Best Search Engine Submission sites list

Search Engine Submission sites importance

The first step after creating your awesome website is to make it discoverable.Search Engine submission sites help you make your website discoverable.People use search engines to find content relevant to them.They query search engines like Google and Bing to find best content for that query.

Search Engines are no doubt the primary place people use to find relevant content.Social Media is also growing fast but still is in second place.People should find your content after making a search about subject matter of your website.Search Engine submission sites help your site get indexed by search engines.Google and Bing are major search engines.

So making your website discoverable to search engines is very important.New Bloggers want to be on first page of Google or Bing for their content.Their primary objective is to get their pages listed in search engines.After this they want their pages on first page.You will find many search engine submission sites and pages writing about these sites.In short search engine submission sites help in

  • Increased Crawl-ability of your website.It helps search engine know about your website and crawl your website content
  • Increased crawl rate helps new content on your website feature in search engine almost instantaneously
  • Helps you get idea of problems on your site like malware
  • Get an idea of things to solve for better search engine ranking
  • Better search engine ranking

Search Engine submissions sites issues

There are many websites claiming that they can help you reach top page of Google by submitting your website to best search engine submission sites list or directory websites.I myself have in my initial days while searching found overwhelming number of such websites.

Some of them are free and some of them are paid.Beginners do fall in trap of these paid search engine submission sites.They pay the money and think to rank higher for keywords.Sometimes new online users submit there websites to many spam search engine submission sites.Submitting your websites to these spam sites does not help in your search engine optimization or discover-ability.But instead of helping these sites harm you.Google takes strong action against these sites and you might find yourself out of Google Search index.

Best Search Engine Submission sites

So I compiled list of free and best search engine submission sites.I have used these sites myself.I never used any paid sites nor any other sites except the ones listed in this post.All pages of this website are indexed well by Google and Bing.The pages do perform well for their keywords.People use to think that they have to do something very special to get ranked or indexed by Google or Bing.

But this is not the case.So should only take care of basic things like writing good content and make them discoverable using the sites mentioned in this post.I have listed techniques used by me.All the techniques mentioned in this post are free of cost yet effective.These are white hat SEO techniques.So you do not have to worry about Google or Bing algorithm changes and penalty as result of it.

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But this is not the case.You just need to write good content and make search engines aware of it.They will index and rank your content.You do not have to spend money for that nor you have to submit your website on hundreds or tens of directories.Google and Bing the major search engines have their own submission sites.

Ranking well in these two search engines is more than enough for any website.Is there any need to rank well if any other search engine at cost of these two search engines?In my opinion concentrating on these two sites using dedicated submission sites provided by these two is good enough for your discover-ability.

In below list I have mentioned some social networking sites as well.These sites increase crawl-ability of your website.Your newly created website and content does get indexed faster by search engine submitting your post URL to these social networking websites.So I have included them in this list as well.They are simple but very effective.

Google Webmaster Tool

As mentioned above Google offers a dedicated portal to webmasters.You can sign up for Google Webmasters using your gmail id and password.After creating an account with it you need to add your website.By adding your website here you are informing Google about your website.I have written detailed step by step tutorial on Google Webmasters.You can read the tutorial here.

Since this is Google service it is best bet to make your site index-able by Google.But adding your site is not enough.For better indexing and ranking sitemap submission is important.Sitemaps inform Google about all your URL.These URL do get indexed with time.After indexing your site Google also informs problems with your website.You can take hints from these reports and optimize your website for better search engine ranking.

Google webmaster is most important search engine submission site.The reasons are

  • It is free of cost.
  • It is from Google the largest search engine.
  • Google also provides detailed insight of your website performance in Google Search.
  • It indicates problems with your website and possible resolution as well.
  • It provides various free tools.

Bing Webmaster Tool

After Google webmasters the second best search engine submission site is Bing webmaster.I have put it into second place as Bing is second most popular search engine after Google.Bing search engine is from Microsoft.Like Google webmaster Bing also started portal for website owners.It is similar to that of Google webmaster in functionality.You can read complete step by step tutorial about Bing Webmasters here.

Bing webmasters make it easy for you to submit your website to Bing.After signing up for Bing webmasters you can add your website.Adding website is not enough you should submit your website sitemap to Bing webmasters as well.Bing webmasters also provide detailed reports pointing search engine optimization issues with your websites.

