Ganesh Gufa Mahabharat was written here

Most of you would be aware of Mahabharat.No I am not talking about the famous Mahabharat serial telecasted on Doordarshan which broke records set by Ramayana serial earlier.I am talking about the book Mahabharat written by Maharishi Veda Vyasa.

He was also creator of Puranas as well.Veda Vyasa wrote Mahabharata and Purana sitting in caves of Himalayas.Recently on my CharDham tour I had a chance to visit creation place of Mahabharata and Purana.This place is famously known as Ganesh Gufa.

Ganesh Gufa sculpture


Ganesh Gufa is situated in Mana village (also known as Manibhadrapur in ancient times).The cave is situated few hundred meters from the main village.The road is slightly uphill and no vehicles go there.You will have to believe your feet to reach there.Pithhu is also available for elderly person and also children as well.Pithhu is a small basket like structure on which you have to sit and a person will carry you on his back.

There is a small God Ganesh temple situated in front of the cave.You can enter the cave from one side of the temple and get out from other side.The temple was later created and the place was cemented to keep it in good state.

Ganesh Gufa front gate


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