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Plugin Updates

Initial Version

Along with free Video Sitemap plugin for WordPress Pro version of the plugin was launched. The Pro version was created taking stable code of free version.

The Pro version of plugin supported YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. It also supports additional Plugins used to place video on WordPress website. The free version only supports YouTube videos.

Version 1.2

This was a major release. Version 1.1 was an intermediate release with minor code fixes and preparing ground for this major release.

Video Provider removed

Support for Facebook was removed from the plugin. Facebook does not provide enough information in new API versions to create Sitemap. So for future users of plugin it was not good idea to have a video provider which has to be dropped in future.

Video Provider added

New video providers were added like

  • Twitch – Major gaming video site
  • Rutube – Popular non English video site
  • Funnyordie – Popular Video site

Along with these new provides some others were tested as well but are not included in this release.These video providers require more testing and will be taken care of in future release.

Focus in this release was to add these new providers and at the same time keep the existing functionality intact. Also the performance was not impacted.