18 Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics is free web analytics service from Google.It provides you detailed insight information about your website.Getting insight information about your website always help in decision making and future planing.Google Analytics is no doubt a great tool for web analytics.It is growing in popularity and is one of the most popular solutions out there.

But there are other web analytics solutions out there as well.They provide good amount of features as well.You might be using Google Analytics on your website.You can try these solutions as well.By trying these solutions you can get more information about your traffic.You can also weigh pros and cons of Google Analytics and these services.

I have created list of web analytics services out there.Some of them are Open Source solutions (free as well).Some of them are paid one with limited trial period.I have not discussed every single feature offered by them.It is better to use them on your website to see real potential of these web analytics services.

Google Analytics Alternatives with completely free plans


Piwik is open source web analytics software.You need to install it on your servers.So all your website statistics is with you only.It is also easy to use.Piwik team has come up with support for all major platforms.According to Piwik website it supports(offers plugins for)

  • 24 Content Management System
  • 07 E Commerce platforms
  • 14 Photo Galleries and Forums
  • 21 Programming languages and Frameworks

So chances are that you will have support for your platform as well.It is first choice if you want to self host your web analytics software.Piwik also have mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.So you can view your analytics information on mobile phones also.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is also open source web analytics software.It provides detailed comparison with Google Analytics in tabular format.So you can see the comparison here.

You need to install it on your server.So you have complete control of your statistics.You can add Open Web Analytics using JavaScript,PHP and REST based api.It also provides plugin for WordPress and MediaWiki.It can be installed like WordPress plugin.


histats.com is completely free analytics service.You do not have to install it on your servers as in case of Piwik and Open Web Analytics.There is no service limitation on number of page views.The maximum page view cap is 10 million hits per day.It also provides configurable counter option.

So you can display cool stats of your website on your web pages.Your traffic statistics are kept for 10 years (which can also be assumed as unlimited).It also provides Control Panel through which you can monitor statistics of 300 sites.This is again a huge upper limit.


I have included Statcounter in free service list.But it is not completely free like first three entries above.But the free service has too high cap.This would serve most of the websites.Statcounter free service provides 250,000 page loads per month or less and offers lifetime summary statistics.The only negative point is that the stats pages are supported by ads.

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You can show website statistics using counter or can hide it.Statcounter provides good installation documentation.You can read the install documents in detail at Statcounter install guides. Almost all major platforms are covered by Statcounter (like WordPress,Joomla,Drupal,Tumblr and Blogger).

Google Analytics alternatives with limited free plans


Clicky provides free web analytics as well as paid ones.You can track only one website under free plan.The maximum number of pages you can track daily is 3000.The free plan does not cover

  • Premium features
  • Uptime monitor
  • Heatmaps

Also in free plan ads are displayed on pages you see your website statistics.This is not show stopper as these ads are not displayed to your website visitors.


w3counter offers free plan as well as paid plans.You can track one website and only 5,000 page views under free plan.Under free plan w3counter shows ads above the reports.But this is not an issue as your website visitors do not see the ads you see it.

It provides interesting table comparing w3counter with other web analytics systems (Google Analytics,SiteMeter and StatCounter.You can see the comparison table at this link.


SiteMeter offers free plan as well as premium plan.In free plan the SiteMeter Counter is always visible.It also displays ads on site statistics report page.The most important difference between SiteMeter and other free services mentioned above is that it does not keep your previous statistics.

Only current year data is available.Except this the service is well balanced.It does not have any page views related limitation in free service.In free service only details of last 100 visitors are tracked compared to 4,000 in premium version.


Logaholic has very good basic (free) plan.They do not have any traffic related restriction in free plan.You can track only one website in free plan.It provides only 50 web analytics compared to 110 reports provided in Enterprise plan.But 50 reports should be enough for most of the websites.It also provides two different user accounts for single website in free plan.

You can either install it on your server or can add code provided by it.In case you install it on your server then you can view your website statistics on your server and data belongs to you(resides in your database tables).But in case you add the code then you will see all the statistics of your website on Logaholic website (same as that of Google Analytics).


ShinyStats offers free plan as well as 30 day trial plans for paid ones.The free plan can track upto 1000 page views per day.You need to use icon or counter in case of free plan.No invisible tracking is available in free plan.Free plan does not include many reports available in paid plans.So free plan is more suited to new websites or non profit websites.It also displays banner ads on ads report page.

