CloudFlare Google Analytics tracking app review

CloudFlare provides many useful apps apart from proving free CDN service.Google Analytics is one of the app provided by them.This app helps you track each and every page view of your website using Google Analytics.

Recently I activated this app for my website.I deleted the analytics code from my website.This is necessary to avoid double recording of same page view.I activated the Google Analytics app to gain performance.My point was instead of using the code on your website using it as app will enhance performance.

To validate my point I ran test on my website to see whether there is any benefit.I also had Real Time Google Analytics opened on a tab to monitor the pages visited and effect of the app.

The test was fine.I do not remember the exact performance benefit because the benefit was overshadowed by one issue of the app.Due to that issue I did not look into details of performance gain.

The app was recording all page views of the website (as mentioned in the app details). So according to details it was doing good.It was recording wp-admin page views as well.So if you log into your website as admin and perform other tasks like writing posts making some changes then these page views were also counted.

I really do not want to increase my traffic stats counting these page views.It will give me wrong stats about my website.So due to this problem I De-activated the app on my website.There might be some performance benefit using the app but the problem overshadowed the benefit offered by the app.

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If you are fine with above issue and want to use the app then it is really simple.You need to click on setup to get started.Then click on start under automatic setup.This will direct you to Google Login page.Log in using your Analytics account details.CloudFlare will automatically get your details and you are ready to use the application.

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  1. Not many current reviews of this – as this is one of the top ones on Google for the term. Could you do an update now please – this review is 2 years old.

  2. Esha ji koi mobile no. trace krne wala software batao .jisse tower location ka pta chl ske

  3. Esha ji koi mobile no. trace krne wala software batao .jisse tower location ka pta chl ske

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