Are you proofreading your WordPress posts before publishing?

Proofreading in simple terms means checking your article for grammatical errors ,spelling mistakes and other language mistakes.Checking your WordPress posts for these mistakes before publishing is a must.It is very common to make mistakes while writing the posts (I make few spelling mistakes).

Spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes may make your great content not so great.These type of mistakes do decrease readability of your post.Lack of readability turns off the visitors and you can lose a regular visitor.These mistakes are basic ones.Your blog post can be made mistake free easily by implementing proofreading before publishing the post.

Proofreading your WordPress posts manually is a tedious job.It is not easy to detect errors in one’s writing.You might overlook certain portions of your post.Due to inefficiency of self review reviewer of a document or article should be different from creator of the document.Different reviewer rule is used by almost all companies worldwide.

But this separate reviewer theory is not possible for most of bloggers.So instead of using separate reviewer we can use automatic proofreading tools.These tools do check for common spelling mistakes,grammatical mistakes and other language bound suggestions.

WordPress Jetpack plugin provides proofreading functionality.It has all the features mentioned above.You can visualize it as spell checker in Microsoft Word.Jetpack is free plugin to use and proofreading toll is free of cost.

The plugin installation and activation is same as that of another plugin.You also need account to make it work.After creating account (for free) and connecting your account with jetpack plugin installed you are good to go (The detailed discussion about installation and other features are available at link mentioned above).

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The proofreading functionality will automatically check your WordPress posts for spelling mistakes and other grammatical mistakes before publishing and updating the post.You can also check your post for these mistakes while writing by clicking proofread icon displayed on the editor.

Either of the above way will make sure your posts are free from these basic mistakes.Your great content will look great to visitors.Consider sharing the post if it seems useful.This is simple way to thank me.

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