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Google Adwords importance

Online World is becoming competitive with each passing day.Every day in every niche thousands of new websites are getting launched.So it is not easy to make a presence.There are lot of ways to promote your website or product online.Promotion is important for new websites or products trying to penetrate a particular consumer base.Out of these methods Advertising is one.

Google Adwords is leading name in Online Advertising.It is first place to look into if you are considering online advertising.There are also huge number of people willing to earn money online.They create cool awesome website or product.But it would be great if there is some free money to advertise their content.

I have received free Google Adwords credit advertising coupon many times.This has helped me promote my website without investing a single dime in advertising.It brought decent traffic to my website initially.This helped me reach out to my consumer base initially.

You can also receive free Google adwords advertising coupon for your website.I am listing step by step procedure followed by me for your reference.The methods three and four mentioned below should be applied after method one.You should use either method one or method two as per your suitability.

Ways to get free Google Adwords credit

Method 1

You might be using Google Analytics or have heard of it.If you do not have account with Google Analytics then create one.It is very good free tool to get information about your Website traffic.You can create Google Analytics account using your Gmail account user name and password (Sign up for Google Analytics).I will cover Google Analytics in separate post.

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After creating account with Google Analytics add the Analytics ad code to your website.After doing these basic steps wait for couple of months.You will get Email from Google ( with Free Adwords coupon code worth 2500 INR.

You need to spend 500 INR in first month to get this free coupon credit.Below is excerpt from the mail

Reach new customers with Google AdWords

Hello from Google!

We hope your Analytics reports have given you valuable insights into how customers are finding and engaging with your website. If you’re looking for ways to drive even more people to your site, consider running an ad on Google with AdWords.

An ad helps you stand out and enables you to provide valuable information, be it your expertise, this week’s special offer, or your latest product, at the precise moment potential customers are searching for what you have to offer.

Your activation code: (coupon code deleted by me)
Sign up at

Method 2

You might be aware of Google Webmasters.I will cover Google Webmasters in separate post.As details of this service offered by Google is little or of no use for this post.You can Sign up for this service using your Gmail user account (Google Webmasters link).After signing up for Google Webmasters you can add your website as well.After adding your website You need to verify your website.

This is simple process.You have to upload the HTML file to root folder of your hosting account or add meta tags on head section of your website.Google Webmasters is free of cost.After doing this simple step you will get an email with free Google Adwords credit coupon code for the website you added above.I am producing the excerpt from the Email send by Google ( with subject line

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Google Webmaster Tools: Get $100 of free Google AdWords advertising for your site

Dear Webmaster,

Thank you for using Webmaster Tools! We hope you are enjoying our latest releases, which include richer search query data, improved malware notification, and an SEO Starter Guide.

While these tools are a great way to optimize visibility, many webmasters also use Google AdWords to drive traffic to their site. We want to give you the chance to experience the effective and measurable results that Google AdWords offers with a free $100 in advertising. Try it today!

To get started with AdWords, please follow these 3 steps:

1. Visit and click “start now” to create your account.
2. Follow the instructions to choose your keywords and create your ads.
3. Enter your billing information and input your unique coupon code exactly as shown below.​​

Your personal coupon code: (coupon code deleted by me)

According to terms of usage the promotional credit should be applied within 15 days of creating Google Adwords account.They might not inform you if your spending crosses free advertising coupon limit.So you must check your expenditure if you are not willing to pay extra money.

Method 3

After getting above Email I created Google Adwords account.I used my free advertisement credit to promote my website.I did not used Google Adwords service after exhausting my free balance.After few months I received another free credit coupon worth 2000 INR.

But this time you need to spend 500 INR in first month to get 2000 INR free credit.This time the mail was from is excerpt from the mail

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Get Rs. 2000* credit and expert help choosing keywords when you come back to AdWords

We’ve already made Rs. 2000* available to you. To get your credit sign in, register your promotional code before 15 December and spend Rs. 500 within a month.

How to get your bonus credit:

1.Sign into your account.
2.Select the ‘Campaigns’ tab.
3.Left of the campaign name click ‘Enabled’ from the dropdown list to reactivate.
4.Click the ‘Billing’ tab and select ‘More actions’.
5.Apply your promotional code: (coupon code deleted by me)
6.Click ‘Submit’ and spend Rs. 500 within a month to get your credit.

Method 4

Above we have seen that creating Google Webmaster tools or Google Analytics account can fetch you 4000 INR free Google Adwords credit.Now we have a Google Webmaster account and a Google Adwords account.In this step you need to delete your Adwords account.Yes You got it right.Delete your Adwords account from Google Services list.

Google does care about their Adwords users.You will get Email with free ads credit coupon code again.This time they will ask you to create Adwords account to avail the free credit.The amount remains the same (2000 INR) in this case.You will have to spend 500 INR in first month after creating the account to avail this free ads credit.

All the methods mentioned above are white hat.You do not have to worry about anything.You can also post your queries and experiences below.

Feel free to share this post in case you found this useful.

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