Gangtok Local Sightseeing

Gangtok Local Sightseeing comprises of 10 local view points within Gangtok.You can cover these local view points in a single day.You will have to start early in the day.Some of the view points are need time.So it is better to start early.You can skip some of them if you do not find interesting or have lack of time.

The local view points are divided into three different packages.The packages are formed depending upon the number of view points covered.The packages are

Gangtok local sightseeing packages

  • 3 point package
  • 7 point package
  • 10 point package

Below is the list of Gangtok local sightseeing view points

  1. Tashi View Point
  2. Hanuman Tok
  3. Ganesh Tok
  4. Enchey Monastery
  5. Bakthang Waterfalls
  6. Cottage Industry
  7. Flower exhibitioin center
  8. Chorten Stupa
  9. Tibetology Museum
  10. Rope Way

In ten point natural scenery package all the above are included,in 7 points natural scenery first 7 local view points are included and in 3 points natural scenery package first 3 local view points are included.

You can have a conversation with driver and customize the package according to your interest.Below is short description of major Gangtok Local sightseeing places

Tashi view point

You should either reach this place early in morning or late in evening.This place is famous for Kanchenjunga view.But in case you are planning for Yemthung or Pelling visit after Gangtok you can skip this view-point.Early morning before 8 AM the peak is visible but after that clouds cover the peak.You will not get clear picture after 8 AM till 5 PM in evening.So plan your trip accordingly.Read this post for details

Hanuman Tok

It is situated at a distance from main road.So this view-point is time consuming.But it is one of the best God Hanuman temple in India so you should not miss it.You can plan trip to this view point any suitable time.Read this post for details.This might be one of the highest God Hanuman temple.

Ganesh Tok

It is situated near the main road.It is not a time-consuming view-point.But you should cover this point because of two reasons.First you can try Sikkimese and Bhutanese clothes here for small fees and take instant photo.This is the only view point providing this.Second this is most famous God Ganesha temple in Gangtok.Read this post for details.

Enchey Monastery

A Nyingma Buddhism order monastery.You should not miss this beautiful religious site.It also presents some of the breath taking scenes of Gangtok valley.There are lot of attractions here.For details read this post.

Bakthang waterfalls

This is the only waterfalls in Gangtok also known as Gangtok waterfalls.It is situated near main road so no walking required.It can be covered in very less time.Best time to visit is in noon.It also has some sports for you to enjoy.Read this post for details.

Flower exhibition center

You should visit this place last.This closes at 7 PM so you need to reach there at-least 45 min earlier.It is also situated near to rope-way and MG road so getting back to hotel will be easy.You should visit this place if you are flower lover.For list of flowers and other details read this post.

Himalayan Zoological Park

Himalayan Zoological Park is not covered in any of view-point package.The reason is it is very time-consuming view point.But if you have interest in wild life and want to see some of endangered animals in natural habitat this is the place to be.Animals like Red panda,Snow leopard,Common Leopard,Himalayan Black Bear or Bhalu and Indian Civet are major attractions of this park.

Kanchenjunga mountain peak

The world third highest peak is visible from Gangtok.Tashi view point as stated above is famous for Kanchenjunga view.Many parts of Gangtok provide a beautiful view of this peak.You can also see this majestic peak from your hotel room as well.For Kanchenjunga pictures from Gangtok read this post and for Kanchenjunga view from hotel room read this post.

We covered all above Gangtok local sightseeing places on our Gangtok tour.It was great day.All of them are different in nature from other and are unique of its kind.I would suggest you to cover these places on your Gangtok tour.You will not have to feel sorry later on for missing them.


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