Bing Webmasters tutorial for traffic and SEO

Bing is second most popular search engine trailing behind Google.As a website owner you should not ignore any possible traffic generator.Bing Webmaster is just like Google Webmasters.Both are communication platform between search engines and Website Owners.Bing Webmaster is free of cost.It provides detailed insight about your website.I have seen Bloggers not using Bing Webmasters.But I would recommend using it.I am using it for this website.

This post will cover features provided by Bing Webmasters.It will also cover application of these features for generating traffic and making your website more search engine friendly.In case you are not using Google Webmasters then read this tutorial on Google Webmasters.

Bing Webmasters Getting Started

Bing Webmasters Add Website

The first step is to create your Bing Webmasters account.Creating Bing Webmasters account is very easy.You can sign up with your Microsoft account.After creating account first step is to add your website.Click on the option Add a website.You will see below screen

Bing Webmaster Add Website tool

You need to Enter URL of your website and location of sitemap.In case you are using WordPress then you can use my sitemap plugin for mobile and Images.After entering these information Click Add to add your website.

Bing Webmasters Configure My Site option

Verify Ownership

This is the first step after adding your website.So I am covering it before other sub options under Configure My Site option.There are three ways to verify your website

  • Place an XML file on your web server
  • Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage
  • Add CNAME record to DNS

The first option is easy to implement.You need to download the file and upload the same in your web server.After that you need to verify your website.


While adding website you added sitemap.But there was option to add one website.Using this option you can add more than one sitemap.Sitemaps inform Bing about structure of your website.It helps search engines crawl and index your website.

Submit URLs

After submitting sitemap crawl rate might be slow for new website.To speed up crawl rate and index rate you can use this option.You can submit pages on your website.Bing has imposed limit of

  • 10 URLs in a day
  • 10 URLs in a day

This option can also be used to inform search engine about newly added content.

Crawl Control

Crawl control helps you decide Bing Crawl time and rate.Normally on this screen you should mention the time your website receives maximum traffic.This helps you tell Bing that Crawl my site when traffic is not much.This helps you distribute load of your website across the day.This website receives maximum traffic from 5PM to 11PM.So I have selected this as shown in below image.

Bing Webmaster Crawl Control tool

Bing automatically adjusts its crawl rate based on my above setting.

Block URLs

This option helps you to block URLs of your website from appearing in Bing.You can mention pages as well as directory.If you are mentioning directory then it will block all pages under that directory.The pages will not appear in Bing for 90 days.After that you can block them again.For example you have some downloadable PDF which you do not want to appear in Bing directly.You want the post in which it is linked to appear in Bing.Then you can either block the URL of PDf or block the whole directory in which PDF files are.Bing also notifies if your blocked URLs are going to expire.So you can block them again.

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This is one feature which sets Bing Webmasters apart from Google Webmasters.Google Webmasters allow you to Geo target a particular country for entire website.But BIng Webmasters allow you to geo target a page or directory or sub domain as well as entire domain.So you can geo targeting on page level.This granular level of geo targeting is not possible in Google.You just need to enter URL of a website and select a country from drop down.This is it.

Connected Pages

This is yet another feature which sets Bing Webmasters apart from Google Webmasters.It lets you mention social media profile of yours related to the website here.You can mention you Facebook page or your Twitter profile here.As shown in below image I have added my Facebook Page,Twitter Profile,Google Plus profile or page,Pinterest Profile,YouTube profile and Linkedin Profile.Apart from this you can also add your Instagram profile,MySpace profile,Microsoft Windows profile,Apple AppStore profile and Google Play Store profile.

Bing Webmaster Connected Pages tool

Disavow Links

Disavow links allow you to tell search engine to ignore external link pointing to your website or page.You should do this for bad external links.Bad external links are links from spam websites,content farms and other dangerous website out there.Links from these websites are not good for your website.Your competitors might use these websites to harm your website.So it is better to notify Bing about these links.This helps Bing ignore these links.
Later in the tutorial we wil cover option which help you identity external links.

Bing Webmasters Reports & Data option

Page Traffic

This page shows you below details

  • Clicks from Search – Number of times searchers clicked on your website on Bing Search Results page
  • Appeared in Search – Number of times this page appeared in Bing Search
  • Click Through Rate – Clicks from search / appeared in search.A high value is good for your website
  • Average Search Click Position – Position of your website in SERP when searcher clicked on your website link
  • Average Search Appearance Position – Average position of your website in Bing search page
  • Search Keywords – Keywords for which your website appeared in search.

The information on this page helps you optimize your website for better ranking.This statistics along with Google Webmasters statistics give you excellent information to optimize your content for keywords.It also gives you idea about pages performing bad in search results with time.If some pages are decreasing in search ranking then you need to optimize them to perform better in search results.

Index Explorer

Index Explorer gives you information about

  • 301 redirects
  • 404 Errors – You should try to minimize number of 404 errors on your website.
  • Malware Infected – If your website or pages are infected by Malware then that is reported here.It is good to fix the issue as soon as possible.
  • Excluded by robots.txt – Your robots.txt file should not block important sections of your website.If Bing is not able to crawl some pages on your website due to robots.txt then those URLs are listed here.
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Search Keywords

This option shows you below details

  • Keywords
  • Clicks from Search – Same as above
  • Appeared in Search – Same as above
  • Click Through Rate – Same as above
  • Average Search Click Position – Same as above
  • Average Search Appearance Position – Same as above
  • Served Pages – Pages of your website which appeared on SERP for these keywords

This option along with Page Traffic option gives you great amount of insight about your traffic from incoming search from Bing.

SEO Reports

This option displays SEO suggestions for your pages.You can click on the error messages reports and get list of all pages which have those violations.This section helps you improve on page features of search engine optimization.You should try to keep this section blank.Bing updates this section every week.So after taking corrective actions you can revisit this report to see if the problem still persists.Bing also provides SEO Analyser.We will discuss this tool later in the tutorial.You can use it to analyse the pages after taking corrective actions.

Inbound Links

Inbound links lists pages on your website and number of external links pointing to them.You can click the page links on your website to get list of external links pointing to the page.External links are beneficial for search engine ranking.But links from bad website might be dangerous.So you should take note of bad websites pointing to your page.After making list of such website you should remove links from them using the Disavow Links option mentioned above.

Crawl Information

Crawl information reports

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