Badrinath temple

Location of temple

Badrinath temple is situated in Uttarakhand state of India.It is one of the Chardham (other three are Jagannathpuri situated in Orissa state,Dwarkadheesh temple situated in Gujarat and Rameshwaram situated in Tamilnadu state).

Whom the temple is dedicated to?

Badrinath mandir is dedicated to God Vishnu and is considered as one of the most sacred temples for Hindus.The temple is situated between Nar and Narayan mountains.River Alaknanda one of the major rivers forming holy river Ganges flows near the temple.There is a legend behind Badrinath temple.

Story behind the temple

Badrinath temple was favorite resting place of God Shiva.One day God Vishnu visited the place.He was mesmerized with the beauty of the place and wanted to stay here.He took form of a small child and roamed near the temple crying loudly.Mata Parvati saw the small child (God Vishnu) and took him to home (Badrinath mandir).

Mata Parvati and God Shiva came out of the temple to visit near by places after child form God Vishnu felt asleep.But it was a trick.As soon as they left the temple God Vishnu closed the doors of the temple. After sometime they returned but he did not open the door and said I will live here.

God Shiva smiled and gave this temple to God Vishnu.From that day onwards God Vishnu is worshiped in this temple.

There is also a story relating Nar and Narayana mountains.

Badrinath Temple in Morning

Pilgrims start visiting the temple early in the morning.Puja is performed inside the temple during day time only.The picture shows the front part of the temple.This is the gate through which you have to enter the temple.Near the gate there is big bell.It is so big that you should be really strong and tall to ring it.
You can buy prasad from the stalls near the temple.But before performing puja in the temple pilgrims take a bath in hot water spring.The hot water spring is situated just below the temple staircase and on the bank of river Alaknanda.You can put your slippers and other stuff at stalls from which you bought the prasad and flowers.
Tulsi mala is one of the major things offered to Badrinath.So while buying flowers and prasad do buy this item as well.

Badrinath temple picture


Badrinath Temple in Night

Below is picture of the temple at night during Aarti time.Puja is not performed during night time but aarti is performed.Heart gets filled with spirituality listening to evening Aarti.Since puja is not performed at night there is no need to take bath in hot water spring or buy prasadam.Still you can visit the temple and listen to aarti.
Badrinath temple along with river Alaknanda create very beautiful scene.There is a small bridge on river Alaknanda which you need to cross to reach Badrinath temple.From that bridge you can get breathtaking scene of temple as well as it’s reflection in Alaknanda water.

Badrinath Dham mandir picture


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  1. Mahesh says:

    Dear Esha ji,

    I have been searching audio of arti and kirtan being sung (by temple pujaris) in the temple: “Jai Badrish Hare…”. But my efforts gone in vail. However during the search I found your page. I request you to send me the arti, if you have, or you may tell me source from where I can get it, if you have knowledge about it.
    With best regards.

  2. vid says:

    you have written the incomplete story behind the temple.Badrinth temple which you are saying as a shiva temple is a jain temple of lord adhinath, and this is the fact.

  3. vid says:

    you have written the incomplete story behind the temple.Badrinth temple which you are saying as a shiva temple is a jain temple of lord adhinath, and this is the fact.