Video sitemap should be used to increase indexing of these contents.These special sitemaps provide more information about your content.This helps Google index your content better.Along with sitemap there might be content related issue like duplicate content etc.

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Not Found Site Errors

Search Console is not accurate about not found errors.You may have many URL’s reported which you should not be concerned about.But number of 404 pages should not go up with time.You should go through the list and check if it has any old URL which you can safely 301 to new URL.

If you have pages which are not present and there is no new URL where they can be moved to then you can check if your website have any links to the not found pages.You can remove links to not found pages from your website.Eliminating these non existent page links form your website is good for SEO as well.

Auth Permissions

Auth permission section lists pages which crawler is unable to index because they sit behind authentication.The App gives count of these errors your website has.Most of the times your website should not have too many Auth Permission error.If it does have then check whether these pages should be behind authentication.

Soft 404

These might be the pages present in your sitemap or have internal links.But these pages are not present.Also these pages return HTTP return code 200 instead of HTTP return code 404.HTTP return code 200 does give impression that these pages are existent.

Ideally these pages should return 404.404 tells crawler that these pages are not present.So for soft 404 pages yo should return 404 error code.The App gives count of soft 404 errors your website has.If the count is not significant then you need not worry too much.

Server Error

App shows server error count.If you have any server error it means your server was down.Also if your site response time is higher when Google bot crawled your website then this error will also be thrown.So you can use this error for monitoring your server response time.

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You should check your website response time and look for downtime.Resolving these two factors will help you reduce these errors.

Other Error

The App shows other error count.Other error count gives you sum total of errors which can not be clubbed under other categories mentioned above.

Saving Search Console Stats

Search Console does not allow you to save the information of a particular day or date.It is difficult to compare Search Console data across two dates separated.Comparison is important to figure out how your search engine optimization or website changes have performed over the time.

As a website owner I rewrite content,move pages around use different tricks and tips to improve website experience to user and make it better accessible.In this effort sometimes after making all the changes it is easy to forget some minor details impacting part of website not in our list of changes.

Now comparing search console data points out the areas messed up due to website optimization efforts performed recently.For this I save search console data before starting the changes.After completing the changes I compare current search console data with past one.

This one minute compare helps in identifying positive or negative impact of your recent website optimization activities.


This is not final version of App and will continue to improve it over time.I will be adding functionality as it comes to me.Also I am open to your suggestions as well.You can request features or improvement you want in this App.

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