26 Best websites to Create your free blog

What is a Blog ?

Blogs are collection of small articles about different topics.You can write about anything that interests you.You can share your knowledge related to any field.There is no restriction on topics to blog about or content a blog can have or should have.Today you can find blogs on almost any topic.

Blogs have also become major way to make money from internet.Their are many professional blogger out there.They are making good income from blogging itself (to an extend that Blogging have become their primary source of income). I have covered best websites to create your free blog.

You can try blogging using these platforms for free and then decide if it is something that interests you.If yes then you can join the world of blogging and start making money.Many people create blog to compliment their online business.May people create blog just for sharing their thoughts.So what ever be the reason you can select one the platforms listed below to create your free blog.

Create free blog website grouping

I have divided the sites providing free blog creation feature into below groups based on the criteria mentioned

  • Websites that allow you to Make money with your free blog – These are websites which allow you to make money with your free blog.Blog has good money generating potential.There are many blogger who make decent income blogging.
  • Websites that do not display Ads on your free blog – These websites does not allow you to make money from your blog.But they do not show their ads on your website.
  • Websites that display Ads on your free blog – These websites show ads on your free websites.

Websites that allow you to Make money with your free blog

In this section I will list services (websites) which help you make money with your free blog.So in other words you can earn money online without any investment.The websites listed below are in order of recommendation.


This is the best place to create your free blog.Blogger is free service provided by Google.You can create more than one free blog with Blogger.Blogger is completely free service.There is no restriction on based on traffic on other similar parameters.Later in the article you will see there are some website which impose restrictions based on these parameters on free blog.The best part using Blogger is that you can even make money from your free Blogger blog using Google Adsense.

I have written step by step tutorial on making money with Blogger and Adsense.You can read the tutorial here.Also Google does not show any ads on your free blog.There are services which display their ads on your free blog.Also you do not need technical knowledge to create your free blog and start earning money.In case for some reason you do not like Blogger then you should move to other options mentioned below.

You can use your own custom domain names with Blogger now.For example earlier a free blog created with Blogger need to have your-name.blogspot.com URL.Now you can use your own domain name instead of the blogspot suffixed domain name.All these features make it the best option for creating free blog for making money.


It is one of the best options for creating free blog.I would put it along with Blogger.The free features provided with weebly is sufficient for beginning bloggers.It is easy to work with and provides lots of tools for website creation.As we will see later in the post most of the free platforms display their ads on your blog except Blogger.Weebly does not display their ads on your blog.

In fact you can make money from your free blog using Google Adsense.Weebly provides Google Adsense integration to help you add Google Adsense ads on your blog.Your free website will be mobile ready.E Commerce enabled.You can upload your images and videos as well.So for small personal blog you can certainly use Weebly.It also helps you have your own domain name.Domains names need not be suffixed with weebly.com.

So if you compare Blogger with Weebly then most of the features seems to be same.You can try using both of them.After working with them you can get an idea which better suits your requirement.Both are simple and easy to work with.

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According to JournalHome website it is an ad sharing blog hosts.It means that you can make money with your free blog.You can use Google Adsense ads on your JournalHome blog.The features provided by JournalHome is sufficient for most of the blogs.It backups your blog regularly.Backup is important.Incase of any crashes and all it helps you restore your blog to latest point.So this is an excellent feature provided for free blogs.It also provides customization feature.It helps you modify look and feel of your website according to your requirement.

It does score less than Blogger or Weebly but certainly is worth mentioning in this category.So if you are not fan of top two then this is the place to go (if you want to make money from your website).

Wall Inside

Wall Inside is social networking website with blogging as the center of focus.You can create your blog and share it with your friends and social network.They do have strict content policy which I think should not be an issue for most of us.But it is good to read the policy before creating blog with them.

Wall Inside allows you to make money with your free blog.So in this feature it is same as above two options.But I would recommend using it only after above two are tried.

Websites that do not display Ads on your free blog

In this section I will cover the options which do not display ads on your free log.Also you can not make money from your free blog.So if making money is your aim then you should consider options mentioned in above section.You can use below options to promote content of your main blog.


WordPress is most popular open source content management system in World.WordPress.com is backed by people behind WordPress.You will be using WordPress content management system on WordPress.com.So if you are looking to create your own blog using WordPress then it is good to have a demo by creating free blog at WordPress.com.

