14 Best websites to Create Free Surveys

Surveys are employed by most of the small businesses as well as large ones.It is considered one of the best way to know about customers.Most companies send a list of questionnaire to potential customers or group of their target users seeking their response.

People answer the questions.This leads them know about mood of their target users.They use this information to create business decision.Surveys are created to know type of product people want to use or want to see in market.Surveys are used to know more about customers using simple questions not involving business terms and terminologies.

Surveys are not only important for big business but also for small ones.You can create survey to know about your visitors or product users.But small business owners find it difficult to invest too much in surveying their consumer base.I have compiled list of survey maker websites.You can use them to create online surveys for free.I have provided brief details about each of them so that you can choose the one matching your requirement.

I have classified the services in four groups to help you make decision simpler.But before discussing about the services I would like to explain these two terms.

Question Logic

Lets understand this with an example.Suppose you are surveying students.Your first question is whether they are from graduate background or post graduate background.You might want to use separate sets of questions for graduate students and post graduate questions.After first question your second question should be based on answer of first question and should be different for graduate students and post graduate students.This is known as Question logic.

Page (Skip) Logic

Page logic is mostly used along with Question logic.You might choose to skip pages based on answers of questions.One page prepared for married persons will not be applicable for non married ones.So page logic and question logic are inter related and are used to create complex surveys.

Open Source Survey creation software


It is an open source survey application.You need to install it on your server.It is PHP based software.So to use LimeSurvey you should have your own website or web hosting space.LimeSurvey offers free plugins for WordPress and Drupal.So in case you are using these content management systems then integrating LImeSurvey becomes very easy.

LimeSurvey offers most of the features (if not all) offered by the services listed above.So in case you have your own hosting space and bit of technical knowledge then you can use this software.The features offered are

  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Multi lingual surveys
  • You can add pictures and videos to your surveys
  • You can apply Skip logic and branching feature
  • Anonymous and Not Anonymous survey
  • Email invitation feature
  • Export your survey data in CSV,Excel and PDF format
  • Supports more than 50 languages (82 to be precise).It supports many Indian languages including Hindi.

LimeSurvey extensions are also in development phase.So with extensions available it would be more powerful.It will also become easier to integrate with different content management services.

Completely free Survey maker websites


Esurv is completely free without ads free online survey creation website.There is no time limit or answer limit on your survey.Some of above services do put these limitations in free plan.Since this is completely free and ads free service it is best suited for small business owners.

  • You have unlimited questions and unlimited surveys
  • You can make unlimited number of email invitations.
  • You can download or export your data
  • You can embed your surveys on website
  • You can track responses based on ip address
  • Question branching logic
  • Page skipping feature
  • You can password protect your surveys
  • You can block duplicate responses using ip address and cookies
  • You can also protect survey results with password
  • You can upload images and videos into your survey
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Features wise this free service is at par with the professional service players in this area.I would recommend you using this service before trying others mentioned in this list.


OwnSurvey is completely free survey maker service.The features offered are

  • You can share your survey on social networking sites or email to friends
  • Add branching logic to your surveys
  • You can restrict one response per voter so that results are not impacted by spam votes
  • You can redirect respondents of old survey to new one
  • You can incorporate survey questions based on answers to previous questions
  • Display graphs based on responses

In case you are not satisfied with Esurv then you can try this one.After this all services mentioned are not completely free.Also it is worth mentioning that this service does not mention whether it shows ads on your surveys or not.

Websites with Free Survey plans and paid survey plans


FreeOnlineSurveys has free plan along with paid ones.In free survey plan it offers

  • Upto 20 questions
  • 50 responses per survey
  • The time limit is 10 days per survey

You need to create account with them to get started.The creation of online survey is easy.It provides simple user interface.You can either place the link on your website or pop up code on your website or invite email list to take your survey.You can have both anonymous survey or tracked survey.

It offers paid plan starting with $19.99 per month and $9.99 per month for students and academic users for 1000 responses.For more than 1,000 responses you can upgrade to larger plan.You are not charged if your survey overshoots the limit.BUt you will not be able to view the results.

It is one of the oldest player in free survey area.According to the website top companies like IBM,General Electric,UBS,Vodafone and Pepsi are using their service or have used their service in past.


SurveyMonkey is one of the oldest as well as popular Survey maker service.It offers free plan as well as paid plans.In free survey plan it offers

  • 10 questions per survey
  • 100 responses per survey
  • Support for all languages
  • You can share your survey on Facebook,Send to Twitter or embed on your website or invite email lists
  • Real time statistics
  • Free support

You can also randomize or sort survey answer choices.The paid plan starts at $650 per month.So it is one of the most costly survey services mentioned in this post.It is well suited for enterprise users.The free plan can serve the purpose for most of the people.


