Bidvertiser review

BidVertiser is one of the oldest advertising network founded in year 2003.It is site based market place.This means that advertisers bid to place ads on your website.Advertiser with highest bid get to place ad on your website.Thus you can easily maximize your earning using this advertising network.

Before writing this post I signed up with Bidvertiser.This was necessary as without trying out the ad network yourself it is not worth writing the review.Below is detailed review of Bidvertiser based on my experience with them

Signup and Approval

The signup and approval process is easy and without any issues.There is no restriction based on website age or traffic.So webmasters with new website and without much traffic can apply for this advertising network.However Bidvertiser does not approve sites having adult content,hate content and other objectionable content are not applicable.

Bidvertiser ads type

Bidvertiser allows you to make money using three different advertisement methods

  • Banner ads — These are typical banner advertisement types.Links as well as image ads are displayed in this advertisement space.Almost all major banner sizes are present.
  • XML feeds — It provides XML feeds advertisement type.This ad type is difficult to get started.But there is sample PHP code to get started (but still I consider it as difficult to implement).These ad type can be displayed on
    1. Web search results
    2. Toolbar search results
    3. Search-box results
    4. In-text ads
    5. Domain parking
  • Toolbars — Bidvertiser also provides toolbar as a way to make money.The beauty is you can customize the toolbar.You can use your logo on the toolbar.This will give impression that the toolbar belongs to your website.Now you will get paid if someone downloads the toolbar and uses it for search.You can also download it and use it for search.The toolbar installs on Firefox,Internet explorer and Chrome.The toolbar has Facebook and twitter button and also Google Search button.The toolbar can be promoted on your own website or blog.You can also use it in your mails as well.
  • Mobile Ads — It provides 300*50 mobile banner ad format.This advertisement is only displayed if your site is browsed using mobile browsers.
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Reporting and User Interface

Bidvertiser does provide easy user interface.The XML feed section is only the complex part of the dashboard.They can make it more user friendly by providing enough examples for reference.Other parts of the dashboard are pretty straight forward.

Reporting is not detailed.It is also not real time.Reporting is not strength of Bidvertiser.They should work on this aspect.There are many advertising sites out there with better and detailed reporting interface.One good thing is that they have separate reporting for all above ads formats.

Compatibility with Adsense

Bidvertiser is not contextual advertising network.It displays highest bid ad on your website.So in nature it is different with Adsense.XML feed ads and Toolbar are compatible with Adsense.The only worry is mobile ad unit and banner ad unit.

You need to make Bidvertiser ads and Google Adsense ads different in look.This can be easily achieved as Bidvertiser offers easy interface to change Text color,Background color and other attributes of ads.So you can easily use different colors for these two advertising networks.This way you can use ads from Google Adsense and Bidvertiser on same webpage.

Payment terms

Minimum payment threshold is $10 if you are choosing Paypal as payment method.The minimum payout is $100 in case of payment through check.The payment is Net30.This means you receive payment in month of Feb if you account balance reached minimum payout limit in Jan.

How to add Bidvertiser ads on your website?

Bidvertiser Banner ads are displayed where the ad code is placed.You can put them in between content for highest CTR.Other place to put the ads is in sidebar.In case you are using WordPress then read this tutorial to place the ads in between content.

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In case you are using it along with Adsense then you should avoid putting Bidvertiser ads in between content.The best place in that case is sidebars or other places.It is good to dedicate premium location of your website to Adsense.

Bidvertiser toolbar ad codes can be added to your website (something like download this toolbar to receive updates).You can also email your subscribers and others to install the toolbar.


There are several drawbacks of this advertising network.I ave listed the issues below in order of magnitude

  • There are many complains about this advertising network.Many say this is scam network.They say it does not pay.You will also find people citing payment proofs in favor of this network as well.To me this network started in 2003 and survived 10 years to may not be scam.
  • The reporting is not proper.I used Bidvertiser on this website for one day with around 3 odd clicks.But those clicks were not reported in Bidvertiser reporting center.This issue has been mentioned by many people on internet.
  • XML feeds are difficult to implement.
  • The ads displayed are not relevant to your website content.


Bidvertiser is an old advertising network.It allows highest bidding ads to be displayed on your website and also pays you extra bucks for conversion.It also has lower minimum payout threshold so publishers can try this out and see performance on their website.Along with these positive points it does have some negative points as mentioned above.

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  1. I do not know how much they pay. But if you are a Indian Publisher do not use this. I use the same on my blog and after 3 Months Got only 100$. Now I am using another ADSENSE On my blog and getting 50$ per day.

  2. Yes they do pay and that,s why they are still in market. But the problem is low CTR and also they count very few clicks.
    well nice review……….
    Keep posting 🙂

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