12 Best websites to create free forums

Discussion around a topic of interest has always been of people’s interest.One likes to share thoughts and listen thoughts on topic of interest.Online Forums give you opportunity to discuss on a topic with people far apart but having similar interest.Some of the top sites are Forums only.

If you are interested to create free forums of your own then you can easily get started using below list of sites.They all offer free forums hosting.So you enjoy discussing about a topic of your interest for free.I would cover them in detail below so that you can select the one which matches your requirement.

Your forum may become more popular then you expected.You never know you can make money with your forum doing discussion around your favorite topic.So if you have an idea then it is better to get started.There is no point sitting and thinking about it.


Proboards provide you easy to use and administer forums for free.They also do not have any size limit on free forums.You can have as many members,categories,posts and topics you want.This is indeed a cool feature to have.You do not have to think much before creating new topics or adding new members to your forum.

They also allow you unlimited bandwidth.So there is no restriction on interactivity of your forum.They also provide Mobile App.This helps your members interact with your forum using their mobile devices.This gives extra edge to your forum.It also allows you to upload files as attachment to your posts.You can also embed Youtube videos in your posts.

The only drawback this forum website is that you can not make money from your free Forums.Proboards display ads on your free forum.To remove ads from your forum you need to buy their premium plan.You can use your own domain name and URL in premium plan.


FreeForums allows unlimited bandwidth.So you do not have to worry about traffic of your forum.It provides support for 58 languages.So if English is not your language of choice then no need to worry you can use other languages as well.You can also create sub forums and it also supports sub domain.

You can also upload your own logo.This is important to brand your own forum.It also provides free space.It provides attachment size of 4072MB.So you can in total embed photos and videos of size totaling 4092 MB.It does provide excellent security features.It offers security center,Temporary bans and user warnings.

It provides spam center.SO you can control spam registrations on your forum.You can add custom fields in registration form of your forum.You can also create custom BBcode.It also provides Recovery Console.The recovery console features help you to fix mistakes on your forum and restore your forum to earlier point.

You can view Recovery feature same as that of System Restore feature of Microsoft Windows.It claims to provide advanced posting system.But I am not sure exact features advanced posting system offers.They provide constant upgrades.It also provides traffic statistics center.You can use it to get idea about number of visitors and their origin.

It also provides support for custom domain that is domain name of format yourdomain.com.But it does not mention whether it is premium feature or free feature.It also does not mention whether it displays ads on your forum or not.The paid plan is $4.95 per month.The features mentioned above until and unless paid plan specified are offered to free forums plan.

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The most striking feature of MoreForum is that you can make money with your free forums.They are not ads free forum.But you can make money by publishing your advertisement.They are ads share platform.This means you do not earn 100% of the earnings.They do part of it as well.They have tie up with various affiliate programs.You can display their ads on your free forums and make some money.

It provides support for mobile devices.They have not mentioned anything about mobile apps.This means that your forum will be mobile compatible.It can be viewed from mobile devices.With growing popularity of mobile devices this is an important feature.It provides social network sign feature.

Lots of people now prefer using social network instead of creating new profile on a site or forum.So social login feature is become very important.Heavy traffic sites like StumbleUpon is also using this feature.It also provides traffic statistics.So you can gain inside visitors visiting your forum and place of them.

It also provides security features important for any forum.You can blacklist links and set different security settings.You can also customize your forum look and feel.This helps you make it look different from other forums.You can also bind your own domain name in form of yourname.com or yourdomain-name.com.This helps you give your free forums your own brand.


Lefora does not mention whether they display ads on your free forums or not.It also does not mention anything about ad share basis money making.SO you can make money from your free forum or not is not clearly mentioned.It provides unique feature of chat rooms.This is not available in most of the websites offering free forum software.

It also provides mobile apps.So you can update your forum on a go using your mobile device.Now most of the free forum creation software offers support for mobiles either in the form of mobile apps or mobile compatible websites.Mobile apps offer more versatility.But both do serve the purpose.

It also offers other cool features like Polls and bulk member management.Polls do increase interactivity of your posts.Bulk member management offers better moderation and user management of your free forums.


Createaforum provides hell lot of features.It supports unlimited posts, topics, boards and subforums.So you do not have to worry about traffic and growth of your website.It does display ads on your forum.It is not clearly mentioned whether there is paid plan for ads removal or you can make money with your forum using your own ads.

But the features provided to make it worth trying once.You can also dive into details of feature after trying it once for dummy test project.It has good security feature of advanced permission system to control permissions by group members.It also has moderation center for post moderation.It gives you forum builder called EzPortal.With the help of EzPortal you can easily your forum site.