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Yandex Webmaster Tool

Yandex is one of the most popular search engines.It is popular in Russia and neighboring countries of Russia.Similar to Bing and Google it has come up with portal for Website owners called Yandex Webmasters.You can read complete step by step tutorial about Yandex Webmasters here.

Yandex webmasters make it easy for you to submit your website to Yandex.After signing up for Yandex webmasters you can add your website.This helps you inform Yandex about your website.Yandex also generated reports about your website.You can scan the reports to get an idea about issues with your website.These issues might be reason your site is not doing well in Yandex.

You can use these pointers along with Google webmasters report and Bing Webmasters to optimize your website for search engine ranking.If you have submitted your website to these three sites then there is no need to submit on any other directory listing sites or search engine submission sites.Now I will cover some websites which increase exposure of your content to search engine and your targeted visitors.

Google Plus

If you are not aware of this site let me tell you something about it.It is social networking website from Google.The best thing is if you share any content on Google Plus then that content is almost immediately indexed by Google search engine.It is fastest way to get your newly created content indexed by Google.

So instead of searching better method I would advice you to sign up for this social networking site.It is good practice to submit your content on this site after publishing it.You can submit your website domain name as well if your website is pretty new and you have problem getting your website indexed.Sometimes new websites have issues of slow crawl rate.Their site gets crawled once in a week or more than that.For those websites it is best place to be.You can submit your not indexed content here.

This is best social networking website for getting your content indexed by Google.Since Google has all access to content on this very site.Comparing this to data on Facebook and Twitter where Google has very limited access.So your actions on this website is more visible to Google than on Facebook or other social networking website.


Facebook is biggest social networking website.The posts you share on Facebook is visible to search engines or not depend upon privacy settings.But you can create Facebook page for your website.Any content shared on Facebook page is public and is accessible by search engines.

Bing is favoring Facebook more than Google.Since Google has Google plus social networking to power its search engine Bing is using Facebook to power its.This does not mean Facebook is ignored by Google.Content shared on Facebook has its impact on Google and Bing both.But Bing is using the data more than Google.

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Bing now shows if you friends have liked a content similar to Google plus recommendations.So if you are sharing a content on Facebook and it is getting like and share on it then more is the chances of it getting crawled and indexed by Bing search engine.You can read about Facebook’s impact on traffic and search engine optimization in this tutorial.


Twitter has once tie up with Google.That time you could see results from Twitter on Google search.This real time search facility is not available any more.But Twitter has found new friend in Bing.Bing now has social data of Twitter.It uses social data of Twitter in its search results.

Google does not have direct access to data exposed by Twitter.But it may have indirect access.Many studies have established the fact that there is correlation between Google Search Ranking and Twitter tweets.But twitter does help in getting your content indexed and helps in your ranking.

So you should prepare a Twitter profile of your website and use it to share your newly created content.But there are some important factors to keep in mind.I have discussed in detail about Twitter importance in search engine optimization and traffic in this post.


Technorati is blog search engine.Setting up Technorati for your website or blog is one time activity.Once completed you do not have to share content on it.Your content gets shared here automatically.I have written detailed step by step tutorial to verify your website with Technorati.You can read the tutorial here.

Google Webmasters does show Technorati as source of external links.So it is better to use Technorati.It will give your new content extra visibility both in eyes of blog lovers as well as Search Engines.


Reddit is social news site with a twist.The traffic generated by Reddit alone can take your site down if it makes to front page of top Reddit categories.But it is important to use it with care.You can get banned from Reddit instantaneously if found spamming with your website link.

Due to importance of Reddit and the nature of it I have write detailed step by step tutorial on it.You can read the tutorial here. So create Reddit profile and get started with it.It will give exposure to your content.


None of the websites mentioned above require any fee from you.Yet these websites are best.There is absolutely no need to submit your website to places claiming search engine submission site for increased traffic and search ranking.I personally do not believe in those claims.

Google and Bing both leaders in search engine take information majorly about new content on internet from these websites.Social media being next big thing you can above social media networks to take advantage of it.

Consider sharing the post in case you found it useful.

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