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Chitika is one of the oldest company in online advertising space.It was founded in year 2003.I have signed up an account with them during my initial blogging period.I had heard lot about them over internet and thought to give them a try.I am writing this post based on my experience with this advertising network.This is not sponsored review or anything just my experience and information which can help you in making decision.

Chitika – Signup and approval

Chitika does not have strict sign up requirement.Even small website or new website can apply for publisher account.They do not take much time to approve my account.But Chitika does have layers of publisher accounts.Best ads are shown to premium publishers (websites with loads of traffic or quality traffic).You can sign up for Chitika using this link (it is affiliate link).

Chitika ads type

Chitika ads can be clubbed into below group

  • Banner ads — They are standard ad type.Chitika does not show banner ad but they show images with text.Below is example of banner ads.It does offer huge number of ad formats.In fact I have not seen so many ad formats.
  • Mobile ads –These ads are displayed only if your website is viewed from mobile device.The ads are displayed on depending upon device not the site.This means if a user browses your website using mobile device ads will show up.You do not have to create mobile site for this.Entire mobile traffic of your website will get monetized.
  • In text ads — You might be familiar with Infolinks or similar in text advertising network.Chitika offers Linx which is CPC (cost per click) based in text link ads.
  • Hover ads — Hover ads are displayed on bottom right corner of your website.They remain at that place while the visitor is scrolling down your website.
  • Highlight ads — Highlight ads get displayed when user selects some text on your website.It will get displayed below the user selected text area.
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Chitika banner ads


Chitika mobile ads


The last three Chitika ads are clubbed as apps by them.They do offer wide range of ad format to choose from.

Compatibility with Google Adsense

Chitika is compatible with Google Adsense.You do not have to make any changes to your Adsense layout nor to Chitika ads to make them work together.They are compatible out of box.In fact it is claimed that using Chitika along with Adsense increases earnings.The reason cited is competition between the ad networks.Some people do complain lower Adsense CTR after using Chitika.So you might have to place them on your website and then decide the result.

Chitika Payment Terms

Chitika has low minimum payout threshold.The minimum payment threshold is $10 if payment method is PayPal.The minimum payment threshold is $50 if check payment method is selected.

Chitika Bonus Promo offers

Chitika offers excellent promo offers to their publishers from time to time.I have received two promo offers (worth mentioning)

  • In May 2012 Chitika offered $5 startup bonus promo
  • In 2012 itself it came with offer of paying double of your earning between Aug 1st and 30th Sept if your earning is less than $100.A good offer to small publisher indeed.

So you can get extra bucks and revenue generating offers from them.

Chitika publisher dashboard

Chitika does offer very simple and easy to use interface.The reporting is decent.They report traffic and clicks along with eCPM and your earning for each day.The data is also broken geography wise.But you will not get URL based reporting.But that does not is big drawback as majority of advertising networks provide this much details only.

Chitika referral program

Chitika offers referral program.You can earn 10% of your referral earning for 15 months.But the referral stats is not updated until referral is paid once.This is one area they should work on.Other advertising networks do show referral stats whether they have made money or not.

How to add Chitika ads on your website?

Adding Chitika ads to your website is easy task.Chitika ads code is JavaScript code.You need to place the ads where you want to display the ads.Mobile ads are exception to this rule.You need to place mobile ads above </body> tag of your website.

In case you are using WordPress then you can use one of below three options

Chitika Advantages and Disadvantages

They are old advertising network and reliable one too.There is no doubt that they pay you.All the things mentioned above do work in their favor.But there are some drawbacks as well.They do work great for product based sites (sites with product reviews etc) but not for other sites.This is one major drawback in their adoption.

Other area which they need to improve is recognition of international traffic (or traffic other than US).They are good choice for US traffic but not for traffic from India.Since I have majority of traffic from India I am reluctant to use them.


You should give them a try if you have a site for product reviews and majority of traffic is from US.This is best combination for them.For other sites it is advisable to use them and then see the performance.

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  1. If you are looking high payer network then try sisterads, poptm or popads. I recommend sisterads com its cpm rate is higher than poptm and popads. Also you can talk on skype if facing any issues quick live support. If you have good traffic then you can become premium publisher and will be paid daily cpc rate more than $5 for US/CA/AU/UK. GO to sisterads and ignore others

  2. Hi Esha,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, i would like to go with this but i don’t have website not even a blog also, so it is possible to post the ads on social media like twitter, Facebook.

    I am having a good followers on twitter (from US and Canada)

    Please suggest..