The free features offered by WordPress.com are

  • It offers free templates for your blog (known as themes in WordPress world).
  • You can use your blog from mobiles as well.
  • You can create multi author blogs.
  • You can import your content later if you want to host your own blog.
  • WordPress is offered in around 50 odd languages.
  • With WordPress.com you get domain names as your-name.wordpress.com.


Tumblr is one of the most famous blogging platform out there.You need to sign up with Tumblr to create your blog and follow other blogs.It can be viewed as social networking platform with blogging at its core.Tumblr blogs are visible only to members of Tumblr only.

So if you are blogging for fun (not making money) then Tumblr is one place to look for.The huge community helps you like minded people .


Yola is best for small business websites or blogs looking for online presence without any major investment.The features offered in their free plan are

  • Yola Site builder is Powerful, easy-to-use website builder
  • Fully customizable, professional-templates
  • Password protection
  • Simple, one-click web publishing
  • Reliable hosting with 99.9% uptime
  • Email support and tutorial library
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Contact forms
  • Google map integration
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Tumblr blog application
  • Site statistics

You can create only 3 pages and have 2 websites in free plan.You get 1GB storage and bandwidth.The domain name will be in form of your-name.yola.com.Yola does show their brand information on your website.


SimpleSite is not free in true sense.It offers 30 day trial period.After trial period you need to pay for SimpleSite suscription.The rate is

  • One month $9.95
  • Three months $24.95
  • One year $79.95

According to SimpleSite website the subscription includes  40 webpages website. You can have total of 300 photos and 10 video minutes. You get full functionality and full access to all of the features of SimpleSite.Briefly the features include themes, templates, guestbooks and photo features, such as speech bubbles.


They are completely free no ads blogging platform.They are not as popular as Tumblr.However the major difference is that they are open blogging platform.Your blog posts are visible to public.Moreover they also provide social networking feature as well.The profile of blogger are also public.

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You can easily get started using Tblog.The thing which goes against them is layout and design.This looks bit oldish.But a decent place to get started.


Blogurp does not display ads on your free website.It provides easy import facility from popular blogging platform like WordPress,LiveJournal,Blogger and Tumblr.This is one of the key features of this blogging platform.The domain name offered is your-name.blogurp.com.It does have VIP service (or plan).But payment and other details (features offered) are not clearly mentioned.


Aeonity does not offer paid plans.It only have free plan.All features are available to free members.They also claim not to display ads on your free website.You can keep your blog personal or accessible to members of Aeonity or make it public.They do show Adsense ads on parts of their wesite but they do not show ads on your website.There is also no limit to upload images and videos.WordPress do offer restriction on upload of videos.So this no restriction makes it a good choice for personal websites.


Thoughts.com is platform to bring similar minded people together by method of blog.You can create blog around a topic or group blog around a topic.So you can call your friends and create a multi author blog around a particular topic.So if you want to blog around a topic and find people interested in that topic then it is the platform for you.


They offer free plan altogether.But it does not say much about features provided in free plan.It also does not say much about paid plans.It also does not say much about free plans as well.So it is tough to get an idea about features available.But they seem not to display ads on free blog of yours.


It is completely free service.It is social networking service around blogs.You can create blogs and social profile of your own here.Members of Blogsters can send you friend request.You can chat with them and send message.Blogster members can also subscribe to your blog updates.The best part is you can make your blog public.The downside is you can not make money with your blog.


It offers 1 GB storage with 100 MB upload bandwidth.You can create only one blog for free with them.You can not have custom advertisement.That is you can not monetize your website.It is best suited to low traffic person diary type blog.The interface is easy to work with and fast to get started.


It is eight year old service in free blog and website space.It does not state too much about free plan features or paid plan features.The key features offered by them are

  • You can set up multiple author and blogs under one account
  • It offers free template and layout for your blog
  • Edit your blog with What you see is what you get editor
  • You have full customization control of your blog.

Websites that display Ads on your free blog

These websites display ads on your free website.You need to purchase paid version to remove ads from your websites.You can check these sites and get an idea about features offered by them.If the features offered match your requirement then you can go ahead with them.They can also be used to promote your main blog.


They are one of the oldest player in free blog creation service.They use the term Journal.So they are reliable place to start your free blog.You can opt not to display ads on your website by selecting paid package of $19.95 per year.Along with luxury of not to display ads on your site you get other features as well in paid account.

LiveJournal can be visualized as blog social networking site.You can have add 1,000 friends to your friend list.So the LiveJournal community itself provides good visitor base for your website.


