Find scam advertising networks in easy steps

Internet is full of advertising networks.Everyday the number increases further.This is great news for webmasters as it is nice to have more than one option for content monetization.

But not every advertising network out there are trust worthy.Many of them are scams.This does create huge problem for new webmaster entering blog monetization world.Internet is full of good (great) things about scam networks due to below reasons

Why it is difficult to filter scam Advertising networks from real one?

  • Scam advertising networks offer attractive good affiliate program.Some write great thing about the network to earn money by referral.
  • Some write about the network after discovering the network or reading about it somewhere.
  • Few are someway related with scam network so they try to promote it everywhere on net.They are experienced person and know which sites to advertise on.

All of the above reasons add to the problem of new bloggers.There is one more dimension to above problem.Many of us write post about these networks but forget to update it in future.I myself in my early blogging career made this mistake.I wrote nice article about advertising networks after having good result with them initially but with time they proved worthless.Having seen good result I write article on them but forgot to update them until recently (during my whole blog review).

It is not always that a network is scam.An advertising network can be genuine but may not be good option for making money (due to lack of advertisers and publishers,usage of old technology,new in market).Some networks are good for a particular niche and country.I will not go in detail about them here but will come up with details in future.Here in this post we will discuss about scam advertising networks only

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Steps to find scam advertising networks

So it gets very tough for a new blogger to filter out decent advertising networks before trying them.I have tried to compile some of the tips and tricks you can use before selecting advertising networks for your website

First Step

  • Before signing up for a advertising network lookup for details of that domain name in gives details about person or company behind the domain name (if it is not hidden by person or company but most often it is open).Look for below parameters
  1. Created on – domain name creation date.
  2. Expires on – the domain name will expire date.
  3. last updated – last time domain name was updated.
  4. Registrant – Person or company behind domain name
  5. Contact details – contact details of person and company

How to use above information?

  • If the domain name is registered for more number of years means more money is invested on it.Number of years is equal to (Expires on – created on / last updated).Top advertising networks have their domain name registered for 5 to 10 years.3 years is also a decent figure but anything less than that should create a doubt.
  • Search for company name or person name featuring as registrant in Google.You can find creditability of the person or company behind the advertising network.Searching for people or company helps to find out if they were part of some scams in past.This is indeed one of the best way to filter out scam networks.Few people come up with different domain names to cheat people.Checking history does provide handful of information.
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Second Step

Do not read review of the sites on forums or some ranking sites.It is better to check some authoritative sites for review of such advertising networks.Many people say false things about a scam site because they have affiliate link in their signature.

But in case you are following a reputable forum then do not trust new users of it.New accounts are created just for promoting their network.So remember to check reputation of forum poster while reading the posts or following it.

Third step

Do not believe in payment proof and other such things posted on forums or other places on internet.Payment proofs are least trust worthy.You can copy payment proof from internet and modify it according to your need.People part of scam networks are quite expert at these (I really believe they have got some good skills and computer knowledge).

Sometimes new users tend to signup for an advertising network after seeing payment proof.They think the network is genuine as it paid one of them.This thought is very tempting so payment proof trick is heavily utilized on Internet.

Fourth Step

If you see review of an advertising network on any good site make a comment.Sometimes bloggers forget to update their post.Sometimes a advertising network seems good enough in early phases but turns scam or bad earning option later on.Making a comment may attract attention of moderator and he/she can reply accordingly.

A positive or negative comment from moderate will help you making decision.I would suggest you this strongly as one of visitors did posted a comment about an advertising network (after reading my post on it).I updated my post and gave the network appropriate review rating.

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Fifth Step

It’s good to see networks behind advertisements served by advertising networks.You can use for this.It gives handful of information about your website (which you can use to optimize your site load time).It is best used for website performance tuning but here I will discuss about its usage in finding scam networks.

On the website report You can get list of domain name used to serve your page.See the domain names used by the advertising network and evaluate them using above steps.If the ads are from decent networks then advertising network you are working with is genuine (it may be low paying or high laying that’s different discussion).


I have tried to list all the useful steps learnt by me with time.I use few of them myself after hearing about a new network.Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions to make this post more useful.You can also share your queries about any of the step mentioned above.

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  1. I would strongly recommend adtomatik. Amazing worldwide reach and not to mention the ecpm. The best adnetwork I’ve discovered

  2. Yllix is not scam (till date)..I have received payment from them..twice..without any issues..they also spend money in address verification and mobile does not seem to be scam site

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