The free survey plan of KwikSurveys provide below features

  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited responses
  • Full results export
  • Report Builder
  • SSL encryption
  • Question logic
  • Page (Skip) logic
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The free survey plan of SurveyMonkey and FreeOnlineSurveys do not have Question logic or Page (Skip) logic.They also do not offer unlimited questions or responses.So in this regard KwikSurveys do outweigh them.But they do not have Email Invitation feature available in above two services.They do have Enterprise plan as well.The Email invitation fature is available in Enterprise plan.As with above plans you need to create account with them to get started.


SurveyPlanet offers unlimited surveys,unlimited survey questions and unlimited responses.Apart from these features it also offers SSL security,Anonymous data and responses.The survey and responses are saved for a year.It also offers social integration.You can share your surveys on major social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus.

You can also share surveys with Email and embed your survey on website.It also offers 90 pre written surveys and basic survey themes.This helps you create surveys faster.They also offer paid plan starting at $15 per month.The free plan offers enough features for most of the users.Exporting your survey details is only offered in paid plans.

Zoho.com Survey

Zoho survey offers 15 questions and 150 responses per survey in free survey plan.You can also create and share custom reports.It offers

  • 34 survey templates
  • distribution of survey through MailChimp,Zoho campaigns and Weblink
  • Share on social media,Embed on your Facebook page,Embed on Facebook or blog
  • It also offers 20 Pre built visual themes

The paid plan starts at $19 per month.The paid plan includes Question logic,page logic and survey result export feature.The free puts Powered by Zoho footer text on your survey.


eSurveyCreator offers ads supported free online survey service.It also has paid plans as well.The paid plan starts at $19 per month.There are plans for small business as well as Enterprise users.The free survey plan offers below features

  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Limited number of participants
  • 350 response limit

It offers free support,SSL support and logical workflow in the free plan.But the duration of survey is only one month.It offers survey result export in free plan.This feature is not provided by most of the free survey plans mentioned in this post.


eSurveysPro free online survey plan provides unlimited surveys,unlimited questions and unlimited responses.It shows ads on survey pages.You can block voters by cookie or ip address.You can also add images or YouTube videos in your survey.It is one of the free survey services which provide survey result export functionality in free survey plan.

You can also segregate survey responses based on location of individual voters.You can also customize poll language.You can also view ip address of each respondent and delete individual responses.This helps you remove bad responses (spam ones) from your poll and get a real picture.

You can also password protect your survey.This features helps you get response from selected group.The free survey plan of eSurveyPro offers most features offered by the services mentioned in this post.So it is definitely worth checking out.The only intriguing feature is that it shows ads on your free survey while some of the options mentioned in this post does not do that.

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SogoSurvey is feature rich survey creation service.It is one of the cheaper options as well compared to the options mentioned in this post.In free survey plan you get

  • Multilingual survey
  • Branching logic
  • Mobile surveys
  • Power point integration of Surveys
  • You can export your survey data in Excel,Word and CSV
  • 24*7 Email support

The paid plan starts as $12 per month.You can check their service and decide whether to use paid plan or not.But they have not mentioned anything about number of polls and responses you can have in free plan.


WebSurveyMaster free survey plan provides 3 surveys with maximum 15 questions in each survey.You can have maximum of 100 responses per survey.The features offered in free plan are

  • Survey results can be exported to Word or Excel or Powerpoint
  • Graphical representation of survey responses
  • Embed survey on your website or blog
  • Send Email invitations
  • Mobile friendly surveys (this is important as mobile has significant online user base and is growing at fast rate)
  • Responses can be recorded anonymously
  • Post survey links to Facebook or Mailchimp campaigns
  • You can have custom branding and logo on your survey.This feature is not offered by too many services in this list
  • You can use images and YouTube videos in your survey

It also offers paid plan starting from $199 per year or $24.95 per month.


QuestionPro showcases testimonial from Microsoft former marketing director Romi Mahajan.They offer free as well as paid plans.There paid plan starts from $15 per month making it one of the cheapest free online survey services.The free plan includes

  • 15 common question types to create survey easily
  • Many survey templates and question bank for simple survey creation
  • It offers 20 survey themes
  • You can distribute your survey using email or on website or blog or QR codes
  • You can track individual respondents
  • The surveys are mobile compatible
  • You can integrate your survey on social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter or LInkedin.
  • 24*7 Email support

Looking at the source of testimonials and their feature list along with the pricing they are one of the top choices.You can try their free plan and then if they match your requirement upgrade to paid plan.

Trial Survey creation plan services


Obsurvey does not offer free survey plan.It offers 30 day trial plan.After 30 days you need to upgrade for paid plans.The paid plan starts at $7.98 per month.In trail plan you can have 10 surveys with 100 responses per survey.You can share surveys on social networking sites.You can embed the survey on your website or blog.It provides tools to make survey creation easier and simple.The surveys are optimized for web as well as mobile.


There are many more services offering free online survey creation.But I have not included them in the list.I will keep updating the list with new services.You can select any one of the below for your purpose and based on your requirement.In case you would like to share your experience about any one service then feel free to do so.You can also add new services and I would check and include them in the list as well.

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