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CBR file reader need

I am a comic book fan.I do read comic books in leisure time.cbr file format is most popular Comic file format.The other popular Comics file format are CBZ,CB7,CBT,CBA and PDF.Recently I tried most of the cbr file reader software available.For best comic reading experience you need to have good comic reader software.

If you are comic fan as me and want the best comic reader software according to your requirement then read on the post.I have compiled list of famous cbr file readers for all major desktop operating systems (Windows,MacOS and Linux ) and mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

You cannot say that this software is better than another.It really depends on your personal preference.I have listed important points about each of the software.You can read and select the one meeting your requirement.There is no harm in installing more than one of below software.I have myself installed couple of them.

CBR file reader for Windows



This is free software from Gnome.According to the website it supports pdf,postscript,djvu,tiff,dvi,xps and all comic book formats (cbr,cbz,cbt,cb7).It can be used as general purpose document viewer.Evince works great for PDf files.The most remarkable feature is it opens the page you last read before closing it.

But I had issue opening CBR file.It was not recognizing CBR file format.I have used this software.I use it as replacement of Adobe Reader.It is much lightweight than Adobe Reader and is fast as well.It supports printing and full screen view.



This is an excellent light weight free cbr file reader.It supports all famous comic file formats like cbr,cbz,cbt,cb7 and cba.I have used this software.It works really well.But it does not support PDF file format though.It offers full screen mode.You can also convert comic file formats like cbr to image formats like jpeg,png and gif.It does not support printing.The best feature is its simplicity.

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It is free software.It supports PDF file format as well as other popular comic file formats.It has some cool features

  • It installs a cover thumbnail plugin to help you find comics visualizing the cover image
  • It improves your old scanned comics book for better readability
  • You can configure keyboard shortcuts and easily configure it according to your interest.



Comicrack is more heavy weight software.It is completely free as well.It comes with Language packs for Brazilian Portuguese,Chinese and several other languages.You can get complete list of supported languages at this link.Apart from viewer it can also be used as Library organizer.It supports all major comic file format.The major features are

  • Inbuilt manager to sort,group and perform other management tasks on your comic files
  • Support for different language packs
  • Convert comics files from one format to other that is from CBR to PDF or image folder.
  • You can optimize individual comic page display
  • You can also share your comic library in local network



Comical is simple comic reader.It is free.It supports all major desktop operating system like Windows,Linux and MacOS.It is the only cross platform comic reader. It has not been updated for long time.But despite of that it does the job fine.

CBR file reader for MacOS



Simplecomic is an open source free software.It works with all comical file formats except PDF files.It lots of features which makes this an outstanding application.It has full screen mode.You can view multiple comics at one time.You can extract individual pages and generate icons and previews.You can also zoom into small details only keeping rest of the page at same zoom level.



Ehon is not only comic viewer.It is comic manager as well.It is easy to use with elegant interface.It works well with all comic file formats including PDF files as well.It has full screen mode.It is also rated high and have positive review from users.I have not used this software but looks real good.

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Comicbooklover is a paid application.It also has a trial version.Trial version has small watermark displayed on bottom left hand corner.It is available for MacOS,iPhone,iPad and iPod.It has full screen mode as well.You can also edit comic in any language.You cal also tag comics with metadata and search comics based on metadata.You can also enhance display for better readability.It supports all comic file formats including PDF and folder of images.


It offers similar features on MacOS as offered on Windows.You can read Windows section for details about Comical.

CBR file reader Linux



qcomicbook does not depend on any desktop environment.So it works on most of the desktops like KDE,Gnome and XFCE.It has wide range of features like

  • continuous scrolling mode
  • manga mode
  • full screen mode
  • thumbnail view
  • bookmarking feature

It is completely free.It supports all major comic book formats except PDF files.



Comicx is simple yet powerful comic viewer.It is free.Apart from cbr file reader it can also be used as your digital comic library manager.It has many features at par with professional comic file readers like

  • Image enhancement feature for better readability
  • Bookmarking feature
  • You can also configure the application setting your preferences
  • You can also view the properties of comics as well



It is simple free to use software.It supports all comic file formats,image file formats but not PDF.It remember the last directory visited on startup or always starts in a defined directory.


It offers similar features on Linux as offered on Windows.Please read the Windows section for details of Evince.

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It offers similar features on Linux as offered on Windows.Please read the Windows section for details of Comical.

CBR file reader iPhone,iPad and iPod

Cloudreaders pdf,cbr,cbz

It is not only an comic viewer but movie viewer and book viewer as well.It supports PDF, CBZ, ZIP, CBR, RAR, MOV, MP3, M4V, MP4 and 3GP format.It is free application as well.You can also share your books through wifi.The wide range of files supported make it excellent choice.A single application can be used in different ways.This is the only software which can be used as movie viewer as well as comic reader.


It offers similar features on iPad,iPhone and iPod as offered on MacOS.Please read the MacOS section for details of Comicbooklover.


It offers similar features on iPad,iPhone and iPod as offered on Windows.Please read the Windows section for details of Comicrack.

CBR file reader Android

Perfect Viewer

Perfect viewer is free comic viewer and image viewer.It supports all comic file formats.Support for PDF file format is available via plugin.Major features offered are

  • bookshelf feature
  • bookmarking
  • support for pinch to zoom and fling gesture
  • you can set images as wallpaper as well

jjcomics viewer

Perfect viewer is free comic viewer and image viewer.It supports all comic file formats except PDF.The donate pop up might be annoying to some users.Apart from this pop up annoying feature it is good application.


It offers similar features on iPad,iPhone and iPod as offered on Windows.Please read the Windows section for details of Comicrack.


So this brings to end of the list.But you can add your favorite comic reader below.I will include them in above list as well.It will be beneficial for all comic fans.

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