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ewebguru is one of the top ten web hosting company in India (at least they claim that they are and I have not validated this fact). I know people using this company to host their website and based on their experience I am writing this post to help individual make up their decision. Below facts also pushed me to choose this provider.

The features which make ewebguru one of the best web hosting provider are

  • The support is fast.They really reply quick.One of my friends website got hacked (He left his wp-config.php file of wordpress configuration with permission 644) and he raised ticket about restoring the site.Within 5-10 min his site was restored.I was their to fix his problem and was amazed to see the support. Support is key factor in choosing your hosting company.So 10 out of 10 for them in this area.
  • The site has good uptime.Once there was issue with one of the site and after raising ticket they moved it to new server and issue never happened.
  • The rates and plans are good enough seeing the quality of their service.
  • They also have cloud hosting packages.I don’t know anyone using them so can not comment on packages.
  • They also have affiliate program so you can make money using that.
  • Website speed is always good.To verify this fact you can measure speed of this website(it is hosted on ewebguru).
  • They provide all the software and packages required to help you start your website.
  • Ruby on Rails support is also there.
  • They have also installed CloudFlare apache module and PageSpeed module from Google.These two modules help you speed up your website by more than 50%.Speed being important factor in website success today so these factors do help.These modules were installed on Shared Hosting so it’s a great help to shared hosting users.
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Looking at above facts and response from some customers of them it can be said that they are good and reliable.You can safely host your website with them.You can host your website with eWebguru (this site is also hosted on ewebguru) using this link.

3 comments ewebguru review

  1. Above mentioned looks like a paid review…

    below mentioned is my experience.

    regretting the day i bought their VPS services. Man this is the worst you can go for. Stupid me, din’t look for reviews beforehand and now there is nothing more than regretting and moving on to a different provider. Had to incur huge losses due to non availability of their servers.. they say 99.9% up time (F*&%$) it’s 99.9% down. and please don’t even care to raise a support ticket, their staff doesn’t know S*&*.

    My Suggestion “STAY AWAY”

  2. Hello,
    We require such articles to make a learned choice.
    Will you also please add what are the things one must look when selecting a web host?
    Do’s and don’ts for a small enterprise would be beneficial.

    This is a good article.
    Thank you.
    Dr. Ashok Koparday

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