It also provides builtin photo gallery.It allows members to share pictures with each other.They can also comment on the pictures and create their own image galleries.It is one of the only free forum sites which provide large games collection.You can install these games on your forum and increase interactivity.The games also provide high score tracking feature.

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Using the eCommerce feature of createaforum you can sell digital as well as physical goods.Thus you can have eCommerce powered forum for free.It is not mentioned whether this feature is free or with a charge.Similar to this they allow classifieds system.This system allows members to have auction and listings with the option to charge fee to list of items.

All these features are part of their free forums plan until and unless mentioned.In some places they have not clearly indicated whether it is in paid plan or free plan.


Aimoo does display ads on your free forums.You need to upgrade for Diamond membership to make your forum ads free.It does offer some good features.It offers chat room support,free polls support and private messaging.All these features help in making your forum engaging.The only place it lacks in competition with other forums is that it only offers 5M image hosting.

It does provide good security features of IP banning,Email banning and user banning.These features help you moderate your free forum and keep it free from spam activities.It provides two unique features.These features are not seen in most of the service providers.The two features are user rank setting and password protected community.So you can have a private community the content of which is protected by password.


It displays ads on your free forums along with branding information that you are hosting your free forum with BoardHost.To remove these from your free forum you need to upgrade with monthly fees of $12.75.This amount does seem bit higher to me compared to many services mentioned above.

It offers powerful permission system.You can choose whether the forums will be accessible to all or members only with ease settings.It also provides forum builder which speeds up forum creation process.They also provide instant upgrades.So you do not have to worry about upgrading your forum backend software.

This is indeed important as it helps keep your forums secure.They also provide free support for free forums.So you can ask for help for free.It provides unlimited posts,categories and forums.You can easily customize look and feel of your forums to make them look different from each other.


ForumUp also displays ads on your free forums.You can remove ads and enable other features by paying small fee.They provide good security features like both cookie and URI based sessions .It also provides support for private forums or forums for a particular group of people along with public forums.

It offers layered permission control for members also.You can select which members can view,post or reply the posts.You can also censor words not be used on your forums.It provides extensive ban system.You can ban by email address or user name or ip address.

This feature helps you keep your forums free of spam and spam users.You can also verify new posts.All these features make it one of the best secure forum creation services out there.The support offered by community is free of cost for free forums also.

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You can use MyFreeForum to create forums for promoting your own website or other websites or your own business.They do not post any restriction on that.Other forums do not clearly mention dos and don’ts.But they clearly mention things allowed by them and things not allowed.

They allow politically controversial forums and adult forums as well.You can promote your own website or other website as well.This is really helpful for marketing people trying to promote their website or business.They also allow to mass email your users.

They do show ads on your website.But they do not say anything much about paid plans to remove the ads.They also do not mention much about features available in free plan or paid ones like the services mentioned above.The most clear area is the content available on their website.


ActiveBoard displays ads on your free forums.You need to upgrade to paid plans for ads removal.The paid plans also depend on traffic you get.It seems to be costly and restrictive compared to solutions mentioned above.But it does claim to offer some good features.

It claims to offer facebook style chat and instant messaging.It also offers simple media sharing and social sharing.You can also enable Facebook log in instead of typical forum registration.This social integration helps your forum gain members.

It claims that no technical knowledge is required to set up your forum.It is also spam proof (means good security features).So if you are going for professional forum then you can look into this service.Otherwise it is too costly service to use.Their base paid plan starts at $7.25 per month for 25,000 visitors per month.As the traffic grows you are billed more.


CreateForum is ads supported free forum creation service.It offers unlimited posts,categories,bandwidth,members and forums.It is one of the oldest free forum creation service offering website.It does provide lots of features.You can enable and disable these features from your forum configuration panel.

It does not offer any paid plan.So you can not make money with your free forum.But the upside is that you get all the features offered by createforum in free plan unlike other services which have some features available only in paid plans.


It is also one of the oldest free forum creation service offering website.It is in this field from 2002.Some of the key security and spam prevention techniques offered by ZetaBoards are Integrated automatic spam prevention,advanced account security system,inline topic moderation and inline moderation queue.

It also provides integrated ShoutBox (chat with members feature),advanced private messaging to other forum members privately and quickly.It also allows users to have their own blogs as well.ZetaBoards offers website creator.You can create web pages inside your own forums as well.So it is more than forum creation software.

You can use any of the above websites to create your free forums.It depends on your requirement.One platform can not be said best platform to create forum.The reason is that each platform has separate features.The one which suits your requirement can be best for you but may not be best for you.

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