  3. I have received payment from them so they do pay.You can have conversation with them to find out the problem

  4. Chitika is a big fraud. Maybe it is another scam. Dont trust the hype it has created. I was cheated by them recently. The revenue I collected for 6 months..when I tried to withdraw…I wasnt able to successfully withdraw. Next they blocked my login saying there were invalid clicks. You will not be able to withdraw the revenue you have collected. Avoid it.

  5. Hello,
    I just want to share mine Chitika experience.
    I am from India and using Chitika from last 6 months. My website is not much popular and has about 500-1k daily visitors, yet I am able to earn through Chitika every month. If you have quality traffic especially search based then I think Chitika is best option.

  6. CPM depends on traffic quality you have.Is it from India or US? They do not work well for Indian traffic. For CTR you can try changing your ad placement and ad color.

    CTR increase is quite an exercise and can be increased with proper placement of ads

  7. I have used Chitika ads on my blog siteforinfotech both the CTR and ECPM are very low from 0.10 to 0.21, for about daily 10,000 of impressions. Have any suggestions for Improve the CTR and ECPM.

  8. I currently use chikita and bidvertiser ads on my site chikita is little good but bidvertiser is totally rubbish

  9. chitika adds works well when you update your site with chitika adds between 10 am to 12 noon. i get approx 1$ daily with less than 10 clicks and 100 impressions, and cpm around 10$.

  10. Every advertising network has either Net 30 or Net 45 payment term.This means it pays you after 45 days from the time you reached minimum payment threshold.Chitika is reliable network and there is nothing to worry.

  11. Hi Esha,
    I started using chitika for my site- tech4life and earning resonably good amount from it and i have a query.I heard about it something like they would be paying for example this month(August) earnings by the end of next month(september) is it true.I want some clear explanation about it please.

  12. How i earned 30 dollars in 10 days with chitika, want to know,

  13. How i earned 30 dollars in 10 days with chitika, want to know, visit

  14. never use chitika …I used it for around 20 days ….33000 impressions I earned just 9 cents ….just a waste of time .

  15. Thanks for information
    I have 2 site & ngoreporter
    Com I will try this

  16. Hi Neil.. I had been facing the same problems with my blog..because of that, I had to discontinue using Chitika.. I was also advised to try out other adsense alternatives like Bidvertiser, etc..However, none of them have come even marginally close to Google Adsense..

    P. S. – your blog is pentagist com right??? Nice website that you have made..i enjoyed going through it, especially the PentaVerse (PentaBizarre) section..Keep up the good job!!!

  17. I had been using chitika for over two months and could generate only 16 cents on the other hand adsense is able to generate more than that through one click only. Chitika had also mailed me regardng their gold partnership program nothing happened and i had to discontinue using it on my blog pentagist com.

  18. Hi… i make id on chitika. but i don’t know that how much money i have earned. please tell me where should i find about my earning.

  19. i got $1 for one click !!! It’s from chitika. and amazing thing is that click is from india???!!!!!!!!
    Read more.

  20. Chitika is worth trying if your blog is getting huge amount of traffic. I am using Chitika from Past 2 years and it acts a bonus along with Google adsense. I recently posted about my earnings proof via Chitika.

    Btw i like your Blog as well as regular reader of it. # Happy blogging

  21. Hi, your blog Is awesome, I m using chitika ads for my blog & I m getting a message on my account Payment hold Reason W8/W9 form is there any need to fill this form pls reply me asap

  22. Chitika is Not at all impressive for India Traffic, my post had got about 978 impression and revenue was ZERO, Infolinks working fine, looking for network other than AdSense that could combined with Infolinks.

  23. I used Chitika And got a nice result. No need to worry If you fail in any adsense try Chitika. AS I am using same on www dot guruofmovie dot blogspot dot in/

  24. This is the problem with Chitika they are not good for Indian traffic.Also product websites have good experience with Chitika

  25. My Two Days Earning Experience on Chitika
    Indian Traffic having 90% Organic Traffic
    Day – 1……. I Got 7752 Impressions 98 clicks, CTR is 1.26% and CPM 0.06 and my earning is just $0.46 for that day. Second day also same experience in 84 clicks i got just $0.41

    Its a very low earning. Many other Ad Networks are paying very good as compared to CHITIKA. Removed all the CHITIKA ads from my blog

  26. NICE POST!


    http //computer-mobiletricks dot blogspot dot in/2013/10/how-to-set-up-ads-with-chitika.html

  27. Google turns down my unique content rich blog time and again, so I dont really have a choice. But your comment about it not being good for Indian traffic is a downer. I will need to look at other options now.

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