How to make money with Hindi blogs?

Why making money with Hindi blogs difficult?

Do you have a blog in Hindi language or you are planning to start a blog in Hindi language.In both the cases you must have explored the ways to make money from your blog.I was also planning to translate many articles of this website (if not all) in Hindi language.But there was one major issue.I am using Google Adsense on this website.To have a Hindi language section on this website I would have to bypass those posts.Google Adsense does not support Hindi language at that time.So if my any mistake Adsense ads were displayed on Hindi pages then it might have been Adsense terms and conditions violation.I was not willing to put my Adsense account in danger.

So I gave up the plan to include Hindi language posts on this website.The second problem was no decent ads network to make money from Hindi posts.So the effort to translate my existing posts into Hindi will not have returned any dividends.This was the problem faced by majority of Blogger creating content in Hindi or other Indic languages.People often do not go ahead writing content in Hindi.The lack of ads network held them back from writing Hindi blogs.Advertisement revenue is important to keep blog running.

Google Adsense on Hindi blogs

But things have changed recently.I am not planning to create (translate) my existing content in Hindi.Few days back I received a mail from Google.The mail was about Adsense account of mine.The same message was also in Google Adsense message inbox.Adsense reguarly sends optimization tips to increase your revenue.But this time the optimization tip took me with surprise.Google said that it will be supporting Hindi language content.Now what does that mean? It means that you can write your blog in Hindi language and then get it approved by Google and place Google Adsense ads on it.

Google Adsense Hindi blogs

Above image shows the snap shot of message send by Google.It is worth mentioning that this blog of mine has majority of visitors from India.So Google Adsense thinks that creating content in Hindi language or translating the existing content in Hindi language may be beneficial for my visitors as well as help me earn more revenue from Google Adsense.I am definitely considering translation of this blog into Hindi (at least some posts to get started with it).

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Note above message was shared as a revenue increasing tip.My website has majority of viewers from India.So Google feels if my content is in Hindi then the chances of traffic and in turn money making chances will increase.I can also have dual language site.This is specially important.English along with other languages of India is very popular.SO translating existing content in Hindi will help me get visitors comfortable or like reading in Hindi.

Since I have existing approved Adsense account I can easily create new ad unit or use existing one on my Hindi content.You can also do the same if you are planning to use your Adsense ads on same site on both English and Hindi content.But if you are planning to create new blog for Hindi content then you will have to get the blog approved.You can read this post for tips of getting your blog approved for Google Adsense account.

With above announcement from Google the first hurdle is cleared.But there are few things yet to be seen.I would be interested to know

  • Fill rate – Currently for Indian traffic english content have on an average close to 90% fill rate.Though I am getting close to 99.5% fill rate.It is very rare that Adsense is without any ads.But will the things be same for Hindi content.Major consumers of Hindi content will be from India only.There may be some international traffic as well. Decent fill rate is important for earnings. If fill rate remains the same in both Hindi and English content then it wil be good news. I have seen Hindi Admob ads more often then English Admob ads.So may be fill rate will not get impacted.
  • eCPM and CPC – Along with fill rate these two parameters define how much money you can make from Adsense.Good fill rate along with CPC increases your earnings.If the CPC for Hindi content is same as that of English content for traffic from India then it is good signs.
  • Ads language – Now this will be interesting.Will Google Adsense display ads in Hindi or English.On other language sites I have seen ads in that language only. It is worth mentioning that apart from English Adsense supports many European language.Ads are displayed on language of content.Hindi ads should gel with ads format.Also Adwords should have inventory in Hindi ads.Adwords being the major source of ads shown by Adsense.
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Currently I am working to translate some of heavy traffic and India centric posts in Hindi.After that I would displays the same ads which I display on other pages of the website.I can then track and see the revenue generated by Hindi content.If things go well on parameters mentioned above then I will create more Hindi contents.I will also update this post with my findings as well.

That will help you make decision.If you are already using Adsense with Hindi content or have observed its performance then do share the same.I would also be interested to see support for other Indic languages as well.With India being one of the top countries with Internet user base and data consumption this may not be too far.It would also help Indian public get the Internet content in language of their choice.

People are creating content in Hindi and other Indic languages for quite sometime.I have seen very good content being created in Tamil,Telugu,Bengali and other Indian languages.With ads support from major player in online advertising network the content creation will also increase even if the rate of money making is less than English content.

There will be one more benefit.Google have started the support.Now along with Google some other major players will start supporting Indic language blogs.This will help new blogs which are not yet approved with Google Adsense or get banned from it due to some reason.

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  1. Sir mera adsence approve Nhi ho Raha so plz.. kuch bataiye sir
    jishse approve ho Jae Mera blog Blogger pe hai

  2. hi, my name is sudhir gupta from mumbai.
    I am also a blogger (founder of
    the 1st version of my website was in hindi only. that time i was facing so much difficulties. one of the difficult task was to grab return visitors. find quality visit is very hard here. also 99% people search in English on google even they want article in hindi.

    so after one year, i switch back to english only. you will not believe but i am doing half of hard-working (as compare what i was doing for hindi) and getting more then that traffic.

    I hope google will think about it and somthing new will start for hindi lovers like us. 🙂

  3. Please answer my 3 question
    What is the earning ratio of Hindi blogs? Is it lower than English ? Or Average?

    Or English blogging can be successful in india there majority people have problems in reading english

    Or i can write blog in Both language?

  4. hi sir आपने बहुत ही बढिया जानकारी की । मैने एक blog studytrac blogspot com बनाया जिसपर पढाई,सफलता और नौकरी से जुडी जानकारियाँ हिन्दी में दि गयी है,आप से निवेदन है कि मेरे blog पर एक बार जाएं और किसी भी प्रकार की कमी होने पर comment के माध्यम से मुझे बताएँ। thanks i will wait for you.

  5. I have my site in two languages.
    For example i have a post which have 800 – 900 words in 6 to 7 paragraph.
    now question is it that first i write a para in english than i translate it to hindi below it.
    than 2nd para in english and hindi and so on.
    can i get google adsense for such site.
    If you have any solution for me please please give me solution here or you can mail me.

  6. Hi Indira (Usha): Great Reading. This is the first time I visited your site. I am from Asansol and I also have several blogs. I am also planning to translate some of my posts to Hindi and upload on subdomains. Will you use Online translators to translate your posts or will you do it manually?

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