Get $50 free ads credit from Bing in easy steps

Bing search engine is offering free ads credit.Yes this is true.The biggest competitor to Google search engine is offering this service for limited period only.I just received an email from Bing webmaster team about $50 free ads credit for this website of mine.

Whether I am going to use it or not is matter of discussion but this indeed is a gift for me.I had already received free ads credit from Google and Facebook.You can read free Google adwords ads credit (post for free Google ads credit) and free Facebook ads credit (for free facebook ads credit) to know how I managed to get these credits.

Coming back to free Bing ads credit You can also get them for your website using below easy steps (it is not 100% guarantee but you make yourself eligible for it).

  • Create Bing webmaster account for your website.The sign up process is pretty easy.
  • You need to verify your website.You can do so by adding a meta tag in your header (provided in Bing webmaster account) or uploading a HTML file provided there.This process is well explained on BIng as well.The user interface is really simple and helpful so will not be an issue.
  • But in case you have any trouble then please contact me using comment form below.
  • After verifying your website with Bing webmasters keep your fingers crossed and wait for an email from there side.

According to their email send to me opening Bing webmaster account and validating your website is a must criteria.You can read the excerpt below

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“Valid only for advertisers opening a new account on the Bing advertising interface, Bing Ads prior to January 31, 2013 (midnight Pacific Time) and who have a Webmaster Tools verified site”

There is no other criteria except this one.For this simple task you will get $50 ad credit in FREE Search Advertising with Bing.

Feel free to share your experience or queries.

4 comments Get $50 free ads credit from Bing in easy steps

  1. Hi

    I submitted my site to them butso far I dinot received any coupons
    Its been more than 3working days
    SO what shall I do?

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