Best WordPress Nginx plugin

Recently lots of webmasters have started using Nginx instead of Apache server to power their WordPress website.WordPress Nginx powered websites are increasing in number day by day.This growth have lead to demand of WordPress Nginx plugins.

Different configuration is needed for Nginx to have properly working WordPress installation.Below are major challenges in using Nginx along with WordPress

  • Permalink issue
  • Nginx cache issue

There are many plugins which take care of either one of the issue mentioned above.But both of the issues are taken care of by Nginx plugin.This makes it a complete and best plugin for Nginx WordPress site.

It is free plugin and provides support for Permalink issue and also Nginx cache purge.You do not need to do anything special.Just activate the plugin and the permalink issue will get solved.You can set any permalink structure like you do for Apache (from General — Permalink) option of your WordPress dashboard.

The second feature provided by plugin is an advance one and is needed only if you are using Nginx fastcgi cache feature.To use this feature you need to install fastcgi_cache and also configure it.Purging of this fastcgi_cache is provided by Nginx plugin.So if you install this plugin you do not need to install any other plugin for Nginx WordPress compatibility.

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