Gangtok to New Jalpaiguri NJP

Gangtok is connected to rest of India through New Jalpaiguri railway station situated in West Bengal at a distance of 114 kms.There are four ways to reach New Jalpaiguri from Gangtok For details of transportation option from of New Jalpaiguri to Gangtok visit blog NJP to Gangtok.

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Below are the options for gangtok to new jalpaiguri travel

Private Bus Service — One can avail private bus service from Gangtok bus stand ground floor.The ticket booking counter is inside the Bus stand and fare is 120 INR for single person.It takes 5-6 hours by private bus to reach New Jalpaiguri.You will get seat in the bus.There is no standing allowed in the bus.The fare is fixed.It is the cheapest option available.The frequency of the bus is good so you will not have to wait for longer.

Government Bus Service — Government Bus service is available from the bus stand near the MG road.Ticket can be booked from the ticket counters present at the bus stand itself.The only problem is all the buses leave early in the morning till 11.30 am and after that there is no bus service for New Jalpaiguri.It is best option if you can get early in the morning and board the bus.But it seems bit tough.It takes same time as that of private bus service.

Shared Taxis — Shared taxis are available from Gangtok bus stand first floor.But sometimes it gets tough to get shared taxis as there is no first come first serve rule.People talk with drivers or agents out there to get number of seat needed.The fare can be 150 INR to 400 INR depending upon the demand and supply.The time taken to reach Gangtok is 4-5 hours if long breaks are not taken by the visitors.Sometimes it becomes tough to get a taxi.In case you feel same issue then it is better to go for a private bus instead of waiting for shared taxi.

Reserved Taxis — One can avail the reserved taxis from Gangtok bus stand floor one or from any where else by talking to the drivers and fixing the price.Normal fare is 2000 INR and can increase further depending upon the demand and supply.The time taken to reach Gangtok is 4-5 hours if long breaks are not taken by the visitors.

The fare may be more in peak seasons and may be less in off peak seasons.But the above fare list is standard fare to be paid.


  1. Hi, thanks for your post, i really need this for my trip next week.
    I would like to know more about the private bus from Gangtok to New Jalpaiguri.
    I had booked a train from New Jalpaiguri to Kolkata on 3am, 22nd of Nov.
    I plan to go New Jalpaiguri from Gangtok by private bus at around 5pm, 21st of Nov.
    Is there private bus availble to go New Jalpaiguri from Gangtok at around 5pm?
    Or do you know anywhere i can check the private bus schedule?


    1. You can check the same near Bus stand at MG road.Also there are private as well Government bus service.Both have offices at short distance


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