7 things you must do before using Google Adsense on your site

Google Adsense is the best way to make money from your blog or website.But it has strict terms and conditions.You should abide by its terms and conditions to get approved.So before applying for Google Adsense account you should evaluate your website on its terms and conditions.This will help you improve your website before applying for Google Adsense.

After creating account with Google Adsense you need to place their ad code on your website.After placing Ad code on your website Google checks your website according to their terms and conditions.If your website fulfills all the terms and conditions then it is approved and ads are displayed on your website.

If your website has any issue then your application is rejected with a broad message giving idea about issue on your website.You can then fix the problem and apply again for Adsense after some time.You can also mention reason your website was rejected in comment section.

I have received queries from new bloggers on this topic.Many websites are not approved due to simple reasons.You can easily solve these reasons and get approved.So I have compiled this checklist.You can evaluate your website on points mentioned below and fix the problems.

Write Original Content

You should write original content.In case you have used reference from any other website then link to that page of the website.But I would suggest writing 20 odd posts without referring any other website and original in nature.The initial period is important.Google Adsense checks your website to see if the content is original or not.

There is also chances of someone copying your content on their website.New websites have slow crawl rate.So search engines do not get idea about content immediately.So someone can copy your content and rank higher for your content than your website.This has occurred to me early in my blogging days.

To avoid this you should submit your content to search engines immediately.This gives them idea about original content writer.You should read this post for details about search engine submission sites.You can also use below websites to check if your content is getting duplicated elsewhere.

  • Get idea of your content duplicated elsewhere – Copyscrap
  • Analysis of your website for duplicate content,broken links – Siteliner

You should check your existing content for duplication and for new content use tips mentioned in Search Engine Submission sites post.After doing these steps your website will be free of duplicate content issue.As mentioned above you should write handful of posts (more than 20) before applying for Google Adsense.

Checking your content

You should not place Google Adsense ads on offensive adult contents.Your website should not contain content which can be clubbed as

  • Violent
  • Adult
  • Offensive
  • Racial
  • Pirated softwares
  • Hacking

In short your content should not be promoting any one of above.You should thoroughly review your website to see if you have content of above category.You should immediately delete those content from your website.After removing those content you should wait for some time before applying for Google Adsense.

Checking your external links

Links have become main focus point in recent Google Search Algorithm updates.Links also are important for Google Adsense.You should always link to good websites.You should not link to websites

  • Offering free downloads pirated software or others original content like Mediafire,filetube and others
  • Torrent websites
  • Gambling websites
  • Websites with contents mentioned in checking your content section
  • Spam websites
  • Content Farms

You should check your content for presence of these links and delete the links if any.You can use free software like Screaming Frog SEO Spider to get list of all external links.Screaming Frog SEO Spider is free software.You can download it and scan your website to get all the details.

It gives hell lot of information and is must have SEO software but I am focusing on external links only here.You can then review each link and then delete them if required.Deleting them is better option then adding nofollow link.

Remove Thin Content Pages

Thin content pages are pages which have very less content (seemingly less content).You should not create tens of pages with little or no content just to increase number of pages on your website.Writing 100 word or 50 word posts under different similar category posts does not make sense.

You should ideally remove these type of pages or merge these pages into single more meaningful pages.Google thinks a website as low quality website if there is lot of thin pages.So deleting unnecessary pages is better for your website quality in eyes of visitors as well as Google.

Quality of posts are increasing in important with time.Google is working hard (in form of search algorithms) to rank quality posts and sites higher.So create a quality site for better search engine ranking as well as faster approval from Google Adsense.

Remove Existing Advertising Networks

You might be using an advertising network to earn money before trying Google Adsense.But you should remove the advertising network before adding Google Adsense ad code on your website.Though Google Adsense can be used along with many advertising network out there without any issue.The major ones are Infolinks and Amazon.

You can also use other advertising networks by making their ads look different than that of Adsense.But I would recommend not to use other display networks along with Adsense in early periods.It is safer to disable to remove all other ad codes and get your Adsense account approved.

You will not be missing too much of money within a week time.You can safely keep In Text Advertising Network ad code or In Image Advertising Network ad code if you wish along with any affiliate network ad code.But do not use any contextual or display advertising network ad code.

Using Privacy Policy

After making your content suitable for Google Adsense you should create a privacy policy.You can download Privacy Policy of this website.You can use same privacy policy on your website after small changes as mentioned below.Please follow below steps to download the file.

Note Privacy policy is one of legal mandatory pages. To download other legal mandatory pages along with Privacy policy refer below link.

Legal Mandatory pages for site free download

Plusone to download file

Click on plus one button to download Privacy Policy

After downloading the file make below changes.

  • Replace each occurrence of my name (Esha Upadhyay) with your name or your company name
  • Replace each occurrence of my website name (Udinra) with your website name
  • Replace each occurrence of my website URL (https://udinra.com) with your website URL

After that create a page with title Privacy Policy and copy content of downloaded and changed file into that.Now publish the post and link to that post from every page of yours.You can add link to your privacy policy from footer of your website.It is important to create Privacy Policy before applying for Google Adsense.

Ad Placement Guidelines

Placing the ad code appropriately is also important.You should not place ad codes on

  • Pages with no content or very little content
  • Pages which require users or visitors to login.Ad codes should be placed on public pages.
  • 404 pages without any content.If your 404 pages have content then you can place ads but not recommended though
  • Register on this site pages
  • Login pages

You should not place

  • More than 3 banner ad code on a page
  • More than 3 link ad code on your page.I am not fan of link units and do not prefer to use them
  • More than one 300*600 ad code

You should not

  • Modify the Google Adsense ad code.Copy and Paste the ad code without any modification
  • Place two adsense ad units side by side together
  • Use any wrong description for ad codes like Click here or Our Sponsors or Related Content
  • Click on ad code your self or tell your friends to do that
  • Make your site clustered with ads.Keep it clean


Google Adsense is great money making option.But you should not try it initially.You should wait till your website matures and is ready for Adsense approval.In the meantime to get yourself going you can try any one of the advertising networks mentioned here (no minimum payment threshold) or read the review in details here.

You can also post the reason Google did not approve your site.I will try to help you in that regard.Consider sharing the post in case you found this useful.

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