All in one SEO pack configuration tutorial

There are many search engine optimization plugins available for WordPress.Out of them All in one SEO pack is one of the most popular one.But mere installing the plugin does not help.You will have to configure it properly.New user without good knowledge of SEO find it bit confusing.

Non technical users also have problems in properly configuring the plugin properly.So I have written this step by step tutorial.You can follow the tutorial and configure the plugin in parallel.So after installing the plugin Click on the All in SEO.You will see option Feature Manager.

One thing is worth mentioning here.All in one SEO pack plugin has information icon on left hand side of every option.After clicking on that option help text is displayed below the option.Along with help text a link is also displayed in few cases.You can read in detail about the option from the link shared.

All in one SEO Feature Manager

All in one SEO feature manager option helps you enable and disable optional features provided by the plugin.The optional features provided by the plugin are

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Performance
  • Social Meta (in progress)

Enable both the options XML sitemaps and Performance.Performance is enabled by default so only XML sitemaps need to be enabled.

All in one SEO General Settings

Click on the All in one SEO plugin General Settings.After clicking on this option you will see below options

General Settings

  • I enjoy this plugin and have made a donation – personal choice of yours
  • Canonical URLs – Enable
  • Use Original Title – Disable
  • Log important events – Disable
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Home Page Settings

  • Home Title – Title of your home page
  • Home Description – Description of your home page
  • Home Keywords – keywords of your home page separated with commas

Keywords Settings

Keywords are no longer important for search engine ranking at least in Google.So Disable Use Keywords.If you disable use keywords then there is no need to focus on any option in this block.

Title Settings

  • Rewrite Titles — Enable
  • Capitalize Titles – Enable
  • Capitalize Category Titles – Enable
  • Leave other options under this block unchanged

Custom Post Type Settings

  • SEO for Custom Post Types – Enable
  • Enable Advanced Options – Disable

Display Settings

  • Show SEO Columns – Enable for posts and pages
  • Display Menu In Admin Bar – Enable
  • Display Menu At The Top – Enable

Webmaster Verification

  • Google Webmaster Tools — Enter your Google webmaster verification code
  • Bing Webmaster Center – Enter your Bing webmaster verification code
  • Pinterest Site Verification – Enter your Pinterest site verification code

Google Settings

  • Google Plus Default Profile — Enter link of your Google plus profile
  • Disable Google Plus Profile – disable
  • Google Analytics ID – Enter your Google Analytics ID (beginning with UA)

Noindex Settings

Enable all the options of this block.It is good idea to noindex category and tag archive.By default Tag archive and Search page archive is not enabled.You should enable these options as well.

Advanced Settings

  • Autogenerate Descriptions – Disable it.It is better to write post descriptions manually instead of auto generating it.
  • Leave all the options as it is.There is no need to enable any of these plugins.
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All in one SEO Performance

This is something unique.Other major SEO plugins do not offer any performance tuning settings.You can disable or enable this setting from Feature Manager option.The plugin offers three performance settings

  • Raise memory limit — You can use this setting to set PHP memory.The amount of memory dedicated to PHP can be set using this setting.You can leave to system default if you are not sure about the memory size.
  • Raise execution time –You can use this setting to set PHP execution time.You can also leave this setting to default in most cases.But if you are getting PHP time out error then you should raise the PHP execution time
  • Force Rewrites — This setting is enabled if your title is not getting rewritten properly.If you title is fine then you should disable this setting.Enabling this setting will not decrease performance.So it is better to disable it for better performance

All in one SEO XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps are very important for search engine optimization.But it is not enabled by default.As mentioned above you need to enable the XML Sitemap feature using Feature Manager option of the plugin.After enabling the plugin click on the XML Sitemap option to make the setting changes as below

  • Filename Prefix — Sitemap (leave it as it is no need to change)
  • Notify Google — Enable this option
  • Notify Bing — Enable this option
  • Enable Sitemap Indexes — This option is not required for most of the websites.You should keep it disabled.If your sitemap size is 5MB then you should enable this option.
  • Post Types – Enable only Pages,Posts and any other custom post type you have created.Disable it for Media / Attachments
  • Taxonomies – By default all taxonomies are enabled.But it is not good idea to include categories and tags (collectively known as taxonomies) in sitemaps.So you should disable all the options under taxonomies.
  • Include Data Archive Pages – disable
  • Include Author Pages – disable
  • Create Compressed Sitemap – enable
  • Link From Virtual Robots.txt – enable
  • Dynamically Generate Sitemap – enable
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There are additional blocks of settings which do not need to be changed

  • Additional Pages
  • Excluded Items
  • Priorities
  • Frequencies


I will be updating this post if new options are added in the plugin.It would be nice to see social feature in the plugin as soon as possible.You can also share your queries and thoughts on this post.

Consider sharing this post in case you found this useful.

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