Blog.com is good platform for personal non profit blogs.They show their ads on your free website.But in case you want to earn money from your blog you will have to pay $30 per year.But if that is not a show stopper for you then you can go ahead with them.You will be able to see blogs of other users without ads as well.

  • Your blog address (URL) in form of your-name.blog.com
  • 2 GB free space
  • Free templates to change look and feel of your blog
  • You can have multi author blogs.You can have 34 other people write content for your blog if you want.
  • It provides help and support for free blogs as well.
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They are completely free service.They have not mentioned anything like paid plans on their websites.So you get all features in free plan.They do display their ads on your website.There is no way to remove them or replace them with your custom ads.This feature acts against this service.

Zoho Sites

Zoho free website hosting plan comes with below features

  • 1 website only
  • You can upload files of 5 MB size only
  • Zoho ad will be displayed in footer
  • Customized theme for your website

You can not create more than one free website as in case of previous options.It also have paid plans as well.Zoho is well established name.This service is well suited for small business websites or personal blogs.


Webs provide free plan as well as paid plans.In their free plan they offer

  • Site building tools
  • Mobile website
  • 0.5 GB bandwidth
  • 40 MB web storage
  • Web Store consisting of 5 items

Their site builder tool does make it easy to create website without much technical knowledge.


They offer free website plan as well as paid ones.No where on their site is mentioned about limitations of free plan.It is also not clear whether they are offering free plan as trial one.So I had hard time putting them in this list.But nonetheless they offer cool templates and drag and drop website builders.Non technical users might find these features quite useful.You will get domain name in form of your-name.wix.com.It also displays ads on your free website.


Ucoz market themselves as free website builder.There free plan offers

  • Unlimited traffic
  • 400 MB disk space which increases with age of site and traffic of site
  • You get all support and features provided by Ucoz for their premium customers

The downsides are

  • It displays its copyright notice on your blog
  • It displays ads on your blog


They offer hell lot of features in free service.You get mail box,EShop (E Commerce) and mobile editing.There is 100MB limit on disk space.You can also have your newsletter.I short it does provide good number of features though limited in nature (storage or number of mails parameters).It also provides paid plans.But the problem is it displays ads on paid plans as well as free plans.In paid plans the ads are displayed not on every visit as in case of free plan.


They mainly offer free website creation service.You can see Google Adsense ads on their website.This is how they make money from your free blog.But in case you want to make money with your blog then you need to purchase their premium service.Nothing much they have mentioned about their premium service.You can find the details on terms of service page.I would not recommend using their service.But they are included in the list in case you want to check them out.


Opendiary service is for people who are willing to maintain their online diary.The free version does show ads but the premium version does not show any ads.You can upgrade to premium version for whole life for $150and for one year at $30.It is not blogging service but more of a personal diary one.


Personally I would recommend using Blogger and Weebly to create your free blog or website.Your blog might become popular with time.With growing traffic you might think to making money with it.Blogger and Weebly both fit in this model.They are also easy to use and are very popular choices.

You will get lots of material in case you are struck at a point.I myself started blogging without any plans of making money out of it.But with time it grew to a point that I can think of making decent income from this blog.So create your free blog now and join the world of blogging.

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  2. I have been meaning to make the VIP terms more clear on Blogurp. Actually, I am not charging anyone for VIP. If you join and send me a message via the contact form on the left sidebar when on your member page, I will upgrade you to VIP forever for free. If I see you are not a spammer and you blog a lot I will usually catch it and upgrade you without having to ask. VIP is per site you make not per user account and I let you make unlimited blogs so you can ask for VIP for any of them. Also, you can make any of your blogs your own domain for free like you mentioned from Blogger. I sell dot coms for $10 a year and I hope people will buy them from me is why I do it for free. It’s pretty simple to do too. VIP basically gives you access to all the premium plugins we offer and there are a lot of them, $100s of dollars worth. If you know how to SEO, Blogurp is setup to take you to the top of search engines with ease, using your own domain name. I have also perfected the art of keeping spammers away and Blogurp is monitored by some top notch blacklisting services to keep it clean. I am just one guy who made the site and I take care of it myself with personal love.

  3. It would have been too long a post if entire features of every service is to be mentioned.There are multiple options available just try them or read the detailed features

  4. I like Weebly, but they do not have Spam Filter for User Comments.
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