Find how far visitors scroll down your website in easy steps

Why should we concern?

You might have come across the term above the fold.This term is heavily used in advertising industry.Advertising networks recommend you to place ad code above the fold for better results.Webmasters also tend to place important content above the fold only.
The reason behind above the fold hype is that visitors are less likely to scroll down a webpage.So content visible without scrolling down a website is said to be above the fold.So for better ad placement and content placement it is good to know how far visitors scroll down your website.

This information can be used for ad placement,social widget placement and other important content placement (like Subscription form,Follow me buttons and interesting content from your website).

Is there any free solution?

I personally do not use any paid service or application or software on this website.So I always try to present free solutions available in market for a given problem to my visitors as well.Recently I found a free way of determining scroll depth of visitors on your website.

There are also paid solutions for this problem but I will not discuss about that here.

What is the solution and How to implement it?

The free script to determine how far visitors scroll down your website is provided by Chitika.The app is known as ScrollStats.All you have to do is copy the JavaScript code on ScrollStats page and paste above </body> tag on your website.

You can copy the code by clicking the ScrollStats link given above.The page also provides small description about application usage.

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I will like to know other free solutions available in market for the problem mentioned above in this post.Feel free to share your experience with the application ScrollStats as well.

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