Free facebook ads credit offered by Facebook

Facebook ads are great way to advertise your website or blog.It offers flexibility of targeting particular geographic region or people of specific interest.So if you want to make people aware of your website then it is good place to look at.Should you use Google Adwords or Facebook ads can be a matter of discussion I will take that task in another post.

Better than Adwords or not facebook ads are still a good choice.It becomes best if you get Facebook ad credit for free.Yes it is correct Facebook is offering free ad credit.But you need to fulfill below criteria

  • You should have a Facebook page
  • The Facebook page should have 50 likes.
  • You should check email address of facebook page admin (the person who has created the page in case there are more than one admin for the page).So that you do not miss the mail of free credit.You might think of this statement as joke but it is not.The ad credit is valid for one month only from the date you receive the mail.So keep checking your mail after getting 50 or more likes.

After getting 50 likes your page becomes eligible for Facebook ad credit.I created Facebook page for this blog of mine and earlier this month I received a mail from Facebook offering me free facebook ad credit.Below is excerpt of the mail

Hi Esha,

Congratulations! Recently, your Facebook Page, Udinra reached a new milestone, and now it has more than 50 Likes.

You can accelerate your page’s growth with Facebook Ads, which allow you to target new customers and build immediate connections for your page.

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Be sure to enter your coupon code when you sign-up!


The Facebook Ads Team

I will share the performance of Facebook ads and How to use the free ad credit you got above in another post.That will help you get some insight about them and help you decide whether they are good enough for your attention.

If you have received similar mail from Facebook and do share your experience.


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