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Why does the plugin create more than 1 sitemap?

The plugin creates different sitemaps based on post types. For each post type it will create a sitemap. Also it creates different sitemaps for each of the post types based on number of URL in each sitemap.

All the sitemaps are clubbed together in Index Sitemap. This index sitemap file should be added to robots.txt file and Google Search Console. This is the approach Google recommends as well.

Which sitemap map should be added to Google?

You should always add the index sitemap file for example your-domain.com/sitemap-index-image.xml

Can I use your plugin with regular sitemap plugin?

The plugin takes care of all your sitemap needs. There is no need to use one more sitemap plugin.But in case you want to use one more plugin you can use. The duplication is allowed as per below article.

But I do not recommend using two sitemap plugins together as this one creates all types of sitemap needed by a site.


File is not writable error

If you are getting file not writable error then make sure your web root is writable. You can create below blank files and make them writable (664 file permission)

  • sitemap-index.xml

Yoast SEO issue

Sitemap Pro is fully compatible with Yoast SEO plugin.

But there is some confusion. Yoast SEO throws below error if you are using Sitemap functionality of Yoast SEO plugin along with any other sitemap plugin.

The following file is blocking your XML sitemaps from working properly. Either delete it (this can be done with the \”Fix it\” button) or disable Yoast SEO XML sitemaps. After the error you have full path of sitemap files

Above warning is given for not only Sitemap Pro but every other sitemap plugin if used along with Yoast SEO sitemap functionality.

This warning can be ignored. Yoast SEO plugin searches for file names starting with sitemap and have xml extension. If there are any such files present then it will throw error.

You should disable Sitemap functionality of Yoast. There is no need to use this feature. You can continue to use other features.Yoast SEO uses below code to throw above warning (for your reference)

/** * Find sitemaps residing on disk as they will block our rewrite. * * @since 3.1 */
public function detect_blocking_filesystem_sitemaps() {
$wpseo_xml_options = WPSEO_Options::get_option( \'wpseo_xml\' );
if ( $wpseo_xml_options[\'enablexmlsitemap\'] !== true )
unset( $wpseo_xml_options ); // Find all files and directories
containing \'sitemap\' and are post-fixed .xml. $blocking_files = glob(
ABSPATH . \'*sitemap*.xml\', ( GLOB_NOSORT | GLOB_MARK ) );
if ( false === $blocking_files ) { // Some systems might return error on no matches.
$blocking_files = array();
} // Save if we have changes.
$wpseo_options = WPSEO_Options::get_option( \'wpseo\' );
if ( $wpseo_options[\'blocking_files\'] !== $blocking_files )
$wpseo_options[\'blocking_files\'] = $blocking_files;
update_option( \'wpseo\', $wpseo_options );

Google XML Sitemap issue

Google XML Sitemaps plugin and Sitemap Pro do have some issues on WordPress Multisite installation. This does not mean you can not use them together. But there is no need to use both the plugins together.

If you are using Google XML Sitemaps plugin on multisite then my plugin may not create sitemap.You may get 404 error if you try to access sitemap-index.xml.

The issue can be resolved easily with below work around.

Step 1

Install and configure the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

Step 2

Install and activate Image Sitemap Pro plugin.

That’s all. Both plugins should work fine.

You should deactivate and activate my plugin if you are deactivating and activating the Google XML sitemaps plugin. The technical reason is that Google XML sitemaps plugin wipes out the rewrite rules created by my plugin. So Image Sitemap Pro should be activated last.

All in One SEO issue

All in One SEO plugin and Sitemap Pro have issues working together on Multisite installation.On normal installation it works fine. The issue occurs if you are using All in One SEO sitemap feature with Sitemap Pro on Multisite.

Note you should disable Sitemap features of All in One SEO plugin and use other features as it is.If you are not using Sitemap feature of All in One SEO then both plugins should work fine. Below is the change required to make both plugins work together

Step 1

Open the file aioseop_sitemap.php in modules folder of All in One SEO plugin.

Step 2

Look for below line in the file

return $sitemap_rules;

Step 3

Add three lines above the line so the whole thing should look like

global $wp_rewrite;
$udinra_img_feed_rules = array( 'sitemap-index-image.xml$' => $wp_rewrite->index . '?feed=sitemap-index-image' );
$sitemap_rules = $udinra_img_feed_rules + $sitemap_rules_gzipped + $sitemap_rules_normal ;
return $sitemap_rules;

Step 4

Save the file.Now activate my plugin and then activate All in One SEO.

The above change will make both plugins work well.Above change is required if you ever update All in One SEO plugin.

I will look to handle the issue in my plugin or other ways to that every update wipe out issue is resolved. But as of now this work around is the best way out.