Google Page Speed for beginners

Google Page Speed is an outstanding tool.It analyzes a web page for performance.It gives page speed score to web pages.It gives listing of performance issues with a website.Google Page speed can be installed in Chrome and Firefox browsers


  1. Install Firebug plugin for Firefox.Go to and click on Install Firebug.
  2. Go to
  3. click on the Install Page Speed 1.11 to install the page speed plugin.
  4. Restart Firefox after installing the plugins.
  5. Go to Tools –> Firebug –> Open Firebug menu option of Firefox.
  6. The firebug is displayed in bottom part of firefox window with Page Speed as one of tab.
  7. To install Page Speed in Google Chrome read the detailed instructions present at

Analyzing Web Page

  1.  If you want to analyze the performance of your website then enter the address of your website in the firefox address bar and let the page load.
  2. Let the page load completely.
  3. Click on the Analyze performance button in page speed screen.
  4. Under the performance tab of Page Speed the analysis report of web page based on performance is displayed.
  5. In the performance analysis report The factors marked with red needs to be fixed for better performance.Areas marked with green are fine and areas marked with yellow are OK.You can ignore them.Below is the result for one of Udinra posts (No red marks there).If you want to make your website free of red marks then contact me via comment or mail.

google page speed web page performace analysis report factors

  1. Under the Resource tab of page speed the resources loaded as part of web page is displayed.The file size and transfer size of the resources are displayed.This helps user to figure out the heaviest resources on the web page.
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google page speed web page resources analysis report factors

Users can use this excellent tool from Google along with Yslow of Yahoo (read blog Yslow for you for details) to analyze their web pages and fine tune it for better performance.This is one of the must have tool for Website administrators and bloggers.If you want to fine tune your website and need help in it then contact me via comment.

Freelancers can use this tool to figure out the problem areas with a web page.They can then fine tune the website for better performance.Website optimization is a growing work space.Freelancers can find online projects as well as local projects on website optimization.You can follow the blogs on website optimization under the sub category By Freelancing of main category Make Money.

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