Clicksor review Google Adsense alternative?

Clicksor is one of the advertising network often quoted as Google Adsense alternative on many sites.I heard about this long back.It was one of the first advertising network used by me.At that time I did not have Google Adsense account.Below is detailed review of Clicksor ads network based on my experience.I will try to give you detailed insight about Clicksor ads network.The aim would be help you make your own decision.

Clicksor Signup and Approval

The sign up process is easy.The terms and conditions are not strict.This does make it easier for new bloggers to get an approved account.It may take couple of days to get your account approved.

Clicksor ads type

This is one area Clicksor can beat any advertising network including Google Adsense.It has vast number of ads format.Below are major Clicksor ads format

  • Banner ads
  • Pop under ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Layer ads
  • In text ads
  • XML feeds
  • Search widget — cost per click based search widget for your website
  • Connect widget — enables content sharing on social media and in the meantime you earn money

The only ads format lacking in Clicksor vast ads arsenal is In Image ads and In Video ads.Having said that there is not much advertising network which can beat Clicksor in this area.

Clicksor Publisher Dashboard

Clicksor has two types of publisher dashboard

  1. Simple
  2. Advanced

You can use either of them.But by default the Advanced dashboard is enabled.The dashboard landing page gives your earnings overview and some important announcements.You can use single ad code to display all above ads format except connect widget,XML feeds and search widget.

The ad code generation can be bit confusing for new user.Users do not have idea of all ads format so enabling and disabling one of them may be confusing to them.Using XML feeds on your website does require some technical expertise from your end.

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The simple publisher dashboard is better for new users.It is great is you want to enable all ads format without need of disabling a particular ads format.

Reports section of publisher dashboard is not detailed.It does provide information like Impressions,Clicks and Earnings.These three parameters are easy enough to calculate your eanrings for above ads format.

Most of the advertising networks provide only these parameters in reports section.So in that way Clicksor matches most of the advertising network.It does lack behind Google Adsense which has more detailed reporting.

Clicksor earning potential

The best thing about Clicksor is transparency about earning potential of it.It clearly states on its website about earnings per unit for each ads format.It gives you an idea about average earnings of each ads format.I am re producing the data here for your reference

Ads Format Cost Metrics Average Revenue
Text Ads Cost per click $.035 per click
Rich Media Banner Cost per 1000 impressions $.20 per 1000 impressions
Rich Media Banner Cost per click $.035 per click
Pop unders Cost per visit $.0025 per visitor
Interstitial ads Cost per interstitial $.0025 per interstitial ad

From above data you can figure out that Pop under ads are best paying ads format.Enabling them can significantly increase your earnings.This is an average earnings data you can earn more or less on a particular day or a period.

Clicksor payment details

Clicksor offers below payment methods along with minimum payment threshold for each method.

Payment Method Payment threshold
PayPal $50
Check $50
Wire Transfer $1000

The minimum threshold is at decent level.I say decent because it would be better if it is around $10.That would make it easier for new webmasters to reach payment threshold quicker.

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Clicksor Affiliate program

Clicksor offers affiliate program.You can earn 10% of revenue earned by your referrals.It offers referral banners and links to easily promote Clicksor and refer people.You can also view your referral statistics on reports section of publisher dashboard.You can also view your earnings from referrals as well.You can use this program to compliment your earnings from ads and reach payment threshold earlier.

Clicksor Ads malware and load time

Clicksor was accused for slow ads load time in recent past.This impacted page load time.Page load time has become an important aspect of search engine optimization.But with time they have made it better.Still there is room for improvement.This is one area they should work on.

Also many a place you will read about malwares in Clicksor ads.I have not faced this issue.You should try them and check if it still is the problem with their ads.I do came across situation in which they were serving semi adult ads on this website.I mailed them about this and got quick response.The problem was solved promptly.

Clicksor Ads with Google Adsense

According to Google Adsense terms and conditions you can use any other advertising network if you ads do not look similar to Google Adsense ads.So going by definition you can use Clicksor ads (if you have customized it to look different from Adsense ads).But I would not encourage them using together.

Apart from Pop under,Connect widget and Interstitial ads all other Clicksor ads format are similar to Adsense formats.They also are cost per click or cost per impression based ads.In this space Google Adsense is no doubt the best.SO using it along with Adsense will only lower your earnings.

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Adding Clicksor Ads on your website

There are many ways to add Clicksor ads on your website.The best way is to use official plugin of Clicksor.It offers plugin for major content management systems like WordPress,Joomla and Drupal.Official plugin does make you task easier and you do not have to go in ad code generation details or placing those ads code on your website.

Other methods are customizing your CMS files.For example if you are using WordPress then you have to modify your theme files or place the ads code in sidebar using text widget.To show the ads in between content without using any plugins follow the steps mentioned in this post.Note that this method works only for WordPress.

Clicksor for Indian Traffic

Most of the ads network work great for US traffic but does not work at all for Indian traffic.But Clicksor does work decent for Indian traffic.In this regard it is a decent option if you are not approved by Adsense.


You can use Clicksor if you do not have Adsense account or your website does not satisfy Adsense terms and conditions.It does work well for Indian traffic.But it has several issues to take care of before becoming the number one choice or a very strong contender.Slow ads load time and malware have been showstopper for this advertising network.Things have become bit better but still past is coming into its way of adoption.

With Adbrite closed its operation Clicksor has a chance to grow its publisher base as well as Advertiser base.From publisher point of view it is decent network to work with and does not have any payment related issues.

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  1. Sisterads is paying $20 eCPM i think currently this is good paying network. I am using it for last 3 months, it’s payment cycle NET-7 If you like pop-up ads you should try it. it`s good network for publishers average eCPM rate $10-15 and not below $5. Website:

  2. i actually a publisher for ckicksor affilite program. since i pasted the code on my webite, each time i try to log in it always redirect me to another site.

  3. also is there any limit of website use in any add network
    because i want to use thousand of websites

  4. miss esha is there any website limit in clicksor
    it means i have 300 websites i want to use it for click sor
    so is there any limit of website use for putting different type of ads
    please tell me immediately

  5. Super review of clicksor As per me I want to add some more thing that clicksor will approve you when you will get 1000 visitor or 2000 imrepssion

  6. miss i want to know from you that clicksor is good or bad in present
    what is the current status of clicksor is it good to join

  7. dailyindiadeal is the website which really pay more than any adsense program use this. If you have 500 visitor than you can get 2$ per day

  8. CLICKSOR is the best option for making money. I want to tell you that my blog I was getting only 100 Visitor and .5$ from CLICK Sor But now I have 10000 Visitor per day and Getting 50$ Per Day

  9. No it does not increase income three can use CPM ad network along with CPC with good effect..But using three ad networks will impact load time and also you will not be able to make best out of them..2 is fine IMO if they are of different nature

  10. Hiii

    I just wan to ask one question, its very basic but confusing, I want to use ads on three places. Does it increase income to three times like ad from clicksor in one place, one for valueclick and one for burst media.


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