11 Best websites to create free polls

Business entities always want to know about choice of mass or opinion of mass.This helps them take decisions.Polls are very good way to know opinion of a mass.It is one of the most popular and simple ways of data collection.Nowadays polls are used to decide winner of awards (be it sports awards or movie awards).

With growth of Internet online polls have become very popular.Most of the people are using online polls to gather information and take appropriate decisions.I conducted poll few months back after changing my website design.Based on the input of visitors I modified the design and settled on this one.

While creating the poll I visited few of the sites mentioned below.Later on I thought of publishing this as a post.It had two purpose

  • I will not lose the list
  • It might benefit someone.

I have listed websites offering free poll creation service below.Some of them also offer paid plans.I have listed paid plans as well to give idea of the cost associated with the service.I have not tried paid plans of any of the service below.


PollCode helps you create polls which you can place on your website or social networking profiles like Facebook,Twitter or blogging platforms like Blogger.The service is free of cost.It displays ads on result page of the poll.That is if a visitor casted vote and then casting vote result page is displayed.The result page will display ads.

Also it will have a link back from your website to PollCode (in case you have put the poll on your website).You can make your polls result page ads free by paying $3.33 per month.It does not put any limit on number of free polls you can create or on number of people who can vote on your poll.

Creating polls is very easy process with PollCode.You can create one poll without even creating account.But to create more than one poll you need to create account with them.Later in the post we will see services which do not need requirement to create account with them.


You can easily create free polls,customize the look and feel of it.It also provides options to include Facebook like button and Facebook comments.This social sharing options help you make your free poll viral.You can also customize Layout and result display chart options in free poll plan.

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It also offers paid poll plan.In paid poll plan it offers features like IP Address filtering ,Location Tracking and removing ads and branding information from your poll.All these features cost you 99 cents per poll.Time is not mentioned anywhere.So you can enjoy poll with all the above features in just 99 cents.

You need to create account with them to create free polls.The polls are also mobile compatible.It is good feature to have as mobile is fast growing as internet surfing medium.This feature is provided by most of the services.Though I have not mentioned mobile support in most of the services it does not mean that they are not mobile compatible.So judge the services based on the comments shared and assuming that they are mobile compatible.Do not just assume that they are not as nothing is mentioned about it.


They offer free poll plan as well as paid ones.The paid ones start at $4.97 per month if you have chosen yearly plan else it costs $9 per month.The free polls are ads support like above options.You can create ten polls and number of responses are limited to 50.This is costly plan compared to other options mentioned in this post.You can try their free poll service to check out the features offered in details.


Polldaddy has free polls plan as well as paid polls plan.The paid polls plan is too costly for most users.The paid plan is mostly suited for Enterprise users and starts at $200 per year.It offers most of the features in free polls plan except the ones mentioned below

  • No CSS editing means you can not customize look and feel of polls template
  • No custom Welcome or Thank You page
  • No printable PDF
  • No CustomURL
  • No restrictions on voters based on password,email,ip address and captcha
  • No SSL
  • You can not export responses and results in different formats like Excel,PDF etc
  • No location reports for the polls

Excluding these options it provides most of the features provided by above services.You can also add image,video and content from Youtube,Flickr and Google Maps.Polldaddy is one of the most popular free poll service.The reason being it is backed by WordPress and has free WordPress plugin.

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I have used PollDaddy.The free version is good enough to serve most of the people.I would recommend you using it in first place and if not satisfied then move to other free options mentioned in this post.


Kwigpoll allows you to create polls without need of any account with them.,They also do not have any paid plans.The poll creation interface is very easy to operate.It has below restrictions

  • You can have only 5 answers in your poll
  • Voting can be allowed for max 7 days

So it is good for short term polls may be short lived multiple choice questions and answers.No need of account creation and easy interface makes them good choice for free polls.But I personally do not like the time restrictions.There are other services which are similar in nature and do not have time limitation and answers limitation.Though answers limitation might not be a worry some factor for many.

Other similar services are mentioned later in the post.


Flisti also allows you to create new polls without creating account.They offer some good features on top of what offered by Kwiqpoll

  • You can have as many answers as you want in your free poll
  • You can also allow multiple answers to your poll
  • Also there is no restrictions mentioned about age of polls you create

So flisti score above Kwidpoll in without account free polls category.You can use either of them and see compare them.


It allows you to create free poll for your website.It generated HTML code which you can embed on your website.It allows you to have at max 20 answers for your poll.You can customize look and feel of your poll and size of it as well.It also does not require you to create account with them.They also do not have any paid plans.


Micropoll offers free poll plans as well as paid poll plans.You can customize look and feel of your poll.You can choose answer type as Radiobox(can select only one answer),Checkbox (can select more than one answers) and drop down menu.You can have location based and time based voting trend.

This helps you gain insight into area your poll is popular and time more users are interacting with it.You can hide poll results from voters.Sometimes people choose not to display poll results before a certain date.This feature of Micropoll helps in this regard.

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It also has s good security feature of logging IP address of voters.If you feel certain IP address is spamming your poll then you can block the ip as well.Due to above features Micropoll is one of the worth checking out free poll creation service.


Pollsnack displays ads on your free polls along with their watermark.You cannot see your poll result in free plan.They have points system and VIP membership as paid plans.The free plan is not worth effort as you will not be able to see poll results.I thought to delete it from this list.But included it as for 4 points you can have one poll with premium features.


They also offer free plan along with paid ones.In free plan you can have 40 responses per poll.There is no moderation feature available in free plan or next paid plan.The paid plan with all the features is $65 per month(250 responses limit).This makes it one of the costliest options mentioned in this post.You can use the free plan and check if they are worth using.


It is completely free polls creation service.You do not need to create account with them.You can have as many answers you want in your poll.The site does not say too much about itself or features offered.It displays simple user interface which you can use to create your free poll.The problem is you cannot embed the poll on your website or elsewhere.The poll resides on Polls.io website only.

So it may not be of too much use for website owners.But you can create a poll here and share the poll link with your friends.The polls and results are completely public.

So you can use any of the above free poll maker service to power your website with polls.Many of the services also offer integration with popular social networking site.So enjoy collecting information and grow your business with help of online polls.

Consider sharing the post in case you found this useful.

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  1. I think qfeast is simply gorgeous if you want to create polls!

    It’s easy, free, you can create scored quizzes and personality quizzes and also stories, questions, stories, groups.

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