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Mixpanel is different then services discussed above.It does not consider page views as major criteria to differentiate between free plan and paid plans.It gives 25,000 free data points each month in free plan.Now definition of data point is important to understand Mixpanel web analytics.If you are familiar with Google Analytics then think of data points as Events.

Now the events you track with Mixpanel are data points.For example you want to track user comments or user subscription then it is data point.Mixpanel also helps you track your iPhone app as well as Android app along with websites.So it is complete solution for mobile as well as web.


Woopra free plan limitation is 30,000 actions per month.So to understand its free plan we need to understand actions.According to Woopra website if a visitor who performs 2 page views, 1 sign up, and 1 download, will have committed 4 actions.So you get 30,000 actions in free plan.This does not seem enough for decent traffic website.

Woopra does provide plugins for major platforms like WordPress,Joomla,Drupal,Blogger and Tumblr.It also provides SDK for Android,iOS and JavaScript.You can also integrate Woopra with Salesforce.The paid plans are costly (starting one has 400,000 action per month at $79.95.

Google Analytics Alternatives with trial plans


Hitslink offers 30 day trial period.All features are available in trial peiod.After trial period is over you are billed according to your website traffic.There are three categories HitsLink professional,HitsLink Enterprise and HitsLink platinum.You need to cancel your trial period by calling HitsLink as you will be billed after 30 days.

You can easily install it by adding HTML code.The minimum pricing is $19.95 upto 10,000 page views per month.It seems bit costly service to me.You can use trial version to see whether the price is justified.


Chartbeat offers 30 day trial period.After the trial period they bill you $9.95 per month.You can track upto 5 websites and create two user account for statistics viewing.It provides JavaScript based code.So adding Chartbeat code to your website is simple task.They provide three different paid plans for different types of website.The other two paid categories are Editorial section (applicable for news sites) and Ad Sales sites.


DecibelInsight offers 14 day trial period.After that you are billed according to the plan chosen by you.It offers four paid plans.The least costly one is $19 per month.But this paid plan lacks lots of features present in other higher value paid plans.The major features provided by DecibelInsight can be clubbed into four groups

  • Heatmaps (visual representation of your website traffic)
  • Mobile Analytics (analytics of your mobile website)
  • Visitor Playback (what visitors see on your website and what they do not see)
  • Lead Management

They offer JavaSCript based code for tracking.So it is simple to implement.

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Kissmetrics offers 14 day trial period.After that the minimum plan is $150 per month.The minimum paid plan comes with threshold of 500,000 events per month.Here event is same as that of actions or data points discussed above.The tagline of Kissmetrics is

Google Analytics tells you what happened,Kissmetrics tells you who did it.The price I feel is on higher side.

They also claim to help improve your website and apps by providing you insght into features used by real visitors of your website.It does not require Credit Card information like other services mentioned above in trial period.


Gaug.es provides 7 day trial period.The minimum plan starts at $6 per month.The minimum paid plan 100,000 page views with unlimited website.It is relatively cheaper paid options then others in this section.

It provides statistics of all your websites at one place.It also provides JavaScript ad code.It seems to be relatively new entry in this space compared to above solutions.The blog page of the website did not had any posts.You can sign up for 7 day trial period and see how it goes.


GoSquared offers 14 day trial plan.No credit card is required during the trial period.The cheapest paid plan (GoSquared standard plan) is available at $9 for 3 websites and 150K page views.It provides free plugin for popular platforms like WordPress,Drupal,Joomla and Magento.It provides beautiful online demo.You can get idea about graphs and reports provided using the online demo.It is the second cheapest web analytics service after gaug.es in this category.

Google Analytics Alternative with no trial period

Mint Analytics

Mint Analytics charges $30 for license per website.It is similar to open source web analytics solutions Piwik.You need to install it on your server.So the benefit is the data will reside on your database tables.You should first check your server for Mint Analytics requirement before purchasing a license.You can learn more about Mint Requirements here.

Mint offers Mint Server compatibility suite.You can use it to find whether your server meets the requirement.You can download it from link given above (requirements link).It does not offer any free or trial version.You can see online demo of it.It gives some idea of statistics provided by Mint.Many people promote Mint but I am not too conviced with its features.I have seen the online demo and do not think it is worth the price.


I use Google Analytics for web analytics.It serves my purpose well and is free of cost.Apart from Google Analytics I would prefer to use Piwik and Open Web Analytics.The click heatmap feature of Open Web Analytics fills the gap of Google Analytics.It is good way to optimize your site for ads placement or other visitor action widgets.

Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.I would also love to know web analytics system used by you and your experience with the same.

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